1. 1100 cals at 5’7” is incredibly low. You’re already underweight at 119 lbs. You’re eating under your BMR, which is what you need to just stay alive, not moving, literally just breathing. We’re talking calories needed for basic organ function.

  2. well, i have a nutritionist and i follow the diet, maybe i calculate it wrong

  3. i didn’t count it all days, but i think it was around 1200

  4. im pretty sure they dirty the car on purpose just to do these videos

  5. Hi! Maybe it is something related to your thyroid? When I read weight loss, I'm thinking hyperthyroidism. How extreme is the weight loss?

  6. i also have to take a med that make your metabolism faster (bcs i was not pooping lmao)

  7. You look like you used your white privilege to become a scenester emo because you thought that’s what “real people” were like

  8. I'm sure the scars on your inner thigh look better than you. Probably have more personality as well.

  9. That face begs for being peted and i can’t pet him! Do it for me! 😻

  10. i know what you mean, i lost my cat last month. words aren't right because nothing loved is ever lost because love is the only thing that's real. these spacetime forms are secondary, illusionary

  11. yes! and i can’t describe how important she was (is) to me! i never thought i could lost her. im so sorry for your kitten, he’s in a better place <3

  12. she was such a silly girl, always sleeping in my belly. she helped me in my hard moments. sadly shes gone, left me, her brother (a cat), and a family who love her a lot. wish she was here to see me!

  13. a boca do menino africano parece um black face 💀

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