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  1. Towers never done me wrong, they just have a really basic site

  2. I also was axed in my companies mass lay offs today

  3. Excellent news. Might actually get my p4 and p3 before 2023 at this rate.

  4. Same, I know they said shipping in reverse order after the boxes. Wonder if they'll come together or seperatly

  5. Great grab, wish mine wasn't such a poor pressing

  6. Everyone will have their opinion, but my favorite is Mustacios just north of the city. Hot bbq wings on the pit are great, and the pizza crust is incredible!

  7. I haven’t had an issue with it undercooked. I usually get the mini pack though. Small za 10 wingys. Possibly an issue with larger pies? I always liked la Nova, but it needed to go on out pizza stone once we got it as it would be undercooked.

  8. I don't think of mice and men had an option for a good ending

  9. was anyone else surprised they enjoyed ranch sim? when it first came out i was thinking they had just run out of games to play but it was actually alot of fun. also surprised how boring gen 0 was, every episode is just shooting at robots, best parts were the intro and uncle thick ads.

  10. It became fav very quickly I was sad to see it end yesterday.

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