My Take on THAT Finale Scene

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  1. Ommmggg Britt & Daniel dancing to a Joshua Bassett song 😍

  2. For me, it is Miss Jen... Some of her behavior is completely unrealistic or inappropriate for a teacher. As a teacher myself, it really bothers me lol. I am also far more invested in the students' storylines. I preferred her reduced role in S3.

  3. I think he was overwhelmed and confused. His parents divorce, mom’s new boyfriend, and moving to a new apartment really seemed to send him into a mental tailspin. He was desperately trying to cling on to the past, which his relationship with Nini represented. I think his feelings for Gina were always there but he really did not know how to deal with them. Honestly this is very accurate for a teenage boy 😂 At the beginning of S3, when he sings “Finally Free,” he finally lets go of the past… He is able to be a better version of himself & fully realizes his feelings for Gina!

  4. THE CHOCOLATESSSS 🤯 I am freaking out & have nobody in my life who actually watches this show to understand my excitement lol

  5. I would love to see Ricky perform Scream… Efron was really 100% committed to the drama of that performance, I trust Joshua would do the same 😅

  6. I totally see you’re point but I have to disagree. I really do believe it should’ve been Ricky. Or even taking it a step further, this shouldn’t have happened yet at all.

  7. All fair points! I do hope that we see Ricky express more of his feelings to Gina at the beginning of Season 4. I am ready for their Troyella arc lol

  8. This scene is going to put me over the edge lol

  9. Omg we are really getting Kristoff Lullaby 😭 Joshua sounds beautiful!

  10. I can't tell if you are joking or not... But the Corbin Bleu on the show is just a character. It's a bit; they are playing up the Hollywood stereotypes and commenting on how out-of-touch celebrities can often be. On Corbin's Instagram he even said, "Alternate universe Corbin is kinda a jerk!" It's meant to be funny... I have heard nothing but good things about the real Corbin :)

  11. Thank you for posting this… I am happy to know that I am not the only one over 25 here 😂

  12. Wait what happened? I didn’t see/hear

  13. Ok, not to be a contrarian, but why is all the commentary one way about Kendall moving to Chicago? Why couldn’t Joe commit to LA where Kendall’s fam and twin sister are? Seems like a 50/50 impasse to me. Am I missing something?

  14. Because he tried LA for almost 2 years but Kendall would not give Chicago a shot

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