Post Game Thread: SUPER BOWL - The Eagles fell to the Chiefs by a score of 38 to 35 - February 12, 2023 @ 06:30 PM

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  1. A demo drive is not the same as living with one for a week, a month, a year, or more. I hope your Y is great. I have 40k+ miles on mine and a few problems, but in general my experience has been good minus suspension which I feel is abysmal at the price point. In early 2021 that was terrible; in late 2021 and beyond it is apparently much improved.

  2. I just moved to the area from GA/NC and here's my view:

  3. The irony here with conservatives brigading about "dissent" and "echo chambers" while they'd never tolerate such dissent in their own subs is kind of amusing.

  4. That was me and my car- I suffered and sneezed while driving and lost control. Thanks to those who haven't judged me. I'm at urgent care now recovering.

  5. Cowardice at its lowest and this statement really shows a lot about how politicians think.

  6. Zero issue, probably just because it's a Malaysian company.

  7. I see you're in MA. If you're in eastern MA, can you recommend a dealer?

  8. CTB35/26 for me (35 is a better comparison I think because the Max is 30L), but I'll explain why.

  9. I've been using the Able Carry Max and was quite happy with it, but your point about the chunkier tighter fit is spot on. I love the organization and the comfortable carry, but when loaded out, everything is very tight! The top quick access is tight, the side quick access is tight, the laptop compartment is tight, etc...I gotta go check out a CTB in person

  10. This is my current EDC bag, the Alpha one Niner Chio X bag. This is my second Alpha one niner bag my first was the Pathfinder. My backpack got to be too heavy and bulky especially with the summertime coming so I wanted something slimmer and lighter.

  11. Same, I absolutely love mine but it definitely needs an XL version - 1-4 extra liters would be amazing.

  12. Bonus points if anyone has some good big and tall recommendations. All this high tech travel wear is in very limited sizes for us bigger folks

  13. I saw someone with a Three Percenter patch on his jacket yesterday at Brockton's BAT station of all places. He also had a Vietnam veteran patch on his arm but did not look old enough to have taken part in it. He was dressed in that military wannabe fashion.

  14. Have been going here on and off since the 90s. Haven’t been in almost a decade. Miss it something fierce. Glad it is still around.

  15. My first walk in Mine Falls the other day as a new resident and I got one... was middle of the path, paying attention, not too risky. Time to up my game on repellent.

  16. I mean, it takes a lot of stupidity to drive news orgs off your platform, fire all the smart people, piss off your advertisers and on top of all that pick the losing side politically. The terrible human bit is just extra shit on top of the fucktangle. It shows a fundamental misunderstanding of what twitter is to its users. I’m convinced the guy either had a stroke or is on bad drugs or both.

  17. Record it, show it to her and then dump your girlfriend anyway. It’s shit she doesn’t believe you, she’s basically saying you’re lying to her face.

  18. Good isn’t subverting the will of a democratic process. If the shoe was on the other foot, you wouldn’t be fine with it. Good also isn’t bringing kids into the world to die for no good reason, good isn’t shooting kids, good isn’t letting cops shoot the unarmed with impunity, and good isn’t ignoring free speech. So “love it” all you want, but you’re basically a fool.

  19. Lol. Ok. But your facts are woefully wrong and you missed my point entirely.

  20. FYI, anyone (from all 50 states) can register and receive plates from Vermont, and have them mailed to your house.

  21. I don't quite understand how this helps. When you move to NH, your vehicle has to be registered in NH. Is the idea that you have NH plates and VT plates for the same vehicle, and just use the VT plates?

  22. I've always had to travel with an extra bag simply because I have a CPAP. (I need to get a travel CPAP, but that's not easy to work with insurance so I have to take my full-sized one in the meantime.) Occasionally if I was going on a short trip I could stuff the CPAP into my carryon-sized suitcase, but not always, and it's not an optional piece of equipment.

  23. Resmed Airmini. Will change your life.

  24. I think rents are cheaper in Tyngsboro and Westford. Much easier access to Boston too.

  25. Rents are cheaper, but taxes are not and NH's lack of income tax would have a significant benefit. Thanks for the advice, though.

  26. Call your elected officials if you are upset. This derailment happened because the workers were forced to accept a contract. If the workers had won sick days and a slower work schedule, there would be time to inspect and repair train cars with faulty bearings. Sparks were seen coming from a particular car a day before the wreck. Sparks were continuous and captured on door cameras hundreds of miles before the wreck. They were aware of the problem. The corporation would not take time to fix it because it would slow down the profits.

  27. I read in another thread that this was more about maintenance issues at Norfolk Southern driven by reg rollbacks and less about workers. The sick day issue was resolved later by most carriers but underreported in the media. On mobile so don’t have sources.

  28. I've always loved the conspiracy theory that the NFL gave preferential treatment to the Patriots as a way of bolstering nationalism after 9/11 (considering how tight the NFL and military are). The infamous BS "tuck rule"? That was January 2002... four months after 9/11 and vs. the Raiders (considering the history between the franchise and the league seems like a good team to get f'd). And then the Patriots and Brady have the most unprecedented run ever. It's impossible to prove but it's a fun conspiracy theory.

  29. And you follow that with the very strange officiating of the Bengals in the championship. It all makes a lot more sense in context.

  30. No, because he's classless in victory, and that says something about a person

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