1. I’m sure it’s fine to use your normal kitchen stuff, but I don’t. I went to goodwill and spent 5 bucks on a large stock pot and an simmer and pressure wash my dead heads and euro mounts.

  2. Whatever you get, skip surplus Hardigg/transport containers.

  3. Can confirm on the Hardig/Milsurp containers being a poor choice all around. Had a few that made their way home from the service with me and they are not an expedient method of transport for most things.

  4. Did they hassle you about NFA items at all or was it an all around fun day

  5. You do you man, find out what works for what you do with your gear.

  6. I was hoping this post was about putting potatoes on muzzles. 😞

  7. Tool me 6 weeks to get to that point

  8. I was about 5. I purchased in September while they moved warehouses

  9. First, be thankful you aren’t hurt while using this time to reflect on what happened and how you will learn from it. That’s called wisdom and you have to opportunity to gain it

  10. Yeah… because at the time, among countless threats, there were far greater ones than Putin.

  11. Other threats, yes always have been always will be. Other threats with 5,000 + nuclear weapons and a desire to reunite the former USSR at all costs, who is engaged in a land war now, a constant digital war with everyone, and holds the keys to the furnace for Europeans this winter, no so much

  12. I would use the terms threat and foe interchangeable in my vernacular, but will sleep soundly with the correction

  13. Another reason I have and will continue to support PSA with my business. Quality products and pleasant customer service interactions

  14. To piggy back on this question. So I can go fill out my form 1 online, pay, and then mail in the hard copy of my prints?

  15. Seeking this knowledge as well. Just here waiting for someone with more wisdom than I

  16. Hey OP, what did you end up going with and how have your results been?

  17. I went with Breaks because there were many opinions that believed they added longevity to the can by reducing wear.

  18. Good deal. I appreciate your response to me attempting to resurrect at 6 month old post. Just certified mine and looking to get all set up to shoot while it’s in jail

  19. Have you certified? If not another 1-3 weeks before you can actually start waiting

  20. Not yet. After talking to he folks at silencer shop and my dealer, it has yet to get to them and thus I can’t certify yet. So the wait to wait some more, begins

  21. Buddy I’ve been having that exact thought while perusing the interwebzz

  22. Yea not gonna lie I'm feeling in another few months they are going to ban unserialized p80's from being sold. I can feel it in my spirit lol. As far as what happens to the p80's already put in circulation I'm not sure what's going to be done there. Probably require them to be serialized by a certain date if I had to guess

  23. PSA lowers are fine but after getting an upper and completing my rifle I do wish that I would've gone with aero precision or put my own together (buying a barrel and receiver Seprate)

  24. Any particular reason why or just personal opinion

  25. Did you have a negative experience with this product or just a personal opinion?

  26. Code still works as of 7/17/22. Thank you much!

  27. why almost all mass shooters look the same? you know white,skinny with lost eyes

  28. Add in socially-awkward incel with minimal coping mechanisms, coming from broken homes without positive male influence seeking the fame that our news media gives them on the 24 hour cycle and you got these scripting down

  29. Just going to buy something with zero research or initiative to learn on their own.. get outta here

  30. Resurrecting a dead post…. If you are open to the idea of used/older Charles Daly venture (made by Miroku which also makes browning and others) or if you can find an unbranded Miroku. Have one from the 70s and it’s the equivalent of a browning 725. perfectly engineered and Japanese made thing of beauty

  31. Right by where I work. If you ever want company and the timing works out, I’d join you and beautifying our city

  32. Never heard of KM Tactical. Anyone care to share their experience with em?

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