1. Why posting “Female” is controversial? Need context

  2. because when someone told grimes she shouldnt refer to all women as females, she refused to stop, which is erasure of trans women, whom her baby daddy/cult leader elon musk loves to torment online. not to mention there has been a rapid onslaught of laws being set up in the usa right now with the intent of persecuting trans people, and grimes with her huge influence over the art and music realm, has said NOTHING in support of trans rights, and she continues to boost musk's weird bullshit. hope that is a clear explanation.

  3. Omg thank you for the explanation. That’s crazy about those laws persecuting trans ppl 😳 WTF. I just had a training about respect to trans ppl, pronouns etc in my company. Glad the at least some workplaces and companies care.

  4. This was fine because she was healthy looking, at her best weight here, and the fact her hair doesn't look burned from all the bleaching. Nowadays the blonde looks awful, burned, and her pale skin from all the drug use makes her look unhealthy and basic.

  5. What si the connection w/ pale skin and drugs?

  6. Obviously use what’s appropriate for sports and outdoor activities. But it’s ridiculous for an adult to use a backpack in regular life or as a fashion statement. What do you have in there - a trapper keeper. Totally cringe.

  7. do you know what model? can't seem to find it

  8. Damn!! I need an eyebrow lift so bad too lol she looks really good here

  9. Yes, looks like a lip lift although in the

  10. Oh shit that does look weird, blasted flattering profile photo

  11. Yes, I feel like she looked better with the regular fillers and Botox. For example she looked great in the

  12. I've already searched and I found similars but not exactly this one. I particularly like the padded back and the hidden bottom front zipper.

  13. When I was living in Austin a naked man broken into our property after going to my neighbor’s guest house and stealing a knife and getting into his main house and try to attack him. Apparently it was a homeless person. Cops came and they were able to arrest him but then after couple months they set him free. I’m glad I don’t live there I used to live in a very secluded street and didn’t felt safe after that event.

  14. Happened to me too this guy panhandling with a cardboard sign approached my car I didn’t even make eye contact and just said no with my head and he leaned over my window and won’t go away. Luckily my husband was driving in front of me and yelled at him and that’s when he walked away.

  15. I too find it odd that she hasn’t fixed the chipped tooth. Given that she has paid thousands of dollars on beauty 💉💉.

  16. I like this better than the green tips, but I really do miss the old school Grimes home dye jobs!

  17. Same. I think that def to get that level of platinum blonde you need to go to a professional tho. But fantasy colors I think there’s not much risk in that unless is red or black lol

  18. I think the one we can see here is higher up than the one you've linked

  19. your post stated the obvious! but the issue with Aella wasn't so much about the sex parties being sex parties, it was more that she seemed to be recruiting girls for consensual nonconsent (rape) parties iirc and all the internalized far right misogyny under guise of being pro-sex work. but idk I cant fully remember the details

  20. i mean not defending them but i think there's a line between adults having consensual sex and human trafficking, exploiting teenagers, and/or financial exploitation more generally (latter harder to prove ofc)

  21. Yes of course there’s a huge difference and im not arguing that, I’m just stating that they have a bad rep already.

  22. I was at this exact event and it was insane how she looked because of the plastic surgery, I have photos that look even worse. It’s really sad and I wish she hadn’t touched her face.

  23. also she has a massive chip on her front tooth, baby daddy gotta fix that for the patriarchy 🤣

  24. You're right i noticed something really strange when watching her on Julia Fox's podcast, I didn't realised it was a chipped tooth. Im surprised she hasn't fixed it since she loves aesthetic procedures.

  25. When she said that, the way it contrasted to the host's "I wake up every morning and say smash the patriarchy!" made me cringe 💀

  26. yeah the face of the host LOL. Dang.

  27. https://seriable.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/rihanna-cover.jpg

  28. I think that’s Rihanna nose before her nose job tho. I think she’s so pretty no matter what.

  29. having natural blonde hair is definitely a halo, at least in most societies. lots of men will perceive average looking girls as attractive just because they’re blonde.

  30. I agree, I've seen the most painfully average looking blonde girls get rated higher because of that. It's really not a secret that at least in America the male gaze has a huge love for blonde hair

  31. yeah that’s what i’m trying to say! personally i don’t think blonde hair makes a woman prettier, i pay attention to the facial features. but i’ve noticed a lot of people, not even just men, women too (usually women of color) place blonde hair on a pedestal. it’s really sad when their daughters think they aren’t pretty enough just because they have dark hair or even skin. i’ve noticed that immigrant families will praise average white blonde girls while their daughters are extremely beautiful…

  32. Yup! This comes down to unconscious bias and racism brought by colonialism pretty much. I come from a Latin American country where the advertising industry including local tv shows and soap operas always cast the light skin people and that’s why a lot of people have that set of mind where in order to be considered attractive you have to be light skinned

  33. Once Upon a time she also said in an interview about SOPHIE "it's so fucked up that he's using a female name when there are so few female producers around"

  34. Her connection to Elon musk. That's literally the only reason they let her speak about it. They are all aware that she doesn't know shit about ai, they just want to get close and promote their stuff to Elon Musk.

  35. She called it “shadowing” the greatest minds of our time. YUP she’s getting all this talk events because of her RS with Rat Musk

  36. First off women do not "run out of eggs" in their mid thirties.

  37. YUP, I think since she got this surgery she's been covering most of her face, Im surprised she didn't use them on the UT talk where she was going to be facing fans more closely...

  38. I think it might actually be filters? Just cuz I feel like those tatts on her right hand (our left) are new/newer?

  39. yes, filters and those huge glasses that covers most of her face. you can see her face is blurry and that's what those beauty app do when you select "smooth" face, in addition to probably using the 'slim' face fx etc

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