1. Pennsylvania's is purple, but areas around Pittsburgh and Philadelphia are blue.

  2. The two major cities are blue but all our state policies and laws are as red as it gets.

  3. I bought size XS or S from target’s activewear line. Lasted me until the end.

  4. Breastfeeding has been one of the biggest joys of my life. I love this.

  5. I thought I wanted sushi but then I had a 36 hour induction with no food. Ordered two hamburgers and fries to the delivery room and my husband brought them up. We have a photo of me doing skin to skin with the baby with a burger in hand

  6. So interested because I asked to leave mine off - as I don’t want to know the gender - and I was told that’s not an option. So yeah I wonder like the other commenters if they simply left it off. Keep us posted!

  7. Was also told it was not an option. Blood was taken by a major hospital system and they ran the test through LapCorp’s lab in California. Was told it could not be excluded, just don’t open the results (they would reach out if there were any concerns)

  8. As someone who has worked in big consulting and knows how the projected based staffing works, if you wait until May to tell them you’re out in August, I think that would bother them more than you being pregnant.

  9. Even if they do have it, it’s normally looked down upon if they take all the available leave. Sadly it tends to be a marketing play for recruiting.

  10. Where I live, maternity leave must be taken 4 to 6 weeks before birth for a singleton pregnancy or 8 to 10 weeks before for multiples. I'm expecting twins so I'll be going on leave 9 weeks before my due date. I have 26 weeks of paid leave in total, including the 9 weeks before birth. I'll take about 4 weeks of PTO on top of the 26 weeks and am currently debating if I will take unpaid as well to stretch the leave to around 33 weeks (26 paid leave, 4 weeks of PTO, 3 weeks unpaid).

  11. I went back to work the week of Dec 12th and then took off a week and a half for Christmas. I knew this wouldn’t be a problem so I think you will know if it’s okay or not based on your manager/culture at work.

  12. Not in NYC but Mulligans in Hoboken was great when I lived there a very long time ago

  13. I’m old enough that Frank Towne 16 at the Shore Mall and Tilton Square were my theaters, but not surprised. The area never recovered from the casinos closing in terms of year round jobs and families that came with, and the islands are becoming increasingly seasonal which also means people don’t live down there like they use to.

  14. Those two theaters were my childhood. I remember going to the movies at Frank Towne, parents dropping us off, hoping the cute guy would notice me. The good old days

  15. The peloton app is the best thing that’s happened to me. You don’t need a bike to do the strength classes. I try to fit in a 10-20 min class when I can. Otherwise I’d be doing nothing!

  16. I did a ton of research and went with the Naturpedic Organic Crib Mattress over the Newtown. There are always promos.. keep your eye out if you’re looking for something like that.

  17. Did your ribs hurt while pregnant? Asking for a baby that kicks me in the rib cage repeatedly.

  18. Yes. My ribs killed me while pregnant. First his head was stuck up there and then when he flipped, it was a kicking foot nonstop

  19. We eat a lot of salads. It’s easy to open a bag of lettuce and throw whatever you have in the fridge in the bowl. We also do wraps too since it’s quick, easy and healthy.

  20. Week 17. Started to pee while running and made a pelvic floor PT appt to get it under control/start running again and then found out I had placenta previa at week 19 so was never able to start running until post-baby

  21. We don’t drop off til 9am at daycare but I’m an early bird so I wake up at 5:45am-6am to get coffee/breakfast/myself ready. My son gets woken up at 6:30am, nurse, play and then takes his first nap at home. He wake up around 8:45, I drop him off and then come back and start my work day.

  22. If it makes you feel better we bought our house in 2016…you know because we were going to need space for our family. Then we ended up spending an absurd amount of money on ivf for both kids😂🤦‍♀️ Don’t get me wrong though I’d still rather have spent all the money 💰💰on ivf than deal with the current house market/mortgage rates out there now but it’s still feels like you get hit somehow no matter what!

  23. We decided not to buy in 2019 because I was having issues getting pregnant. I couldn’t buy a house in the burbs not knowing If I could fill it with kids. We thankfully own a small condo, but now I’m maxed out on space (thanks to our IVF baby ❤️)

  24. I worked out every day until I was 41 weeks pregnant and regularly ran half marathons.

  25. You can. I work for a large organisation and one of the rules is no excessive smell.

  26. I just can’t imagine telling someone that they can’t use a perfume or detergent they like.. I would imagine if this rule was in place they would be following it (we’re at a national chain)

  27. "Hey I noticed you are wearing this lovely perfume! It really suits you. I do worry a bit, because I smell it very strongly on X and at home we use hypoallergenic products because otherwise he gets rashes. I noticed a few times that he had a rash after being in your care. That must mean you two cuddled! I love that. I do worry a bit about the rash. What do you think?"

  28. I go into the office one day a week. If this pre-covid, I would have became a SAHM (was something we discussed pre-baby). A WFH job has allowed me to keep my career.

  29. I think people in that discussion were responding less to a child being in full-time child care while the parents were working and more to the fact that the child was there for many more hours than the parents were actually working, especially when the reason given was that the parents wanted to have a “proper” weekend.

  30. My husband typically works weekends/sometimes 7 days straight (if not more), giving me zero days off to myself (5 day work week and then 2 days as primary caregiver). He suggested to hire a weekend nanny to help and I said no, I wanted that time with my son. I can see why people are upset with the Monday thing but that’s their choice. I couldn’t do it but what I do isn’t going to work for everyone. Respect the choices others make for them and their family.

  31. My kids are in daycare 8:30-5:30 and only that short bc we work from home & daycare is less than a mile away. My kids are usually some of the 1st to arrive and last to leave. I have no idea how the parents send their kids for less than 9 hrs & work full time. It would be 10hrs if we had to commute. 🤷‍♀️

  32. Same here. We do 8:50 to 4:30-5pm, based on if myself or my husband is picking up, but it’s only bc I WFH and daycare is right down the street (perks of city life). We wake our son up at 6:30 so he can take his first nap here and we start working while he naps. If it wasn’t for WFH, he would be there significantly longer

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