1. Clearly a suicide. Move along now comrade no criminal activity here.

  2. Lighten up my man. The video is fake and people aren’t all out to fuck you over. Enjoy life and take it a bit easier.

  3. My impression is that like 80% of the rest of the posts on that sub, the post is made up bullshit to push their agenda or just get reactions.

  4. I agree with you for the most part, but did you really say candy is for 9 year olds and 12 years olds don’t eat candy? That’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard. Every adult I know still eats candy.

  5. Yea that works sometimes but often commanders call in supplies from an area that is not that location. So it gets a lot more complex to figure out where exactly is 200m away when you aren’t anywhere near either location.

  6. I agree, this is not Elon’s problem to solve. I would’ve done the same thing, just stay out of it.

  7. Except he didn’t stay out of it. He placed himself squarely in the middle of it, by no one choice but his own. Not saying he commuted treason, but he did insert himself into the situation.

  8. I’m assuming that women is his mother (sorry if it’s his wife) but I think he went swinging because he saw the other guy push her face.

  9. If your mom pushes me first, imma push her back. Don’t start shit you can’t finish.

  10. That's all fine and dandy and understandable, but if you push someones mom in front of their son, they're going to attack you.

  11. I understand, just like how if you push me, I’m going to attack you.

  12. An apartment I pay for. Gf also works full time making about 10k a year more. Near a big city.

  13. You’re not alone, I always thought they were boring too. A lot of people said they looked “classic,” but to me they just felt uninspired and generic. It was so devoid of personality that it might as well have been a jersey for a health insurance company. We need to stick to red imo.

  14. I think anything is better than our current home jersey. So plain and boring. Even more so than this winter classic one. My favs are definitely the screaming eagle ones.

  15. Agreed. I feel there’s only one city in MD, and that’s Baltimore whether people like it or not.

  16. Got the nylon unisphere backpack

  17. jeez thats kinda a crazy concept to see the idea of country borders actually in action for as weird and obvious as that sounds.

  18. Very similar thing happened in China during WW2 when the Japanese invaded, but didn’t touch Hong Kong for a number a while. Residents of Hong Kong could look across the river and watch the war.

  19. I’ve seen it. Good movie, very cheesy but sheds light on a interesting part of ww2 not often talked about in the west.

  20. I think this question comes up every year around this time.

  21. Any source on that? Not from the area so no chance of visiting the locations. I want to believe you but I’ve grown to always have some skepticism when it comes to reading about corporations doing good.

  22. I work maintenance at a popular park I Maryland with lots of fisherman, and we always joke that we wish we got paid by the foot of fishing line we pick up, cus even if it was 10¢ a foot, we’d make more per year than we do for our paychecks.

  23. I wish we could throw a grenade back in the rare event when you actually see it at your feet.

  24. I believe in Squad you can jump on a grenade and eliminate the blast. If I’m not mistaken it was originally an accident/bug, but everyone liked it so they kept it.

  25. You can’t buy mags with over a 10 round capacity in MD, but you can have them. Go to VA to pick them up. Honestly, some dealers will just disassemble the mag and give it to you as parts. Where in MD are you?

  26. Oh gotcha did not know that, definitely changes things. I’m in silver spring.

  27. Your pitbull is bred to latch onto some of the most violent large animals that currently exist on the planet. No amount of training will overcome their blood. You wouldnt get a bear as a pet but youd get an animal bred to bite a bears face and not let go?

  28. The cool thing is no one has to take my word. Because any time I take him out of the house he’s on a leash. And if you’re in my house, and I don’t know you, you better believe he’ll come at you. I know he’s dangerous, so make sure to not have him in situations where things can go wrong. Even with all this I’m confident he wouldn’t not randomly attack someone.

  29. Well good. A gun seems a bit safer and more effective, and allows you to let family and specifically children in the house with no concern. But i mean, you have the dog already so not like I would suggest you need to send it away now. Good luck.

  30. The main difference being my gun won’t hear any kinda movement/noise and wake me up like my dog does.

  31. I suspect “cops bad n shiiit” is actually probably most of the story. ACAB

  32. Except if it's something like a crazy ass venomous duck, or a spikey aggressive land jellyfish

  33. Or a shit ton of people or crazy shit on a train

  34. Cops aren’t an anyone’s side but their own. Fuck cops. Also like someone else said above me, dogs should only be used to detect smells, and never physically attack a person.

  35. Agreed, it’s extremely unfair also to the dogs, especially when suspects instinctively defend themselves and doggo gets hurt or killed:(

  36. Facts. And we see time and time again that cops aren’t able to control their dogs, especially after they’ve been released and latched on to a suspect.

  37. If you can’t think “going into oncoming traffic is bad” in a pinch while driving, well then maybe you shouldn’t be driving.

  38. I mean no? I’ve literally never done that. I have never once had to swerve into oncoming traffic before.

  39. Aren’t you supposed to treat a flashing stoplight as a stop sign though? So wouldn’t everybody in some way be in the wrong since nobody stopped?

  40. Can’t really tell from the camera angle if the 3rd car stops at the light or not. Could have stopped, thought it was clear cus it’s hard to anticipate speed go cars, especially at night, and gone. Also with some of these lights one side is flashing red, and the other side is flashing yellow, which could also be the case here.

  41. Nazi boot licker. Bro has an actual SS symbol on his helmet and you’re cool with it cus it’s in flames?

  42. A friend told me they're very uncomfortable, can anyone else confirm?

  43. I got one size up and they’re definitely tight and uncomfortable. Would suggest getting at least two sizes up but they are just pretty uncomfortable. Look sick tho.

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