1. Ymir originally came from marley, but she was sent to paradise Island and turned into a pure titan because she lied about having royal blood. Ymir was a pure titan for about 60 years and she ended up inherting the jaw titan by running into the warriors and eating marcel

  2. Whats up with these daily homo posts?

  3. Glad he's doing something good with his life and making money, respect to him

  4. I mean that ain't crazy lots of people have androids.

  5. Dissing a dead man at his grave who was pushing y’all shit in his songs to the fullest and died a while before the beef. No comment

  6. He put up 2 fingers and 1, saying that the score between them and PBG. Bang killed wop from HG

  7. Wouldn't the score technically be 2 to 2 since that one old head that king shoota accidentally killed was the start of the war?

  8. Shoota was tfg. They speaking on pbg only

  9. Makes sense why Bibby would partner with scam clan

  10. NLMB is very big and it goes back to like the 80s. even if they get the belt from a lot of their opps they still got mad shorties, trappers, olders, etc.

  11. He definitely wouldn't be the face of otf because durk would be alive

  12. Lil B is who y’all think von is

  13. No because I would probably go to jail since self defense laws vary by state

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