1. Where can I get this, and how many firstborns will it cost me?

  2. I'll be opening commissions eventually!! I don't know what people are interested in though and how many to make, it's my first time making dice too so I'm not sure what is good for pricing etc :p

  3. Well whenever you have it figured out, I’d love to be the first in line!

  4. Shield, but nerf it first. It starts at a +3 to AC and you get an extra +1 for every higher spell slot level when upcasting. As is a +5 for a first level slot is just too good, but start it lower and add some scaling and it actually becomes interesting to use.

  5. Wouldn’t this apply better to an upcast of Rary’s Telepathic Bond?

  6. Friends: We brought drinks and food.

  7. So funny story: this was part of a birds and beans night. About an hour before we started playing we had all brought bean dishes (bean dip, hummus, falafel, etc.) and had an absolute blast!

  8. I’m super jealous you can get 7 people together for a wingspan night, I can barely get my wife to play it.

  9. Hey you’ll find a group man just gotta keep looking! As for the drink it’s a mix of root beer, Bailey’s Irish cream and rum. Looks revolting but tastes amazing.

  10. Eliminate toph and Zuko so we can make this poll interesting

  11. Oh gee how original. These posts are so freaking pointless. You already know zuko pr toph are going to win anyway (or iroh but hes not included it seems). This sub did this 17 times already.

  12. Because i wanted people to see my comment and yours was high up. So i attached myself to yours as a parasite

  13. I like the little details like how the kings have rotten teeth from all the sugar!

  14. I’m going to guess you were achievement hunting, but like others said your pets don’t actually do anything so mediocre stats alone is not going to win you games. Best bet would’ve been to sell either the chinchilla or the magpie and buying a pet with a better ability while the dragonflies and puppy scale.

  15. lvl 3 Loyal Chinchilla 17/17 that hole point is to be sold as a level 1, what are you doing?

  16. I’m pretty sure he’s achievement hunting but his scaling got off the ground way too late to save the run

  17. So cute! She looks just like my dog! Do you know her breed?

  18. She’s our rescue from Kentucky. Our best guess is Black Mouth Cur. Definitely a sweetheart hound dog.

  19. Adorable! Ours is from Puerto Rico and is a mix everything (including chihuahua and sharpei)

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