1. People are still confusing age gaps with relationship power imbalances. You can have one without the other- you can have very unhealthy or even dangerous power imbalances without any age gap.

  2. Thissss. I am fifteen years older than my partner (I'm 43, they're 28) but neither of us are men and they make more money than I do.

  3. At the same time that I would love for models to have more variety, period; I know that even when I did long-distance touring for multiple months my legs didn't really get any bigger. Stupid genetics lol.

  4. Even if it is a phase--which it might be!--it's always better to err on the side of being supportive. Then they know they can trust you with other things, as well.

  5. One of the clearest ways for me to determine if a certain position is love, is to look at the fruit of that position. For one example, teenagers experiencing gender dyaphoria have a much higher rate of suicide attempts than the general population if they do not receive gender-affirming care. Gender affirming care is linked to dramatic improvements in mental health of trans youth. It's fairly obvious to me which position is the "loving" one. Love leads to good fruit. Despair and suicide are not good fruit. Thus, gender-affirmation for trans people is love. If you believe something is loving, take a very close look at the fruit of that position.

  6. "'You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with allyour soul, and with all your mind.' This is the greatest and firstcommandment. Love God above all else. And the second is like it: 'Youshall love your neighbor as yourself.' On these two commandments hangall the law and the prophets."

  7. The repair guy at my apartment complex has ADHD--it's really, really obvious. I just keep wondering if *he* knows it!

  8. Exactly! They're also not afraid of putting flaws, wrinkles, and animating spit, sweat, and blood--it's just glorious 😮‍💨

  9. The lines around their mouths (aka the naso-labial folds)! Most computer animated women just don't have them, or they're not prominent unless they're old or smiling or something.

  10. What I love about Mel is she's attractive and she uses it to her full advantage. Often characters think they aren't pretty but Mel does and uses it to cunningly charm and schmooze people around her to achieve her goals. Better yet, she isn't being evil ( like the media often does with characters like this), she's just using what she's got. She is more than her looks.

  11. Mel walks and moves and poses like someone who's had professional "charm" classes, where you learn Proper Manners. I once read a textbook for one of those classes from back in the early 1960's, and it talked about how to introduce people to each other, how to get in and out of cars gracefully, how to walk/pose elegantly, it was wild.

  12. The novel The Summer of Love by Lisa Mason. Read it in high school DOZENS of times (back in the 1990's ahahah), reread it last year and was filled with nostalgia, went on ao3 and there was one fic. ONE. Which was a Yuletide fic! From 2010!

  13. (It's a sci-fi novel about a guy who goes back in time to 1967 because an event in his time means data from the past is disappearing, and his job is to protect a young woman who ran away to Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco until the end of the summer, because a great deal of his present relies on her. The author lived in the area herself and did absolutely massive amounts of research, including reading a ton of books, a huge stack of alt-weeklies from the era both on paper and microfiche(!) and talking to people who were there like Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane!! Despite the sci-fi aspect it's painfully accurate to what was going on in San Francisco that summer--it really does NOT pull any punches as to how much of a disaster it was for a lot of people, or why so many teens ran away. As an adult re-reading it, I was constantly looking things up on wikipedia and youtube--a bunch of the people and events in the book are based on real people and events, outside of the sci-fi stuff. IT'S REALLY GOOD but if the novel was on ao3 there would be, uh, several major archive warnings.)

  14. Nothing helpful to say, just that I wanna touch that so bad lol. I bet it's SOFFFFFFFT.

  15. Literally my church does gluten free bread and blackcurrant juice. It's heresy 😖 nah just a bit untasty

  16. We do home-baked gluten-free bread and real wine (I think it's actually watered port?).

  17. That's so awesome!! I'm glad you liked it :) it all depends on the people in a church hey, even as a Christian sometimes it's hard for me to find one that feels like home

  18. My fave translations are the NRSV and the CEB. NRSV goes for a more literal translation (and I even have an Oxford Study Edition, an absolute doorstopper of a book with tons and tons of historical and translation notes) and CEB goes for ease of understanding. I like having both.

  19. Write a love letter!!! Hand written, on whatever paper you have, is priceless. My husband has written me one every year we've been married for Christmas and they are my most prized possessions. Just pencil on some lined school paper, folded up and tucked into my stocking or left on my pillow Christmas morning, nothing that would cost any money.

  20. My partner and I started as long-distance, and even though we talked on discord etc. every single day, I got a kick out of writing love letters on actual paper while at work and mailing them. They sent a few back and I will treasure them forever.

  21. A medication that is necessary for my daily functioning is either completely illegal or rarely-to-never prescribed to adults in 95% of the world.

  22. The whole minors DNI, even on nsfw fics, doesn't make sense to me. Not only is it useless, but I'd bet you a good portion of those people read and interacted with smut when they were a teen. Also, reading smut on AO3 is infinitely safer/healthier than watching porn.

  23. I don't care if teenagers read my stuff--in fact I would prefer they read fanfiction over watching any mainstream stuff.

  24. I thought this must be a post to the Bjork sub for a full ten seconds and I was SO confused

  25. The way I see it, if your clothes are not for the male gaze, then you're a hag. That's just my perspective. It's a very broad designation so if you think you fit, you do!

  26. Which is a really broad interpretation, but also a genuine question for you and

  27. Until I was an adult, I'd only ever lived in places with central heat, which blows hot air into each room through a duct, usually in the floor.

  28. There's a utility near me that uses yellow arrows in spray paint to mark underground lines. Every time I see them I lol to myself. "That's not pointing the right way."

  29. Women’s clothes are all mirrored because traditionally buttons were for upper class, zippers were for the poors. Same reason corsets lace up in back. Women were dressed by maids, not themselves. so buttons are reversed for the person standing in front of you and laces are in back for leverage.

  30. Ehhhh corsets also (past the 1820's or 1830's?) have busks in the front, which make it so you can easily take them on or off yourself. That's also why the laces were often looped at the waist, not the top--you'd grab them at that spot and pull them tight, then tie them in the front. I dunno if you've ever watched Prior Attire's videos, but she puts herself in her own corsets in 99% of her videos.

  31. My wife and I were craft shopping one day. We're only three years apart (I'm 34, she's 31,) but I have a lot of gray in my hair already. Normally, I love that, but on this particular day, a woman stopped us and said how charming she thought it was to see a mother and daughter out shopping together.

  32. I think the receipt may be for just one color. Maybe she felt she was going to run out or she bought one color at a time? Because, it says 3 units and I think that means 3 skeins. It is USD.

  33. ohhhhh that makes a lot more sense. Unless yarn was just WAAAAY cheaper back then!

  34. I looked it up on an inflation calculator: that's just over $35 in today's money, assuming it's US dollars.

  35. People will interpret things WILDLY differently from your writing in ways you'll never expect in the same way we all take conflicting interpretations away from canon.

  36. Okay but there was once someone commented on a fic saying they'd seen this really meaningful allegory and I reread my own fic and was like....oh my god you're right. I didn't do that on purpose. But you're right.

  37. How about they all vote for universal healthcare while they're at it? You know- the thing Jesus would have done?!

  38. You don't have to be married to a trans person to care about them. You don't have to be married to a black person to care, or a gay person, or a woman, or any other identity. No one got outed here and if someone starts guessing, they're being ridiculous. You just have a conscience, must be something they rarely see except when someone is forced into having one...

  39. This right here. God forbid people have empathy or compassion for people whose lives are different from their own.

  40. There's a few people on Etsy that make really nice reproductions

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