1. I’m part of a Facebook group that post screenshots of this exact post on the daily. Some people joke about how they’ve been waiting for this day after seeing how many times these scammers use the SAME line. It’s always a birthday slideshow and always $300. Apparently they send you too much and want you to send back money but their check was never good in the first place.

  2. No, we go back Wednesday so I may ask about doing one.

  3. I’m jealous of the people who could afford planners, florists and caterers lol. I was so stressed the day of making sure everything was in order and had to help pack up things the morning after. It was so beautiful and I wouldn’t have traded it for anything but still…the week leading up to the wedding I ran around doing planning things and not fully enjoying time with family and friends who came from overseas.

  4. Turns out it was just some spam post on a gaming channel. No sketchy messages or sketchy channels he is a part of, just lots of crypto and gaming groups. Wow that was a flashback trigger though. We’ve come a long way and he has been trying so so so hard the past two years and has done everything right, I’m glad this was nothing to worry about.

  5. Yeah I’ll have to bring it up. I just hope he isn’t messaging someone. In the meantime from this notification can you tell what server it was on?

  6. Dermaplaning facial 5 weeks before and then 1 week before. You will GLOW with all of your peach fuzz and dead skin removed. My hydrafacial wasn’t impressive but maybe I went to someone less experienced. Start drinking tons of water and using lots of serums, moisturizers, and face masks, especially at night.

  7. He definitely loves you and your company, that’s clear from the photos. It makes me wonder if he has something wrong that makes it painful when people ride.

  8. So beautiful, it looks like it was made for YOU! Congrats!

  9. Some of these are so funny! I had a bunch of stuff go wrong but was just happy to be there so I brushed everything off because there was nothing I could really do about most of it at that point!

  10. Hahah, I can relate to the unity struggle as well. We did sand pouring but I got my sand the day before and it was semi wet. We were up there poking a stick into the jar to try and get it through 😂

  11. Haha I forgot my sticky bra so my dress was juuuust barely gape-y up top and my piercings were trying to get attention during several indoor photo ops.

  12. The piercings…oops 😂 at least there is photoshop. Nothing hurts like feet blisters but dancing in the kitchen in the Airbnb sounds so romantic and intimate

  13. What if you express how excited you are about house shopping but you don’t feel comfortable pulling the trigger until there is a proposal, since this is what you agreed upon. You have a boundary, stick to it girl! If you’re going to be married you should have very clear communication and respect agreements or promises made.

  14. I’m using flower moxie, I can’t wait to hear more about your experience! Beautiful invitations.

  15. Im waiting to get the rest of the professional photos back but here is my

  16. Omg that’s incredible!! She seems to have the best videos. After following their Pages for a while I feel completely comfortable ordering from them. They seem to want the best for their brides.

  17. Do it! I highly recommend them although the day before the wedding was a little hectic with flowers everywhere 😂 I couldn’t have finished everything without help from my bridesmaids but I also couldn’t have gotten such beautiful flowers for so cheap with a florist!

  18. Mine was last Saturday and I had the same forecast and it turned out beautiful with the sun. See if you have some flexibility for the ceremony time, maybe it rains right before and you wipe off chairs, maybe you push back the ceremony 30 min…it’ll be fine! I know it’s hard to not obsess (I did the same) but I saw the weather change 15 times within 3 days before from different weather stations and they were still all wrong. Have a great wedding!

  19. Receipts of rings and a few notarized affidavits would help, they need to state the person’s name, place of birth and address. Good luck!

  20. If you find an answer please let me know. I’ve been struggling with peeling lips for years and I think they’re getting worse. I became a blistex addict for years and figured that must be the cause. I stopped using blistex 6 weeks ago and no change. Coconut oil, very clean lip balm, no change. Last week I started drinking a minimum of 100oz/day, at least one with lemon, no change yet. I just bought the Vaseline with Aloe in tin can 2 days ago (thanks Reddit) and so far this is the best thing yet and I hope it keeps working.

  21. Love this idea. Can you just put 6x8 in a regular printer? Or do you need to change settings or something in the setup

  22. I have a not so fancy canon printer that also prints photos so you can adjust the size of the paper, not sure if all printers have this? I also printed our envelopes and splurged on wax seals!

  23. We got the EAD within a month but got the green card in 9 months, the i-131 was never approved. Apparently it’s common to get the green card before the i-131. We missed his sister’s wedding overseas because of this. Are you legally married here and just planning a wedding in India?

  24. It would be fun wear 2 but find a detachable skirt for the ceremony and take it off for the reception.

  25. Yes, I had a jeweler tell me that moissanite is soft and they refused to work on my ring. She said “everyone thinks they’re hard but they’re not, and they crack easily”. I replied “oh so softer than emeralds and sapphires?” And this lady said “yes“ 🤣 so I wrote them a LONG review on all platforms educating others on moissanite hardness and how they’re less likely to crack than diamonds due to “cleavage planes” etc and how they probably shouldn’t trust a jeweler that doesn’t know much about other gemstones and spreads misinformation 🤷🏼‍♀️ not to mention I just told her I got engaged the week prior and didn’t say congrats or anything, just straight to hating on my stone.

  26. I got my band from CaratDiamond and it’s stunning and they even did some customizations. The communication was great and the shipping somehow took less than a week without paying extra from India.

  27. I find full eternity to be uncomfortable to wear, plus it’s prone to lose stones on the underside of the ring. I have this is half and would recommend.

  28. Your set is gorgeous!!! I was looking at something similar with 7-8 2.5mm stones for comfort but I'm also worried that the spinning will drive me nuts! My fingers fluctuate a lot depending on the weather

  29. I like the sleeves the best. But dancing might get hot.

  30. If I wear the long sleeves it would only be for the ceremony, I agree way too hot on the dance floor lol

  31. I like the long sleeves much better. but what does the dress look like strapless?

  32. I love me some glitter! Would you go with the same color as the pic? It looks more like a gold champagne? Or would you go with more of an ivory, which may match better? Something to think about.

  33. Focusing elements. They lock in when powered on. If they still sound line Pringles when the cam is on, that's some trouble

  34. It’s no longer a Pringles can when turned on thankfully 😅

  35. Are there any issues when it’s connected to the camera and powered on?

  36. Nope, it was just me freaking out for a moment. This one is just way louder than any other I’ve had but it goes away when turned on, just the focus groups I learned

  37. Oh no 🥺 I haven’t had any of my pave stones fall out but my main stone was slightly loose brand new. I sent it in to get re-dipped and when I got it back one of the claw prongs was slightly crooked. It’s minor, I’m only noticing it a month later but it’s annoying. The shipping with insurance is expensive, I probably will stay local from now on as well. Do you wear another ring next to this one that could be rubbing? *edit mine is also from MCo

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