1. Maybe it’s because gay and bi men aren’t being pursued by you and you act more like your actual self where you’re weird with women because you’re obsessed with getting their attention?

  2. Not at all. Having a dog in university was hard socially (I had to live out of town to have outdoor space for her, I couldn’t just go to the pub after school or study all night at the library)

  3. That’s normal. Mine cat napped then. He naturally connected his day sleep on his own around 12 months to one nap per day.

  4. I can’t imagine anyone feels worse than MIL does. Accidents happen unfortunately. I was so livid when my husband fell down the stairs with my (our) son in his arms. But it was an accident and being angry and scared is a total valid reaction but not one that is fair to express to the person who’s done it if it was truly an accident.

  5. Mine is 2 and I’m trying to change it to cheeks, not because it’s uncomfortable or bad but because he’s gross and covers my whole mouth with his mouth so I’ve been asking for cheek kisses instead.

  6. The only thing that worked for us in the beginning with my first born was shift work. I would stay up with baby until early morning and then my husband would take over while I slept in. He would bring him in to eat and then leave.

  7. I felt the same way. It’s definitely hard (I’m home with a newborn and my toddler now for a few weeks).

  8. YTA for not informing your co-parent about big news with your kids and forcing your kid to be a go-between.

  9. Yeah we are sooo thrifty with groceries (2 adults and a toddler) and we can barely keep it under $650. We’re in BC though.

  10. Sadly, corporal punishment is widely accepted in the US, and even LEGAL (in pretty much all 50 states to my knowledge)…

  11. Absolutely not legal to spank a newborn or infant. There are rules around corporal punishment in places it’s still legal. Assuming this person is American which they could easily not be.

  12. How does it differ from the way a Canadian would write? — as a Canadian I can’t tell. I’m married to a Brit and it could be a Brit as well.

  13. I advise against hosting a student. That relationship will turn ugly very fast. It’s unfair to the student to live with a family who has young children in the house. The noise levels and disruption that toddlers cause would make that student loose it.

  14. That depends on the student (many come from families themselves and may be used to the noise) and the house. They could have room to have a private space for an international student to be away from the family noise.

  15. Was it your expectation that other people would fund all the essentials your baby would need, or had you set aside funds yourself as the parent?

  16. It’s fine to assume people are coming to your baby shower that were invited. Also it’s completely normal for family and friends to help out.

  17. I think you’re going a bit far by using language like rude and accusatory.

  18. I’m not American… I had family help. It’s normal lots of places. It’s clearly normal where Op lives. You were being rude and accusatory.

  19. Get a new doc and report this one for fear mongering without evidence.

  20. Enough to invest and take the interest to pay myself a reasonable salary. 3 million, then I could pay off my mortgage and have enough left to invest to get a 100k a year from interest.

  21. Wtf. We bedshare. My husband and I use the guest room or any room that our kids ARENT in to have sex. This is so inappropriate. I can see doing it in the same room as a newborn asleep in a crib. We never did but I could see that

  22. Can I ask what is her obsession with Meri? Did she ever know her personally? Why her over any of the others? Could it secretly be Robyn/Cody ?

  23. They know who it is. She is a chronic catfisher. Who knows why she’s obsessed with Meri but who knows why catfishes are obsessed with anyone.

  24. Yeah true. Definitely mental illness. I just wonder why Mari. She doesn’t seem like she would be very interesting to talk to. Not to be mean. Or maybe she is really interesting but was never allowed to show it!

  25. If you ever watch the show Catfish, it’s never extraordinary people who are targeted. Just regular people. It’s less about the person who’s been catfished and more about what the catfisher gets from it. So it wouldn’t surprise me that Meri was a target. She was extra vulnerable and lonely. She could give the catfisher all of her time.

  26. When do you get 2 hours a day to pursue things you like to do for yourself? Or maybe he gives you 10 hours over the weekend alone to make up for his gym time?

  27. It happened in Vancouver during covid. First time I’ve ever seen landlords having trouble finding tenants in Vancouver.

  28. The book: How to talk so little kids will listen. It’s amazing. My toddler responds so well to it and he’s a very… spirited.. young dude.

  29. They made you leave?! Where do you live? I just had my second 12 days ago. My husband had a pullout bed in our room beside mine.

  30. Practice everyday during the day. Expect it to only last a few mins and then try again later.

  31. I appreciate the honesty and need to hear it when it comes to the safety of our baby. I know that marijuana edibles last longer but I’ll tell him we can no longer cosleep if he has any substances that day. There are other factors I need to address, like mattress firmness, to be as safe as possible and he said he is willing to do anything. That might include him not cosleeping at all, or putting me in the middle.

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