1. Not sure about the placement but looks crisp. Definitely not as cringe as most other video game tats I’ve seen, since to most people it’ll just look like a cool design. Not bad!

  2. For some reason I get a similar effect when someone plays Lost Exarch or Sister Svalna against me, is it a bug? (I like it tho)

  3. Give an honest response. Do you want Blink Fox in the next core set because you think it'll be a fun inclusion that'll lead to positive play patters and be good for the over-all health of the game. Or do you want Blink Fox in the next core set because of the meme?

  4. All of the above. On one hand it’s a decently solid value-generator that supports a common Rogue archetype, and isn’t too much of a tempo loss to include in other Rogue archetypes. As for the meme, yes it would make a lot of people (myself included) happy just to be able to play it again in standard. Flavor-wise the artwork is top notch and the audio (woo-woooo!) is iconic.

  5. Xepho’s Pure Paladin list is a huge sleeper right now. It got me from D3-Legend going 8-3 against Frost DK. It’s performing very well for me at mid legend as well. My friend who turned me on to the list went from 2000-top 200 legend farming Frost players. Basic strategy is to fight for board and stay alive until you stabilize with your late game stuff, Cariel and Maki Roll. This deck absolutely annihilates Evolve Shaman as well. Only really tough matchup so far is blood DK, but Countess highrolls and Cariel value can get you there.

  6. I see a lot of these Paladin lists run the Sinful Chef and I always wonder why. Can you shed any light on this card for me? I usually feel like I just end up with a bunch of Silver Hands begging for a buff, clogging up my hand. And seeing as the only buffs in this deck are Bannerman and Liadrin, what is this card and the 1/1s it generate supposed to do?

  7. Sorry it’s not working for you. Sinful Chef isn’t amazing, but it’s probably better than Sanguine Soldier, which is your only other 1 drop option. The silver hands come in handy sometimes, but I agree they can cause hand size issues. If you stick with it I think your results will be better, but it’s definitely not a guaranteed win into Frost DK especially if they highroll you. I haven’t had too much trouble in the matchup, just like any tempo-oriented deck I’ve found winning and losing generally comes down to making smart value trades and setting up your win cons.

  8. I know this isn’t a “what’s working” discussion but if you’re looking for an alternative to Frost DK for your climb Xepho’s Paladin list got me from D3-Legend fairly easily. 8-3 against Frost during my push. Crushes Evolve Shaman too. Countess highrolls make the deck worth playing by itself. Small sample size for me but my friend who turned me on to the deck went from 2000-top 200 legend with it mostly farming Frost DK. Mulligan for 1 drops, play for tempo, and Cariel/heal yourself out of range.

  9. I don’t like playing control because of the long, grindy games, but I came up with a slight variation on Blood DK that’s is mostly teched to beat Shaman at D5 to Legend, and so far it’s been very successful. It runs every hard removal spell, Sylvanas, and Kazakus (I took this idea from another list posted on this sub). Hard mulligan for your hard removal against Shaman and your early game stuff (especially Construct Quarter) against everyone else. OTK Warlock is an auto-loss, but thankfully have only run into one of them so far. The deck seems to have a good matchup spread against everything else. This list has survivability in the early game, and Sylvanas and Kazakus are great midgame tempo plays, and often end games on the spot late game. I don’t miss School teacher at all, as there are more than enough value generators to compete with other value-based decks.

  10. Maybe a dumb question, but would we rather spend the money to resign him or Juju?

  11. Probably Brown imo. Solid starting LT’s are harder to come by than receivers, and while Juju is good, he’s not great. And I think as long as Kelce is playing at an all-time level it doesn’t matter too much who our other receivers are.

  12. I would say the team culture would not allow him to slack off. So yes, I’m trusting it will go well

  13. Agreed, and his teammates seem to really like him and he has a great personality. Basing this on his locker room interactions doing his his funny social media stuff

  14. List of wrestling references without re-watching the speech:

  15. Both last about 8-12 hours on me, but Extreme is definitely more powerful

  16. If cost isn’t an issue, OLED is the way to go. I play pretty much exclusively in handheld mode and difference between the quality of the screens is pretty staggering. Games look so much better on the OLED, plus the screen is considerably larger.

  17. The aura of Napoleon complex emanating from this pic is so powerful I can actually feel myself shrinking just looking at it.

  18. Frost DK has been nutty at mid legend. I tanked down to dumpster legend (10k) playing jank decks and climbed to 5k really quickly after trying Frost. Got my 12 win streak achievement while doing it. Deck took me about 10 games to get the hang of. It’s not quite as brain dead as you would think. You have to manage your hand size, plan out your big burst turns, and know which matchups to play for value against. Nothing too hard though. Deck has insane burst but is capable of going the distance if needed. I’ve beaten blood decks that have gained over 30 health.

  19. What’s the general game plan against blood? Is it to just copy as many frostwyrm’s as possible?

  20. Mostly just try and out value them. They are going to heal a lot, but if you plan it right you can burn them more than they heal. Getting a good lady deathwhisper helps. Ideally I like to plan two huge burst turns against them getting max value out of the deathchillers and thalnos. Their boards aren’t very threatening but you have to be able to deal with the 5/6 lifesteal taunt right away. Don’t go wide with your minions because the 5 mana lifesteal board clear can put them out of range (sorry don’t know the names of all the blood cards). You can get a lot of mileage out of your discovers and your deathchillers. Some of their cards are completely dead against you, but none of your cards are dead against them. They generally don’t develop their board until the late game so that’s when you can start spamming your frostworms furies. I have a positive WR against them using these strategies, but the games are usually pretty close. If they completely brick their draws sometimes you just win before they can even begin to stabilize. Just generally speaking the biggest thing that boosted my winrate with Frost is not just throwing out my burn spells as I drew them, but getting the most possible value out of them.

  21. This season might be the first one since many years I can’t reach at least D5. I haven’t found a deck yet in MotLK which I am able to play with a positive win rate. As always when there is a new set I buy all new cards and play around with many different decks not caring about winning. This is fun but at one point I need to care about climbing meaning to find a deck I can actually win with.

  22. Beast hunter still works really well. Easy to pilot, consistent, and great matchup spread.

  23. Mind sharing your deck list? Haven’t found a consistent DK build.

  24. Glad you had such great success with this list. I lost four blowout games in a row at D4. Usually dead by the time I can start a freeze chain. Thanks anyway, was worth a shot

  25. Before they nerfed the Khadgar/Brann/Alley Cat interaction I had a lot of games with 20 or more triples. Now that’s maybe one out of 100+ games. 19 is pretty nutty nowadays.

  26. Never been much for cosmetics. Couldn’t care less if the picture of my cartoon hero has them chilling at a BBQ or skinned to look steampunk. It has zero effect and it’s not worth my money. That being said let the whales buy all the cosmetics, boards, animations they want. No skin off my back.

  27. I think most people that play the mode are more in line with your thinking. In my lobbies it’s usually me and one or two other players at most that have a non-default portrait. I guess I’m a whale

  28. Butler Dribble hands down. He cracks jokes, he motivates, he sings! The only good thing to come out of the entire murder from castle nathria expansion

  29. lol I might have to go back to him, I didn’t give him much of a chance

  30. Ahirun is one of the best resources. He retweets decks from most of the top players and steamers, updated frequently.

  31. There’s no direct clone of Parfum, but it’s a great scent definitely worth buying. My experience with clones has been mostly regretful anyway.

  32. Yeah same, seems to be a bug with it. Apparently the bigger animations are crashing the game too

  33. Most Wanted is my favorite, followed by Most Wanted Parfum. Don’t care for the other two

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