1. No possible way. It's called double jeporday, you cannot be retried for the same charges after found not guilty by a jury.

  2. Nope. That’s how far the case has gone. And I don’t even know if the case is still open. If you liked it you should watch “The Alcasser Murders”. This one is a REALLY f* up case.

  3. Yeah omg im watching that rn. So crazy. Do you think that he is innocent?

  4. I think real big people (like politicians and rich men) were involved and they tried to blame those guys. It is said that the murder was recorded for private consumption. It is said too that around that time that group of people would record murders of babies and would meet up in a motel well known for underage prostitution.

  5. I see so much Kosas vs Tower 28 here! Which one of them is more hydrating and moisturizing to the lips??? Anyone could point out the differences in texture and formula? Pls!

  6. 1 seems like a match! You could even out the tone of your skin with it and then create dimension with a bronzer or contour

  7. i would say you have an olive undertone but i might be wrong

  8. My holy grail is the cosrx bha blackhead power liquid. It does so much more than treating blackheads😍😍😍😍

  9. When your mascara is dry on your lashes try to put a little bit of powder under your bottom lashes (the side of the lashes that is in contact with the skin)

  10. I would store it upside down so the tip gets soaked better.

  11. The Skincare Edit talks a lot bout using all those products the right way in their website. I don’t have the perfect answer. I know she said you can use Vitamin C after using AHA/BHA, but it is ideal if you wait 30 min in between so the acids can do their job better.

  12. yes. When everyone was having a feast in the last season

  13. there are explorer extensions which let you use VPN from other countries to visit or watch stuff from other countries. I use Hola on google chrome. I set USA and watch Netflix from there, with an American Netflix account since I cannot with my Spanish account. You can do the other way around

  14. hmm i just went to their website, is it the “this is nude lipstick” collection? they look really pretty, have you tried one? i’ll have to look into these, thank you :)

  15. I have just checked. The collection is called “This is me”. They are very pretty and inexpensive! I have shades 14 and 16 which are on the darker side. But if I want them to look lighter I just dab them with my finger. They are creamy and pigmented. If you want them super matte you can blot your lips with a tissue and it will be fine. I love finding gems like these 🤭

  16. ohhh definitely check out the “this is nude lipstick” collection too then because they look beautiful haha. pretty and inexpensive is right up my alley! i’m not afraid of the darker nudes hahah i’ve been looking at browns lately and i’m so happy to hear they’re creamy and pigmented! i love finding gems too, thank you so much for sharing :)

  17. if you struggle with finding browns i love using eyebrow pencils to line my lips or even use them as lipstick. If they feel dry i just put a bit of gloss or lipbalm and it looks equally good!

  18. For sure. Not sure why, but it performed a lot better than vaseline or aquaphor for me. Maybe it better resembles natural human sebum?

  19. When I was on Accutane someone told me to put on a snail mucin product on my lips and then top with lanolin and it was a game changer when nothing else helped

  20. Well Lanolin prevents water loss which means that maybe sealed and locked the hydration the snail mucin was giving you.

  21. Idk if this the kind of help you are looking for but since you like more the natural finish I would just use a bit of concealer where you need it to even out your skin tone and call it a day. Katie Hughes taught me this. You can check her tutorials on IG. She gets the perfect skin without looking cakey just with proper skin prep and a bit of concealer or foundation where she thinks she needs it.

  22. I bought the other day the Aloe Vera cream from Cosrx and let me tell you.... a m a z i n g. It’s soooo cooling and hydrating I cannot wait to use it in the summer on my sun exposed facee. Ok i got too excited. Sorry. But yes, aloe vera is a good moisturizer. I would recommend you use it overnight as a mask.

  23. Well, as long as you protect your skin from the sun since it makes the skin more sensitive to it, you are okay. It is not true what they say about acids thinning the skin and all that. If you feel your skin gets dryer then you should stick to use it not every night. My skin is normal to oily and it doesn’t dry my face at all. I don’t use it every night because I found out bha is better to clean pores on a deeper level. So I alternate

  24. I have hooded eyes and i just looked up videos on eye makeup with hooded eye. Tati she has hooded eyes and she gives really good tips on makeup.

  25. Katie Hughes is the master of eyeliner for hooded eyes. She is always teaching us new tricks in her IG.

  26. I learn a lot from Katie Hughes’ tutorials/stories on IG. She is very helpful and nice and her make up looks are beautiful!

  27. your skin looks beautiful! and that fierce inner corner and halo eye 😍😍😍

  28. Definitely Katie Hughes on Instragram. She is the QUEEN

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