1. It may or may not be an easy fight, but it'll be a good fight and you can't deny that.

  2. Im your 40th upvote be grateful that ze apple gods have blessed you with such fortune

  3. Eliminate the ting * nigerian accent* decrease the friendship* also nigerian accent*

  4. I actually don’t think KSI’s in a relationship rn

  5. Im 14 looking forward to getting my license cuz i used to ride in a another country and one thing is those low ride generic bikes with suitcases on the sides and and the biggest windshield ever windshields on bikes are just ugly in general

  6. Dont have anything "against" jj but he just apologize and its not that its like all the fans need an apology but rather wade does.

  7. Whata knee slapper of a joke 😐. Dude bouta delete the thread after getting hazed for a day straight

  8. Nah i like to see other peoples opinion on a stranger i find it fun. Kind of doing an experiment

  9. Idk they rarely come out managed to see one theyre like a bright red and like 1/3 of a milimeter in siz3

  10. Ok be trans why the flag tho like im straight i dont go around telling people im cool with lgbt but the flags get annoying like we r all just human.

  11. Look yall jake and jj are both at the top but idc what yall say match ik jjs taking the dub

  12. Who else read racism is sex at first on his pant

  13. Fr dog im mad it was the first one i tried cuz it was literally ass i spat half of it out, except that the rest r cool

  14. Bro he prolly earns that much from prime every month or smthn

  15. HONEST OPINION No offense but as of 2023 i have barely seen any like normal gay people everyones just wearing their flags and like just being different like i thought they wanted equality or smthn and its not avout being gay or smthn just be human like as a straighty guy i wont be going around wearing a heterosexual flag Therefore the recent lgbtq people need to realise they arent a different species and are also homo sapiens

  16. Congratulations dude! My siblings friend had told me it was extremely hard for them to stop playing fruit ninja on their arm but they did it! We all believe in you!

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