1. I’ll tell you rn, it’s not reciprocated. If he wanted to make time for you he would find it, and would.

  2. I agree in a sense— I’ll just be sure to mention it in person. I guess I’m kinda more lenient because we’re technically not in a relationship

  3. It feels like you’re finding excuses because it’s easier to accept this (and still get some love) than not and have to find another partner. You’re worth more

  4. I can see why you think that but I don’t care to accept it — if he’s not willing and neither am I then inn fine with moving to someone else. He’s not the only guy I’m talking to at the moment either if that also provides more context. I was just wondering what other ppl do and if we can’t compromise on calls I don’t see a relationship moving forward

  5. Hi everyone! I am turning 23 in November and have always wanted to go to Disney World. I am considering going for one day (a Saturday) given my work schedule. Based on you all's experience and the time of year I plan to attend, do you think it is a good idea to just go for one day considering it is my first time? I appreciate any insight!

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