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  1. But the old bash looked cooler imo, should’ve lit the opponent on fire.

  2. Nah zhanhu is pretty damn good in his spot compared to the past. Old zhanhu yes was one of the lowest pickrate characters and i have experienced both pre rework and post rework equally. Got half of my reps on him before even word of rework came out. Id argue that although he has a somewhat lackluster opener he doesnt need changes. Great position that he is in currently for the way the game wants to go.

  3. I have a question tho. How can someone play one character for so long? I can only get a few reps into a character before I get bored and then I switch to a new one

  4. I have 2 rep 70s, i play the character because they are fun to me so i just eventually max them out.

  5. Any tips for a guy currently feeling the pain? She has solid flow out of her bash and I get some people with the top heavy out of zone but I feel the lights are trash.

  6. In 1v1’s she is abhorrently bad, but the best advice i can give is whiff into you chains and use your dodge cancels to react to whatever your opponent does. Also for the unblockable lights all you really can do is condition someone to think that you will only do unblockable heavies and then randomly throw a couple ub lights after that.

  7. With which Zhanhu you play the most, male or female? What perks and feats you use? Do you use deflects/superior block?

  8. Female. Bounty hunter/winners advantage/long bow,nukekubi/scorching deluge. And I really played her for the deflect since it counters hyper armor since it’s a superior block deflect.

  9. Everything in the game is "easily parried" relative to your skill level. It's about the effort and skill required to parry something, vs the effort and skill required to actually do something. That is a bit off-balance with zhanhu, thanks to the unblockable lights and now, a bash. Which he definitely didn't need.

  10. Well the higher mmr you get zhanhu starts to falter in duels in particular.

  11. This looks amazing. Great job m8

  12. Wait, so you unlock everything if you max rep a character

  13. Oh so like certain colors and all that custom stuff

  14. When you really want them dead u do the side heavy on gb and just kill him ( I’m sorry)

  15. Damn might aswell bring back centurions wallsplat punches at this rate

  16. Ah good times. One wall splat and your opponent put down their controller.

  17. This is why I wanna play cent, his later rep armor looks so good but the lower level stuff looks so ugly

  18. His armor looks pick up quite quickly. If you do get into cent, I hope you have as much fun as I did on my journey.

  19. It looks good, yeah, but his chest plate kinda looks like it’s plastic. I’d use a different chest, but thats just me, nice tho

  20. 25 min dominion match wait times on PC.... plz just give us cross play

  21. It's so big, it's practically your third leg. You just walk with it.

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