[Post Game Thread] The Boston Celtics (4-3) defeat the Milwaukee Bucks (3-4), 109-81, to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals behind Grant Williams' career high 27 pts

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  1. Good point, I'm planning on keeping the car only for about a year or two more, but definitely don't want it to be damaged inside

  2. Ask for half what you paid back, if they say no have them send you a new one. You paid x amount for it and wasn't expecting it to be fucked up. Be like this was going on my show Chevette dude I can't have this.

  3. I like the approach lol, although I think they'd figure there's no way it's for a chevette 😂 I'll definitely give it a try though!

  4. They have not announced a schedule yet but Keene runs the Garden Shuttle and updates this page with a schedule the week or so it starts running:

  5. Awesome thank you, I'll keep an eye on it. Hopefully it's running by then but no big deal if not

  6. You could check ARM and see if there is a spot open for that date. If so no worries as it is guaranteed. Plus for that route you will be walking down the road in the dark on the way out which can be helpful.

  7. I had thought about doing it from the AMR but I wanted to try it from the Garden this time around. Not sure how the AMR works when getting back from a hike late at night with the gate. Plus, I really want to check out the cable route

  8. 3-17 is awful, but Tatum isn't gonna shoot like that the rest of the series, plus he had 13 assists and was great on D. C's actually overcoming the 3rd quarter drought is super promising lol. That was almost a frustrating game to watch, but I didn't doom and gloom in the 3rd like half of this sub 😂

  9. Coming off a 7 game series against the defending champs with 2 days to rest

  10. We’ve had the two most impressive series wins of anyone in the playoffs so far and

  11. Jayson Tatum would've had 4 points today if Thanasis was guarding him

  12. Just wanna say, Stavros Halkias has tiny nuts whether he admits it or not

  13. The one downside of that beautiful man; he's a Giannis fan

  14. Players who foul in under 10 seconds on an over 10 point game should be shot

  15. I just spoke with Adam Silver, he is moving forward to implement this rule in the NBA effective tomorrow

  16. Lopez looks like he would be an alien in men in black

  17. if you’re dust shield was rusted and mangled check out your wheel hub or wheel bearing that could be rusted. I know bearings scratch a lot when they’re going bad

  18. I'll check that out, I had a wheel bearing in the front go out about a year and a half ago, must've been the opposite side. Thanks!

  19. 2007 Saturn Vue V6 AWD - I've been noticing this scratchy/grinding sort of sound at lower speeds, especially when it is cold out (below 35). Doesn't seem to be as bad when I've been driving it around all day, but very audible taking off in the morning. I was changing the brake pads a few weeks and noticed the heat shield next to the rotor was all mangled up and rusted so I thought maybe that was touching something and causing the sound. I moved it out of the way and broke off the rusted pieces, but it's still making the sound. Any ideas on what I should check first?

  20. First time I've seen another Crumb fan lol

  21. Jinx is one of my favorites, gotta show some love haha

  22. He gives first impressions, fantano has listened to it multiple times. How can you say Shawn is being more thoughtful

  23. In that he took more time talk about every track and went in depth. Doesn't really matter if he's listened to it 50 times, he can still be thoughtful

  24. Yeah I feel you on that, I hope he drops a tape of just loosies where it's just him

  25. Fantano is pretty influential and I'd be frustrated as well with the poor reviews he gives Zay while so many others really enjoy his albums. Tweet may have been petty but I understand him being a bit bothered by constantly having his work labeled as bland by him.

  26. Exactly. When you have hundreds of thousands of viewers watching your videos, a lower score can push away thousands of potential listeners if they've never heard Zay before. Not saying fantano needs a disclaimer in every video, but I feel like he didn't give any credit to Zay (even if he didn't like the music). Like it seemed needlessly harsh, especially given the reception of zays work. He definitely has some "rabid" fans who base their opinions solely on his.

  27. I agree a 5 isn't necessarily a bad score, but it's also not good, either. My point is that I understand zay's frustration with spending years on an album, just to have someone who already doesn't really care for your other work, call your new shit "boring" in a 5 minute video. I like fantano but his fans treat his opinion like it's the only thing that matters, so plenty would brush off projects if he doesn't like them. I think the rating system is outdated, just talk about what you like and don't like.

  28. no just doooo it , money comes n goes . i feel like he wont tour again !

  29. Damn I might have to now, it sucks he goes on tour right as I start paying bills lmao

  30. yes but who knooows when hes gna tour again or land in your hometown for a show , last time i saw him was 4 years ago . 4 yrs tooooooo long 🥲

  31. I wish he was playing somewhere closer, it's either Boston or nyc, but either is at least a 4 hour drive 😭 how was he live?

  32. God that was so cringy when he referred to it as “Indian Head NY” as if it were its own town

  33. He's definitely an out-of-stater, also were those converse??

  34. You’re telling me you don’t pack brand new white shoes in your bag for your photos?

  35. Only at the AMR, I gotta make sure I look my best in front of the club members so they don't look down on me

  36. Are you sure that the charger works? It kinda sounds weird that not plugging in a charger would kill the laptop. What did you expect from Asus? Repairing an out of warranty device for free?

  37. The charger wasn't plugged in when it died so I assume it can't be that. And yes lol, I expect a near $1000 computer to work for more than a year (especially considering I don't use it much and have taken care of it). Just seemed like a bad motherboard to me since I didn't really do anything to warrant it dying out of the blue. It's just frustrating is all since the repair will cost almost as much as the computer was worth when I bought it

  38. Do you have any way to check with a different charger?

  39. I can try and get my hands on another charger to see. And yeah I hear ya, I totally get that they have to draw that line in the sand, it just sucks it happened just a couple months outside of the warranty. I thought I could make the case that it had to have been something wrong with the motherboard itself (and not just user error) but they weren't budging

  40. There are so many options for recreation during mud season, but nooooo I HAVE to hike a high peak, and you're a sheep if you tell me I'm damaging fragile vegetation lol

  41. Always trust your instincts. If you feel uncomfortable don't take any unnecessary risk

  42. I saw on Whiteface yesterday morning there was a wind-chill of -68... Glad I didn't go

  43. BTW, Table Top should not be very windy since it's treed and fairly protected from other mountains. And, hopefully, the wind is going to die down in the afternoon. What do you have planned Wednesday? Maybe we'll see each other.

  44. That's what I was thinking, but I'd like to get to Phelps as well, that'll probably be pretty windy. I think I'm going to save that trip for Saturday, since it's supposed to be nice this weekend. If it clears up a bit Wednesday, maybe I'll shoot up north and do something small, but we'll see!

  45. All it takes is sprained ankle or losing the trail (which she admitted to doing), and she's dead. I hate how people acted like that was an accomplishment to be proud of, just being brazenly stupid and putting yourself in incredibly dangerous conditions with no gear to prove your "mental toughness". Saw a helicopter fly over roaring brook yesterday, wouldn't doubt if it was for a rescue for some moron pushing the limits on what they could do.

  46. Dack' shack has great food, not sure if they are dine in rn

  47. On their site it looks like they are takeout only, but the menu looks great, thinking we'll get for that Saturday night

  48. I just came back from a mid-week break up in Lake Placid. Maybe it was because it was Wed-Fri but it wasn’t too crowded when we walked downtown, where there are signs to wear masks anywhere downtown. The Cottage has ski gondolas outside where you can dine with just your gf. And Smoke Signal was just doing take out. Their wings were good! There was so much snow to play in and the toboggan on Mirror Lake was a blast! Hope you have fun and enjoy your time.

  49. I'll have to check out the cottage, thanks! It's been so long so I've been to placid, but I definitely remember the toboggan ride from when I was a kid haha. Thank you, should be a good time!

  50. Submitting an application for my first art show exhibition: I am a landscape photographer (I mostly shoot mountain landscapes as I hike a lot) and the application asks for an artist statement and a concept for my exhibition. How do I differentiate from other photographers if I don't necessarily have a clear-cut "concept"?

  51. I always stop at the stews off exit 25 on my way home (if I'm coming back from the high peaks) for either burgers or pizza, and a 6 pack of saranac pale ale for when I get home. A milkshake sounds amazing after a hike lol

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