1. Yes, you are allowed. You're writing for yourself. You can go back and edit heavily, or you can start a whole new draft. It's up to tou.

  2. always leave a comment on something you love. I leave frequent comments on multi-chapters, and especially on a one shot

  3. Depends on the topic. If it’s a light hearted clubbing scene I’m not going to go do research about music, outfits, locations, events - I’m just going to write it.

  4. Usually I start with the idea and work around it. Sometimes it’s one scene towards the end, so I know what I want to achieve then I just gotta figure out how I get there. I rarely write from the start/beginning.

  5. When it’s over done and not written correctly it bothers me. If it’s done correctly, then I find it’s okay. You don’t always need to capitalise when trying to convey a character is angry/upset.

  6. Yeah I get this a lot. Usually it would be something I’ve never considered but it’s totally plausible

  7. Sometimes, it takes me a couple of days. Sometimes, it takes me months.

  8. I find that a beta reader helps. Someone with a fresh set of eyes and with a different view / opinion.

  9. Depends, if it’s a series then 2-3 a week. If it’s one-shots then an easy 20.

  10. I can recognise writing styles, but some writers don’t have a particular style, whilst others do. I know I have a certain writing style across my worse which is noticeable.

  11. What’s the story / chapters about? Apart from it being a romantic fic for Clark Kent in Smallville. Does it follow canon or stray?

  12. I keep writing and see where I end up. If I don’t like it then I wrote some more. I don’t think, because then I’ll never write.

  13. I know OS aren't a bad thing on AO3, but I write them as a warm up after writing hiatus, as a way to try out and develop ideas, they aren't high effort writing. I don't want that the majority of my content are these trial and error ficlets.

  14. I understand that as it’s what I do as well. Usually they aren’t very good but I wanna put the out there anyways. Sometimes it feels a little like ‘clutter’. I mainly try and post them to tumblr instead then post the series / longer pieces to AO3

  15. I have a horse named Chair, and one named Table. They arent as bad as these but when i read this list i was like "What the fuck 💀😭"

  16. Typically it’s a one and done deal for me. Once it’s written - it’s written. That’s it. However, if and when I’m not totally happy with what’s written, I’ll usually take the parts I like and rewrite the rest.

  17. I write for myself. I am my own audience. I post my Fics to show other what I’ve written but I don’t expect interaction 9 times out of 10. Sometimes there will be a fic I’ve written and think ‘someone might have something to say about that.’

  18. Well it’s not exactly a rewrite, but usually when I’m typing up the hand written draft, the chapter / fic might as well have been a rewrite with only a few bits used from the original.

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