Race Vs Homicide rate Vs Poverty Rate

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  1. Wash your arse, like really, really wash it. Get in there with the soap, spread your cheeks. Sorry to be graphic, but some of you are just nasty.

  2. I don't mind more than one shower a day if that's what's needed. 👍

  3. I think the wife just blames me if her friends want to come over. Mostly because they are a bit more wealthy and I think she feels embarrassed. Also she is a bit of a clothes hoarder.

  4. Recently I had to insist that my wife knocks loudly and waits before opening my son’s bedroom door. I really had to explain why FFS! I know he’s constantly jacking off, but he would be mortified if anyone knew, especially his parents.

  5. My youngest left his door open but was facing away from the door. I thought he was having a seizure until I figured out what was going on. 🤣 As I slowly back up.

  6. Many indigenous reservations in the US are known for their high crime rate sadly

  7. We have the Pine ridge reservation in South Dakota that I think is the poorest County in the U.S.

  8. My ex's dick being too big (girth-wise) wasn't the reason we broke up, but the difficulty it caused in the bedroom definitely played a role

  9. Sounds like the guy from the orange is the new black. His nickname was beer can. 🍺

  10. There are plenty of families that are having a hard time feeding their children and the price for thing's seems to always be heading upward. Hopefully people count the cost prior to having children.

  11. My mom was always the queen of this and (rightfully) ruined plenty of celebrities for me. Jackson Browne comes to mind-it’s said he drove his wife to ending her life.

  12. I had a friend that did some stage hand work part time at concerts. He was setting up for Ozzy and was told don't talk to him.

  13. The guy who plays Howard on The Big Bang Theory once pushed by me at a Target of all places because the isle was clogged and said something along the lines of "get out of the way dipshit" and didn't even look at me.

  14. That's like the one and only hospital (non profit) we have in our area who bought up all the small hospital in the neighboring cities.

  15. They buy up all the small ones to increase market share. This gives them a way to spend their “PROFIT” and not get in trouble.

  16. Yep the hospital always seems to be adding another wing or center onto the building.

  17. Tell her that's what jobs are for. Or she can ask her boyfriends.

  18. That's what I'm thinking, affairs do have a price so let the new guy support her.

  19. As someone that just bought a house… it’s so expensive and exhausting to decorate.. I accept Sheldon’s style of folding chairs and a TV.

  20. I hear you, I've lived in my current house for about 23 years and I'm not sure I could afford it these day's. Don't feel the need to do everything right away you have time. 😊

  21. He also would've had to really ease everything in one by one so the change was gradual, given how big of a hissy fit Sheldon throws at every single change. Like with changing the place of the dining set in that one episode. That alone makes this whole interior designing endeavor even more exhausting.

  22. Remember how much of a big deal when there was still mistletoe hanging up, " is that mistletoe? Don't you people own a calendar?" 😄

  23. Do I want to share a piece of half eaten pie from a homeless shelter with Elon Musk?

  24. I actually remember sending a mail in postcard to an air force recruiter. He sent me some little things back and try again after school.😄

  25. It seemed like the parents were Okay with Raj to hang out with whomever but she better not be seen with Leonard. As strong as Priya was she wasn't stronger than the parents. She also had another man back in India so the long distance relationship was not good.

  26. Not respecting each other, in recent times people are rummaging around in your car if you forget to or just don't lock it looking for money and any other valuables. Take the extra minute and put your cart in the rack. Stop scamming people or the system if you're able to work and go get a job!

  27. It should be Linux, obviously.

  28. i’m an iranian-american and i gotta say i 100% agree, people in america have no idea how bad it actually gets out there

  29. A few due having served overseas in the military you do get to see how others live but you have to get away from the base amongst the people.

  30. Was that when Joe just went in and acted like he already worked there?

  31. You're not alone I work in a factory and at least us lower people don't get a bonus. Many times we have to work the holidays also.

  32. I also see the neck is still inside. I hope they took out the bag of giblets.

  33. When I went to Fischers, my wife and I found some good things in their clearance area. We ended up going with a couch we found in a consignment store on Haines (can't remember the name). We found a lot of good options at most second hand stores, but we were choosy so we could match furniture we already had.

  34. It's been the same for myself have gotten most of my furniture from there.

  35. I recently watched Ken Burns documentary, The Dust Bowl, so I have a better understanding for what you’re saying. Glad you’re okay.

  36. Ken's documentaries are the best. If you get a chance watch the baseball and Civil War sets.

  37. It wasn't the food it was the giant portions. As an adult I eat maybe 6 small meals/snacks a day. My choice. My mom would pile my plate full and a GIANT glass of milk which I hated. I'd be at the table alone until bedtime. I just couldn't eat all that and the milk made me gag. Parenting in the 60s, one size fits all.

  38. That's exactly why I've never liked buffets I don't like to eat that much at one time. I've already left the dinner table yet the rest of the family is still there. 😄 I was overseas and in the Philippines you had to at least leave a little something on your plate or it would mean you are still hungry.

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