1. Same. It would be very hard to be okay with, knowing that my son is going to be widowed in his fifties or sixties.

  2. I get what you’re saying but like… Life is crazy, anyone could die at any time. My mom was widowed at 55 and my parents were the exact same age. Might as well just be happy while we’re here, I’d be content just knowing that my kid found love.

  3. Shawn has been dealing with Big Ang for years. She'd laugh at Kody's antics.

  4. Don’t do Big Ang like that 😂 she was one of the mob wives, Angela wishes she was as iconic and beloved as Big Ang

  5. Wtf is up with her bottom teeth, is the white below the tooth line just dead tissue basically, plauqe build up or a botched job in general or a mixture of all 3 ? I can't tell. Her mouth is a fucking shit storm ! Any dentists/hygienists on the sub who can clarify ?

  6. i gave her a treat yesterday evening. Some long chew. Hope it's only that. Super worried now because rat poison has been mentioned and I'm not at home currently and for another hour at least. She ate when I came home before, however. I'm super hurried to go home now again and I'll definitely take her to the vet if there is any anomality

  7. It’s most likely just the chew, I’ve seen similar things come out of my dog before. Bile is yellow so that explains the colour. If she seems lethargic or weak and shaky, then you should be worried. As long as she’s still eating and has regular energy levels she should be fine.

  8. She was trying to goad him into hitting her. What a terrible human. Gives all football fans a bad rap, not just the raiders. I hope the pats fan gets what he deserves and I hope giga Karen is getting roasted by all her peers

  9. I hope the raiders call her out on her poor sportsmanship, what a lame human being

  10. My husband is pissed. He's worried for my safety and for his mom.

  11. It’ll look 1000x better when the bark does fall off so that’s a blessing in disguise… the bark is the part that makes it so ugly

  12. Right, but he still looks afraid after it is obvious the dog is nice and not going to attack him. Obvious to us, but not to him because he isn't able to read the dog.

  13. He was obviously startled and it got his adrenaline pumping, if he was still scared why would he still be trying to knock on their door instead of leaving the yard and getting back into the van where he’s safe? Most likely wants to let them know he broke their stuff because the dog snuck up on him. It takes a few seconds sometimes to realize you’re not being attacked when your fight/flight/freeze instinct kicks in.

  14. I don’t know about the US but in Canada most banks don’t put your name on your card anymore; I specifically request they send me one with my name on it or else they just pull a card out the drawer and give it to you once they set it up!

  15. tough to paint such broad strokes. Who knows what story Lenny told the new gf? That they're married just for show? That they have an arrangement? That Lisa also has a side piece?

  16. Big if but IF that’s how it went down she should probably have verified that shit then, like call her up and ask “hey respectfully… do you have an open marriage”

  17. I wouldn’t call anything about that skidmark “sophisticated” 🤢

  18. Ugh this happened to my mom. Yesterday she told me she regretted ever giving my sister and I any and all vaccines. Apparently she’d rather have me wheelchair bound due to polio 😔

  19. I met one of my moms friends when we were all on a ferry ride a few years ago, they decided to catch up and this woman literally said she was mad her daughter got her grandkids vaccinated and “I wish I could go back in time and not vaccinate my kids, no one gets those diseases… I just poisoned them for no reason and the doctors got richer” and that she gave her daughter the wrong example… I was like ma’am this is Canada doctors don’t get anything from that and we got into an argument about mercury poisoning and the chemical makeup of compounds like dihydrogen monoxide and whether autism is caused by vaccines 🙄

  20. Exactly hahaha this bitch didn’t even know what water was 😂 her kids are lucky they were born in the 80s before people completely lost their minds

  21. Yeah, but if he proves that $1000 is his liquid cash after paying out the debts every month, no court can stretch that $1000 to become more. Or am I looking at this wrong?

  22. Man if that’s how they calculated child support no one would be paying

  23. So they don’t have to bow & curtsy anymore…and they found out their horse & carriage ain’t gonna fly with their HOA. Who’s gonna tell them that they’re just not that interesting as commoners? Someone please let them know. Oh, and America isn’t all that keen on Meghan…she’s kinda like the Yoko Ono of the Royal fam.

  24. If you want them to know you don’t care about them, that means you care about them lmfao move on

  25. They have a great healthcare system. If you are having breathing problems and / or chest pains, that constitutes an ekg and at bare minimum checking oxygen levels. All you have to do is clip an oximeter to your finger. It's just weird.

  26. Those won’t diagnose a pulmonary embolism though, unfortunately they’re easy to miss. My uncle had just gotten over Covid and he died from one on his way out the door to walk his dog… said he felt dizzy suddenly and then he was gone.

  27. Well im actually almost on board with it now. If I'd had this as a kid then my early adult life might have gone more smoothly.

  28. No… by the time they get a job and have more money coming in they should understand how money and budgeting works and be responsible enough to pay their cell phone bill, or for their own car insurance and gas. They’ll have money in savings and they’ll be able to see the benefit of putting a little bit away over a long time and how it adds up.

  29. Lot of people assuming 16 = getting a job. It still isn't quite and shouldn't be the norm. Let kids be kids. If they get a job, then yes your points all stand.

  30. I got a job at 14 because I wanted one ¯\(ツ)/¯ it let me be a kid but with money. I worked with other kids around 14-17 so it was actually pretty cool and I really enjoyed it. But if they’re not working I guess it depends on how much allowance you give your kids as they age… my parents never gave me an allowance at all (they just paid for my stuff) but I think a natural stopping point would be once they had a real bill or something to work off instead of “rent + utilities”, like a cellphone or something they pay $x dollars for. Maybe they learn what rent controlled means, or you raise it by 2% a year like a real landlord and teach them how it all really works hahaha

  31. I got really into podcasts so I wouldn’t have to think about stuff anymore. Stuff You Should Know is still what I put on to calm down when I’m having anxiety attacks

  32. Would oatmeal baths and some sort of oil to soothe his skin be alright in your opinion? Or just oatmeal baths for now

  33. We rescued a little boy with Demodectic mange from the streets. Vet gave him a shot, but mostly it was treated with medicated shampoo. Griff hated the stinky shampoo and baths in general, but somehow deeply bonded with his torturer (bather - my husband). 9 years later, he has a full coat of fur, which he insists on sharing with all the household furniture.

  34. Aw he must have known the baths were a necessary evil and is forever grateful 💛 I hope his fur comes back for his own good, but he’s rocking the mangy look too :)

  35. But let's not pretend that the man depicted on the box is an homage to a real person named Ben. It's basically a caricature of an enslaved man, personalised with the "uncle" title, and used only to appeal to a "broader audience" (🙄) and market the product.

  36. His name was Frank Brown, but it is actually a real persons image on there.

  37. People can do their own dialysis at home at night (or whatever), and work full time in the day! It does depend on what type of dialysis he Is on. But his five times a week sounds like the do at home type. The clinic version only three times a week, but can be exceptions. I feel like he is a hustler and wants to be on TV, and Angela looking for a side piece? I could be wrong, but it seems likely. I think the guy is creepy needs to stay away from married women!!?

  38. Depends on how much kidney function they have left, the last couple years of my uncles life he did hemodialysis every day

  39. You’ll get told you’re using a slur and regressing the movement good try tho

  40. I’m losing the arch in my feet apparently and if I walk around a lot barefoot (thanksgiving, for example), my feet kill and throb. So, I’m supposed to start wearing sneakers around the house to help it. Not a common problem, but it’s a reason

  41. The shoes are likely the root of the problem in that case tbh… Your arches really just get worse if you only wear shoes with arch support, the muscles supporting them weaken/atrophy from not being used. Look into physical therapy exercises for fallen arches and you’ll be much better off in the long run

  42. I’ve made iron ore with the packaged black, check for a sticker with a formula on it. Worked out well for their front door. Otherwise yes its tricorn black but also 100% returnable for the correct colour since it’s untinted.

  43. ok no joke when I was 11/12 I went to a church camp and the girls cabins were named after flowers… that’s when I decided I wanted to have twins and name them Trillium and Amaryllis

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