1. 4222 as it plays 406 in an aggressive form and 442 in its defensive form and I only need to change to a 433 if someone knows how to counter it.

  2. High packs left for Zidane. Mbappe is too expensive. Pogba has been completed.... Still looking for something to throw 83s in to.

  3. I've opened most of my high rated packs, kept the 85x10 and a few 83x10 and 84x20s for icon returns, but with what I have opened the only TOTY came from a 75+

  4. It’s usually chuck rares into league upgrade sbc of your choice, use the commons for the 75+ pick and the rares plus more rares for another league upgrade pack. But tbh the pick weight is horrendous rn

  5. Ouch that's tough, Base Roberto Carlos, base Maldini, Mid Nedved and WC Baggio from mine... Not doing the latest as working on Pogba and then POTM Mbappe.

  6. 1 CDM in Tonali, 1 B2B in Pogba for me on a 4222

  7. Promotion game.. You'll get scripted out of it anyway then win the game after.

  8. Cooper is a common gold Welsh manager... Already in my club as packed him a while ago but never discarded in case of Bale.

  9. Gauci- GK - Adelaide - 1-0 win 8 saves, MOTM - 9.2 FotMob

  10. 4 games today for the final 2 wins. Rivals in Div 4 was horrendous and Champs is usually 11-5 for me

  11. 500k from trading since start and playing game since Xmas. Untradeable team so just preparing for team 2 or TOTY with packs. Used to be way more invested but this year life has been more fun!

  12. Fuck I wish I did the tonali SBC. I plan to get maldini at some point and possibly politano so it would've worked well. Instead I did the 25x 8+ and knowing my luck most of them will be dupes lol

  13. I was on the fence, glad I did as a few days later I packed Rebic from Champs 84+ PP reward! I then got Maldini from Base Icon, so lots of links and he is pivotal to my defence.

  14. 4th year playing and saving packs. Last year I got TOTY Messi from a saved pack, previously nothing. It really is a lottery, but you have to buy a ticket to the raffle to stand a chance!

  15. When all are in packs and the upgrade sbc is released so I have somewhere to send the dupes

  16. Once you've finished your WL qualification and got your token (i.e. don't end the qualifiers until you've got your 4 wins and given away the other 6 games) you can enter WL on any weekend you fancy.

  17. Been doing similar but settling the Rare Bronze cards, but those outside of needed leagues have stopped selling now....

  18. I have... Champs after 11 wins, Silver Cup and WW Cup after completing etc.

  19. 11-5. Prime Makelele and WW Payet. OTW Richy had a good show until WW Silas came along.

  20. Hero SBC for me.... Ole or Donovan base in both, picked Ole and today he was released as an objective card!

  21. This card is nothing special only released because of Danny Aarons tbh. Downvote me all you want but you know it’s true

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