1. It's just three albums. Just pick a couple of different tracks and see how it works for you. If nothing works then the band isn't for you. You don't have to force yourself to like something. Why is this even a post

  2. I'm exactly like you, I first only tripped alone for a few times. But I have a friend who also tripped by himself a number of times, so one time we decided to join together and take 1.5g of mushrooms each and see what it's like tripping with someone else.

  3. Same. Personally started looking into fostering recently: I'm not in a place to right now, but may as well help the little dudes already here deal with what we're leaving em.

  4. I've heard in my country you have to wait years in line for fostering because there's just not that many orphan kids anymore

  5. You don't know anything about psychedelics do you? You don't need to be rich to try them at all. In most places you can get a few grams of mushrooms enough to blow your reality into pieces for a few dollar. Like 10-15 bucks. You can even grow your own mushrooms enough to last you a lifetime with like $50 of equipment and some research. And nobody can do Psychedelics regularly. They're non-addictive, and the experience is so intense that most people don't want to do it again for months or years after one experience. People just do it a number of times in the life, many just once or twice. You probably think Psychedelics are the same thing as cocaine or something. They have nothing in common. It's our society's fault that that we've put all these different substances into one category and call them "drugs" while they couldn't be more different.

  6. Hello! I know this is random lol, but just wanted to check in—I was curious to see if you had checked out any of this stuff/gained any benefit from it?

  7. It's kinda cool you checked up on me lol. Yes actually your post was a huge help in my fight against anxiety. The Mind Illuminated is my main source of learning meditation currently and my practice is taken to a new level because of it. Currently I'm trying to get myself to stage 3. I also listen to the secular Buddhism podcast I think I've listened to 50 or so episodes so far and it has contributed greatly. I listened Sam Harris Waking Up audiobook as well. Although I was familiar with Sam Harris before. Overall what I like about these resources is that they're coming from a scientific standpoint. I'm not too interested in the mystical voodoo aspects of Buddhism, I just want to be free of anxiety. And Culadasa and Sam Harris who are both neuroscientists help greatly with that. They speak my language. I still have a long way to go. My anxiety is still there in full force, however I've taken psychedelics before and I have experienced this other state of consciousness where it's just tranquility and peace, however I'm not too keen on taking psychedelics again because of the intensity of the experience. But through meditation I've had glimpses into that state of mind. Very short glimpses, but they're definitely there. I'm trying to commit to diligent practice and find my way into that state more often. Sometimes I get very tired, my anxiety is really crippling at times and completely disables me. Sometimes I think meditation and mindfulness is not enough and maybe I have to try therapy as well. I don't know honestly. But overall I think I'm doing slightly better than two months ago.

  8. I'm so glad they've been helpful to you and that you're doing at least a little better! I feel like we seem very similar to me. I also tried psychedelics (shrooms) and took WAY too much the first time and had a horrible experience, but I've since had smaller amounts and had short glimpses of what I think you're talking about as well. It's been over a year since I last did it since I agree that it's pretty intense, but my experiences have also been very helpful in my practice, though not in the way I expected, as I feel it's easier now to find it during just meditation.

  9. Thanks for all the help I really really appreciate it. Reading about your experience definitely has given me some idea about my own path.

  10. That Tame Impala album cover you have as your pfp is trippy asf, he’s definitely done a bunch of psychs lol, his music is insane

  11. Lol yeah he definitely has done them. His music on psychedelics is something special

  12. قشنگ تیر شلیک کردن تو پای خودشون دقیقا تو این موقعیت قبل فراخوان سه روزه بازیگر معروف دستگیر کردن. باعث میشن یه سری هنرمندا و آدمای معروفم که تا الان حرفی نزدن صداشون دربیاد.

  13. I planned on listening to this album the last time I did mushrooms but the trip didn't go well and I was dealing with some difficult shit and this album is too intense so I didn't do it. Hopefully someday. I have listened to King Crimson, Frank Zappa and Tool on psychedelics and they were amazing experiences so I know for a fact that I'll have a wonderful experience with black midi too but you really have to be in the right mindset for this kind of music

  14. Used to be every 20 days or so but now I haven't done them in a month and a half and I'm not planning on going back for now. I got what I needed I think. The last trip was very tough and I do not want to go through those emotions again.

  15. A friend of mine took LSD at a party without having any knowledge about it and was pretty overwhelmed and anxious and almost had a panic attack, But there were people at the party who were experienced and as soon as they found out hes taken it without knowing what he is getting into they were very kind to him and guided him through it and the experience turned out pretty well.

  16. Jews and Christians are what the Quran calls “People of the Book”. Basically fellow Abrahamic brothers.

  17. You got it completely backwards. It's the saudis who are becoming allies with Israel because both hate Iran

  18. I just don’t understand how he thinks there can be no self. I’ve heard him explain the rationale many times. Sometimes I think I’m beginning to grasp what he’s getting at but then it’s lost. It’s either lost because I don’t understand what he’s talking about or because what he’s saying doesn’t make sense. Maybe it’s something that only makes sense after you’ve had a psychedelic experience. I’ve never taken LSD, but I have taken MDMA and I would probably find it hard to explain the sense of oneness you get from MDMA to someone who has never taken it.

  19. It does make a bit more sense after you experience ego dissolution on psychedelics. I experienced it once and yeah, all concepts that you associate with yourself just evaporate. Reality is just a soup of abstract concepts without any reference point. You just experience things and you really don't have any idea what the hell are you experiencing and you don't really have an idea that it's YOU who's experiencing it. Even basic concepts like "I'm a human and I have a body" are out of the window. Just pure consciousness. Having experienced that and knowing such state of consciousness exists makes it easier to accept what he says to some degree.

  20. This sub is probably dominated by hardcore religious muslims so they're all gonna tell you it's the west influencing Iran, that's the only way they can avoid the truth that religion is losing popularity in Iran. The truth is Iranians are more modern and less religious than other middle eastern countries and they're very well educated. They're moving towards social freedoms and a secular state. Gen z of Iran looks and thinks no different than a western kid. Iran has a rich history of art, music, philosophy, great writers and great minds and as much as Islamic republic has tried to bury those things it backfired badly.

  21. I like it. But I prefer the lion because it makes the regime even more pissed off. I know some people have mixed feelings on monarchist banners but I’m sure everyone can agree that making those regime bastards feel like their revolution has been reversed will sting the most.

  22. The crazy thing is that originally Lion and the sun was a religious Shia symbol. It was representing Imam Ali. But I guess over centuries it because a symbol representing monarchy.

  23. did she live in iran? what was the reason she was arrested for,the crimes of khamenei?

  24. Lol no. She's been criticizing the regime. In fact throughout the 43 of Islamic republic there have been many cases where relatives and family members of the regime people spoke against it. You know, just because a person is evil doesn't mean their whole family is. There are some reasonable people among them.... And they get arrested/killed.

  25. If they can even do that to their family, that proves they are evil.

  26. Yep. Mohsen Rezayi (one of the top commanders of IRGC and political figures within Islamic republic) got his own son executed.

  27. Why do they make you cry though? What emotions or things or memories they show you that make you cry?

  28. There's no reason for you to lose your mind unless you have a pre existing condition like schizophrenia or had experienced psychosis in the past. If you're a healthy human being there's nothing to worry about.

  29. I counted in 4/4 when I was learning it on drums I don't think it's that important

  30. Awesome. I'd love to hear more about that experience if you are willing to share.

  31. Sure. It was at the end of a really difficult part of my life, a very long stretch of horrible depression during my military service. Towards the end I had some time off so I decided to try mushrooms to come to terms with it all. The experience was very emotional, I cried a lot when reflecting on what happened to me in the past few years, felt an indescribable amount of love for people in my life and a lot of good feelings about myself and looking at myself in a new light after years of self hatred. It was a difficult trip at times, but I pulled through it and faced a lot of my fears and deep emotions and accepted them. In terms of atmosphere it felt like being in another world. Things around you just changing color and texture, things are so bright and colorful, geometric shapes all around you... It was like a dream. And I also hallucinated that I was with someone. Another guy my age. I talked to him about my life and stuff. It felt VERY real.

  32. Sounds like shrooms would be suitable for a great many veterans, especially those coming back from combat.

  33. Yeah I actually read there is some research being done on that. I'm not a combat veteran though, mine was a peacetime military service but still, military is tough. Though I can't imagine the stress those who actually been in combat faced.

  34. Sativa on mushrooms is a bomb. I once smoked it at the peak of a mushroom trip that was going well. It blew my mind in ways I can't put into word.

  35. I guess the main takeaway from this map is that no country actually cares about human rights. This is basically a map of countries who have close ties with Iran, and those who don't. As a protestor myself who's fighting for freedom in Iran right now, this just shows me at the end of the day, we're on our own. We have to fight alone because nobody is going to do jack shit for us, unless it's in their national interest to do so. And I don't mind, I guess that's just the way the world works. But it's sad.

  36. During one of my trips I genuinely started wondering what if a girlfriend who I broke up with 3 years ago got pregnant just before the breakup and kept the child and never told me anything about it for some reason. Like I was genuinely worried about that.

  37. None of their fear tactics are working anymore. Today was again one of the most intense days of the protests with all the shops of Tehran grand Bazaar joining in, many factory workers joined in and stopped working, universities all stopped and more resistance tactics are emerging like people not paying their bills and taxes.

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