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  1. For me if I have to go out I wear a menstrual pad just in cases and bring extra underwear, pants, toilet paper, baby wipes and a small trash bag in a purse or in my car.

  2. The pad works great if you are not feeling confident!!

  3. I always keep my clams easily accessible in cause of a snack accident.

  4. I also work for Scrubbi (since Oct/21). They have paid me late multiple times.

  5. You may want to ensure that when you pick her up, don't cradle her like a baby. Hold and support the hind legs and upper body, almost as if the cat is sitting in your arms.

  6. Too much psyllium can cause an intestinal blockage.

  7. I get these all the time. I was told it was contact hives. However, after removing all allergens (unscented everything, no chemical cleaners etc) I still get them.

  8. Although likley Vitiligo, always good to get any change to your body checked by a doctor.

  9. Remeber to negotiate with your landlord, and do it early if you want to stay (about 2-3 months before your lease is up).

  10. Just Google "Edmonton residential vacancy rate". You should be able to narrow that down to your side of the city/area.

  11. Yes, I'm going to follow the derm's instruction and go back for a follow up in one month. I feel like today the shedding is INSANE, maybe double what it's been. Maybe from rubbing topicals on my scalp, having to wet my scalp more for the meds but holy guacamole I am shedding like crazy and the bald patch on top of my head looks super irritated today blaaaaaaah.

  12. The other thing it could be is scarring alopecia.

  13. I am the same way with the same kind of hair & my hair is a situation. I only take baths and get it blow dried once a week so I don’t ever have to wash it myself. I know that’s a privilege but if I couldn’t afford it I’d still only take baths, and wash it in the bath once a week (I don’t like the shower, it feels like it’s attacking me).

  14. Yeah, I think more baths are in my future!

  15. Sometimes, in desperation, I have showered in a t-shirt, so that I can wash my hair without that horrible yuck-o feeling. It's not great but it worked ok in a pinch.

  16. The applicator bottle is such a great idea.

  17. I plan eating around "what will give me the best last bite".

  18. Styrofoam. I hate the feeling of it and the sound it makes. Makes me feel physically sick.

  19. Some of the ones I find helpful are:

  20. Hi I FEEL THE SAME THINGS!!!!!!! But I'm AMAB. :( SAME THING. I always have a hard, distended low belly below my belly button!!!!

  21. Low white cell count can cause bacterial overgrowth, amoung other things. Not sure if you checked that out. I also (personally) would not accept the answer of it being due to nutrient deficiencies - not usually what causes a low white blood cell count.

  22. I was very anxious at first, but with practice that was reduces greatly.

  23. Thoughts on alternative cutting tools….

  24. I think the dermal is a good idea. I have some sensory issues and really dislike the sound/feeling of nail clipping and filing.

  25. I don't know if the cat would tolerate some dog diapers used for training/heat? Something in the meantime until you can find somewhere to take her?

  26. Sometimes for me, it is about the right food for the right moment.

  27. This actually may be something unrelated to IBS. Itching skin can be pancrease/gallbladder/liver.

  28. If you are able to get some basic blood tests, that would be helpful. Iron/Feterin levels, hormones, etc. Best to see a dermatologist if this is am option for you.

  29. He knows sex consists of more than blow jobs right?

  30. Speak with your doctor about extreme fatigue

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