1. It’s not even all the debarkation point stuff. I think they have a couple shirts, a water bottle, and a toiletry kit. I thought it might be all the “star wars” branded merch they unveil on “earth” as you leave. It’s not.

  2. Talk to the characters. Hang out in the atrium if you have time and no tasks. Enjoy!

  3. Definitely Raithe for us- we connected with him early in and it stuck! We had originally each planned different missions but got sucked into the Heist because of him and had a blast. The actors are all so incredible at connecting with people, remembering details, all while remaining in character, continuing the storyline yet improvising. Raithe in particular was fantastic at seeking us out and connecting and making us feel special, while also connecting with others at different times. Absolutely brilliant.

  4. The heist is great! Captain captain reporting in!

  5. We went at the end of May and I haven’t stopped thinking about it.

  6. You wanna put a couple bucks in the card? She’s got kids.

  7. V3 was cool in that the comic run explained the costume pieces.

  8. As there is not yet one in canon (that i'm aware of), doubtful.

  9. If they made a Cal hilt I think they can make that allowance tbh.

  10. For that I could go on like three 7-night cruises.

  11. Sure, and for the price of a day at WDW you could go to a roadside carnival a dozen times.

  12. Looks similar to ours. Special redfruit shot incoming!

  13. Starting this out - was Lando having a daughter and her having been kidnapped mentioned in any previous fiction media? Incidental text at the start mentions it as already having happened but I'm lost.

  14. The long story short is they kept breaking up and getting back together. She finally moved away, I think he paid her to if I remember correctly and they stayed broken up.

  15. He needed someone to watch Sage.

  16. Yeah, Ming should be very angry that Mike (checks notes) fired Gitem.

  17. Looks great! The Falcon one does too if it didn't have the huge text stamp.

  18. Frankly I would prefer your picture w/o the text mine has but I’d never seen that art available.

  19. Wow! My favorite Joe. Not the greatest codename given his file card bio though, ha!

  20. Potentially for some stretch goal accessories or function?

  21. It's funny how he shat on their clothes when he had the same haircut as a 50 year old lesbian

  22. And was actively stealing his mother’s prescription medicine.

  23. I wonder what types of crowds will be around this - the ship consoles at GS saw a lot of lines and that was with multiple per deck and a somewhat limited pool of people in the first place.

  24. So little commentary other than telling us it's "massive" and it "weighs a lot". Show us detail, more than just opening the cockpit for a couple seconds and working the landing gear a couple times. Give us closeups on the cockpit so we can see the figures through the glass. Give us info on if the seats eject. You also need to design out that gap in the fuselage where light shines through.

  25. That wing sweep/gear has only been a pain point for about 40 years.

  26. My wife bought two reds hoping for a black at West last week. I told her I wasn't going to buy any more. Been burned too many times. I tried to stop her.

  27. lol. can you imagine if they re-released the flagg. MSRP $2500

  28. $4K Haslab, don’t give them any ideas.

  29. It says "Don't get too attached to this look".

  30. TDKR would’ve blown aquaman away if that theater shooting didn’t happen opening night.. I know a lot of people didn’t want to go see it due to being scared of a copycat shooter

  31. I forgot about that. I went to a midnight screening so saw it before I even knew that happened.

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