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  1. Tamim iqbal also played with the injury.

  2. Hitman is lit today the finisher we need. The game has been gone due to the some test knocks from kl, shardul, siraj costed us the game. Coming to the bowlers side: Wtf! Was that bowling when the opposition team were 69-6 after 19 ovs to 271-7 simply horrible display of bowling.

  3. Surpassing the previous record of suraj randiv from sl.

  4. This is the first time I'm seeing 28 awards for a single post. Anyway congrats to you and your creativity.

  5. That too in the knockouts while chasing.

  6. Cricket should understand that by not allowing associate nations games with top nation teams cricket will die a slow death.The world cup now was a joke outside of sub continent nations every other stadium was empty.Plus instead of qualifying based on rankings why not have qualifiers in which every nations has to participate ? This will give context as well as games to associate nations

  7. You are true. Allowing associate nations only in t 20 wc is a huge bummer. But i do believe only associate nations can bring back the glory to the cricket.

  8. Even i got shocked after seeing the result.

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