1. Can anyone recommend if one should get into Sailor Moon before this comes out, or are we good just seeing this?

  2. You can start w the Sailor Moon 2-part movie on Netflix. It actually does a good job introducing the characters even tho it’s like the 4th season.

  3. Allow me to ask you: how do you ask chatgpt to improve your resume if you cannot upload files? Also, if you’re the only one that knows specifically what you’ve done at a job position, i.e. increased customer retention rate by 20% by doing X and Y projects, what is there to ask chagpt?

  4. You basically do a first stab at writing your resume however you want. It doesn’t spit long responses so you have to do it one job section at a time. I think chatgpt’s current capacity in responding is around 200 words or something near that, so you have to split this apart in segments.

  5. I’m at 105 without a cpa as a senior with the option to be remote. Mainly because I leveraged my offers between firms.

  6. Damn I should’ve negotiated harder. I didn’t think the market was that good 😂😂

  7. I plan on moving from LA to Utah in about a month. Looking forward to it

  8. I moved from SLC to LA last year. In a month I’m moving back to SLC. Moving to LA was the worst decision I’ve ever made.

  9. China deserves an A for controlling the spread of the virus. The lockdowns have been very effective and saved many lives.

  10. It's not really expensive like most Netflix shows. It's a simple comedy, set mostly in a house, with cheap child actors, and has 300% less musical numbers than Fuller House. I think it has a real shot. We might luck out and it goes the How I Met Your Father route and twice the episodes are ordered after the season 1 popularity is realized.

  11. Most of the money honestly is getting OG cast to show up. And most people want to see them more often in season 2

  12. I'm on episode 3 or 4. It took me like 7 seasons to remember character names in GOT. And like my post said. "Suck my ass"

  13. I mean it’s Netflix. We are lucky to get more than two seasons from this platform.

  14. I have seen a number of threads with people posting six figure salaries at their current position. I mean everyone’s definition of big money differs but I’d be satisfied with that level of income.

  15. I’m trying to get to 200k net now that I’m at like 150k ish 8 years after graduating from undergraduate. MCOL.

  16. So… this spreadsheet is bonkers, BUT there is an interesting wrinkle here. The current owners of FTX state that FTX has >$500m in FTT tokens. This is odd bc you’d think an in-house token would now be worthless, but there it is being listed by the govt appointed receiver. I don’t know what to make of this but i guess SBF may be right about the US arm of FTX. I mean, he likely stole a bunch of $ (everywhere including the US), but his magic money machine may have saved him on this one.

  17. I get that. We don’t have real data, so it’s hard to know what the total value was at that time. All I’m saying is that since the value didn’t ever fall to zero, it’s at least theoretically possible that FTX US was in fact never insolvent (just through dumb luck). He could also be totally BS’ing all of this bc he doesn’t want to do fed time in the US.

  18. Yah the last part. No way he reconciled all of this in 1 hour. He commented on Twitter this took him 1 hour tops to put together.

  19. Ok but like, for the most part gamers win if most of their library goes to game pass. Also, Bobby sucks.

  20. No, it’s never been done before in the history of Big4.

  21. Republicans. For two years. Then there will be an election. Then another one two years after that.

  22. Side note, this is also realistic title for an anime show.

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