1. (The real reason has to do with copyright, basically they will only use photos that are in the public domain and can be used anywhere without permission)

  2. OK but let's be real, there are many many better public domain pictures of most of these celebs

  3. Cal has taken over several downtown commercial buildings and will be razing them for student housing. Which is good but it will be a while. Source: good friend has been notified that his building has been bought out and other things about a limited lease.

  4. It's not just about the housing. I remember taking several classes at Cal with 600-900 students in 2008-12 and basically learning nothing. Even in the sections with 35 students and an exhausted grad student. I can't imagine it's better now, 10 years later.

  5. Give the man whatever he wants. He's earned it! No one does it like him!

  6. I am happy for shoma, Jun, and ilia, but honestly after Jason's free skate I honestly thought he was going to win a medal. Kevin, too. It was a bit of a letdown to be back down to reality 😭

  7. The claim that Eteri is the source for the doping falls apart with the girls leaving Eteri. Trusova, Kostornaia, Zhilina were all extremely competitive and ambitious skaters. You think they would be ok with leaving Eteri and going to Plushenko knowing they are going to be competing against doped skaters and they'll be at a huge disadvantage? Zhilina's mother would be ok with that? No, they would stay with Eteri whatever it cost. With Medvedeva we can say Eteri told her she had to retire, so she had no option but to find another coach. But Trusova, Kostornaia, and Zhilina's mother left of their own accords.

  8. That was a crazy ass documentary. I had NO IDEA how bad it was. As bad as you think doping in sports might be, it's probably worse.

  9. That's honestly why when people on this forum act shocked and insist on presuming Russian skaters are all innocent until proven guilty..... Y'all need to watch Icarus and read the McClaren report findings. The accusations and allegations aren't coming out of nowhere...

  10. It's intentional. Just like with abortion, they want us to use up all of our energy fighting to overturn these horrendous laws to eat up any energy or grievances that we might have against guns, corporations, privatized Healthcare, inflation, housing, etc.

  11. I'm certainly no expert on this sort of thing so idk about the science, but I do think properly-executed quads are possible for adult women, but I think it would probably require a pretty different approach to training (and definitely a different approach than the Eteri strategy). I think part of the problem is that the system in and around women's skating has tended to push skaters to maintain a more "delicate" and/or "feminine" build, which might (and again, idk for sure) deter them from going all-out to build the kind of muscle I assume you'd need to jump quads with proper technique. There's also a big emphasis on flexibility in women's skating, and as I understand it, it can be more difficult to maintain high levels of flexibility while building a lot of muscle mass (although certainly not impossible)

  12. This and I would point people pondering this question to look at women's gymnastics. Even just 10 years ago but especially 20 years ago, women's gymnastics as a sport similarly prized and overly emphasized waify, balletic, hyperlean bodies. The result? A ton of eating disorders, abuse with food and starvation techniques, and injuries due to overtraining and malnutrition leading to burnout and retirement by age 18.

  13. Yes! Simone Biles is the freaking goat of gymnastics and she has absolutely nothing to do with a willowy ballerina in terms of body type. And she can fly.

  14. Same with Jordan Chiles, Jade Carey, Sunisa Lee, list goes on. Also not just in the US, either.

  15. Not true, you can enter from a sidewalk on the east side next to the office park area

  16. Also keep in mind all the trains going to OC in union Station are on the far side (East side) of the station coming from downtown. If you are ubering to or from union station, you should be using the Union Station East location as the pickup/drop-off location, entering from Vignes.

  17. this list is laughable and clearly written by someone who doesn't get out much. Olvera street is maybe cute to visit as a tourist but listing it as an "underrated" "walk"? It's literally like one block long. You walk less than 5 minutes and you're done lol

  18. Counterpoint:It's in Riverside which is a bigger consideration for most of the prospective student body population.

  19. Riverside honestly isn't that bad a place to be as a student. The downtown is cute-ish, there's decent food, it's somewhat bike able, there's direct trains to OC and LA, and it's not crazy crazy expensive. It's miles better than merced lol

  20. Do you know if there are any plans to address this? I remember reading about a while ago but nothing official.

  21. Haven't lived in DC for a couple years but last I heard they were working on connecting M st nw/ne all the way to NoMa and had made some major progress recently

  22. You think people from OH are rich and gentrifying LA by moving in with boatloads of money? Have you ever been to the rust belt? It isn't exactly Dubai

  23. The ones who are financially able to move from OH to CA are usually rich tech or consulting people tho?

  24. my old grandpa is soo really for retirement once step son ilia wins a major gold in 3-5 years.

  25. He may be done traveling for small events, but he looked so happy to be there after ilia's SP lol. He totally enjoys the thrill, especially with a talent like Ilia or Nathan if they deliver.

  26. Tell me more about how team Eteri's skaters are all going to be "individual" and "neutral" 🙄🙄🙄

  27. Okay I have been thinking about this for while but since Russians are gonna be the only neutral athletes in ISU competitions that mean that neutral athletes can get maximum of three spots per discipline

  28. If they're truly neutral and "independent" then they can't earn multiple spots for a team nor can their spots combined earn for a team

  29. It’s not out yet but rumored to be 80s vibes with one skater doing a pattern.

  30. Wait am I right to say this is kinda surprising it's not out yet? If I recall correctly they usually release it a couple months earlier than this so skaters coaches and choreographers have time to prep?

  31. Jun Hwan Cha olympic champ 2026?? OoO

  32. I would not be surprised if that has been his stated goal for a long time.

  33. Depends on what kind of tea you're looking for, but 99 ranch also sells loose leaf tea from China and Taiwan

  34. It’s the same at every fast food place. You haven’t been paying attention.

  35. Move to wherever you want to live. Fuck what others think

  36. I mean. I've personally been harassed three times last year while holding my boyfriend's hand out in public here in orange county. It can be unnerving and frustrating, and, depending on the situation, a little scary. It's not as simple just going wherever folks want. OP is trying to find a place where he doesn't have to deal with that.

  37. I’m so sorry that those assholes harassed you. Do you mind sharing the city/cities where this happened?

  38. A lot of people don't realize how freaking expensive it is, especially now, to start a brick and mortar small business. It's nearly impossible unless you already have wealth now, and even then incurs huge risks.

  39. 99% agree. I don't mind the rain as long as I don't have to drive in it.

  40. Metro should sue these police agencies for breach of contract.

  41. The metro board includes all five County supervisors and some city council members. If they vote to get rid of the existing $200M contract or sue for breach of contract, then LAPD or LASD is likely to retaliate and start pulling shit elsewhere to to make their lives (and all our lives) miserable, including by doing even less work (soft striking, like they already have been) and running ads against them saying they "defunded" them and are soft on crime, etc.

  42. VV were the most famous Ukrainian rock band in the 90s, and Vesna was the absolute banger of theirs! My CBC player crashed on me last night before I got to see their program, but I'm so checking it out tonight, I didn't know they were using this song!

  43. They had a really rough go of it I their SP here, so you might want to watch their junior world's performance of it where they earned their personal best!

  44. Comparing neighborhood to neighborhood (e.g., downtown versus residential suburbs) isn't really useful here and is kind of apples to orange.

  45. Time to cancel the $200M they’re sending the police departments and start their own police force. If the departments they’re paying aren’t going to do what they’re being paid to do, Metro needs to do it themselves.

  46. The metro board includes all five County supervisors. If they vote to get rid of the $200M contract, then LAPD or LASD is likely to retaliate and start pulling shit elsewhere to to make their lives (and all our lives) miserable, including by doing even less work and running ads against them saying they "defunded" them and are soft on crime, etc.

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