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  1. Thank you for posting / sharing. It was at both MSG and this solo was the absolute highlight and made the weekend very special. I’m so glad I get to listen to this again.

  2. Just wanted to chime in. This information is actually stated in Shadows of Self. I happen to read it just now, and saw this post earlier. So you’ve read it.

  3. Fun thing, if you are ever left stage, in an indoor arena, you can see the team pull up the scroll lyrics, so you can know every song before it starts. I was left stage for winter 2021 for a few shows, and was getting a kick out of it.

  4. Update - wanted to post new comment rather than following the chain already on this post.

  5. What do you have requests in for?! I just put one in for OH but debating maybe MSG if I can find them after they go on sale

  6. I requested both nights of MSG (I’m in CT). Did the same last year and got Night 1 nose bleeds. I’m hopeful I’ll get 100 section at least one night. But it’s high demand show, given farthest Northeast show of the tour (which also lends to the pending charges not being reflective of actual confirmation)

  7. I have sooo many posters from the years, all the way back to like 2001 or so. And never could spring for the framing. This is amazing, I had never seen anything like this. Thank you for sharing!

  8. I’d have to actually open the tubes! Ahaha. I might do that if I get this storage thing…and they aren’t ruined.

  9. You on console? Not sure if it would always work; try save and reload on the planet.

  10. This is my first time with warehouse pit tickets at this venue I usually do lawn ay hartford but the luck of the draw gave me pit. The FB fam is doing a meetup outside the main gates before the show. Those folks can definitely give you more info. Look for the DMB fam flag :) see you there !

  11. The meet up for pit in 2019 was left of main gates, if you are walking toward the main entrance - near a pavilion type building that might have Tito’s or other brand alcohol branding. The line is in the VIP parking lot if I recall correctly - if they are doing same as 2019

  12. So once you’re in there you’re there for the duration? If so how do you balance hydration/need to pee?

  13. Depends, if you make friends, sometimes people around you get out (or you are the person), and you come back - it’s a pain, but usually works to a degree. When I was pit for Hartford 2019; someone brought us a can of Heineken…which was almost water, and very sweet of them.

  14. since i posted this i just started going bck to all my space stations and already 2 S ranked,

  15. That’s the way!!! :-) enjoy, makes mid game a bit easier and just cruising on random planets more rewarding. Late game this all gets blown out of the water in favor of Mining, trading, making/selling high value components.

  16. i presume then that my animal scans will be huge too, i havent scanned one yet but when i scanned a plant it was only 60k so im hoping to see at least 1 6 figure scan

  17. When maxed, you should get like 60-70k per plant, and the rare creatures I think max out sprung 400k if you had all 10,000x s-class mods. Lowest animal will be 100k or so, I think and then next tier is like 200k.

  18. You should be able to just visit every Station you e been to and collect Explorer missions - any and all, and then just compete two and you’ll finish it. You don’t need a +2 Standing mission, as far as I know. Just grab two “kill creature” or “kill sentinel” missions, hand in, and you should be done.

  19. Yeah, but I figured it would be faster, since I keep running into stations where it's nothing but Gek missions

  20. Unfortunately, if you can’t do the level 9, for whatever reason, then this way is faster ;-). But if you just cycle through all the systems you’ve visited, that should go quickly and have plenty of Explorer missions.

  21. The Space, in Hamden, CT would put you between Hartford and New Haven.

  22. I'm really trying to write interesting openers (I don't just say "hey") but I'm struggling with figuring out if I'm doing this right. Any feedback on how to improve my openers would be much appreciated!

  23. Nothing wrong at all - as others have said. These are perfect, and so much more than what is normal. You are a pro. My suspicion is a number of guys mass swipe right, and then once there is a Match, they will then go look at your photos/pics/profile. Sucks it happens, but I’d guess at least a fair number of these non-replies are due to this.

  24. Hail wouldn’t move when we tried this scenario, at least not until last door opened. Not sure if glitch or something else, but we gave up after trying twice and Hail was at starting position until last door opened - then not enough cards for Hail to make it, even if all enemies died.

  25. Mine was Joyful Girl, Soulive with Dave vocals. We cut out the middle instrumental solos.

  26. Here's my take on the characters. Drawing the tassels is a big hassle lol.

  27. This might be my favorite Vin depiction. Well done.

  28. I’m seeing now that silver IS present on Scadriel, but is allomantically inert. Main questions still stand...

  29. I think Brandon has said that he kinda made a mistake with Tin & Silver. His original intent was to use silver - “silver-eye” (instead of “tin eye”) and he liked the sound of it better. But he had to change that for actual scientific reasons (I believe). Now I’m wondering where I read that. Could be in his commentary in Arcanum? Edit:typo

  30. Which makes this super interesting isn't it? He's got a "silver tongue and a tin-quick mind". It's almost like Brandon is teasing us about his swapping of the metals.

  31. Potentially, but I believe other posters have stated that Brandon didn’t actually write this particular line, so…🤷‍♂️

  32. I don't remember the Pure Lake having a plague. Did I miss something? Or is my sleep deprived state of mind messing with me?

  33. It’s referred to in the beginning of RoW, I believe. That they heard about a “plague” and it’s mentioned that it might be passing through the Tower when Kal is working on his situation and with his father. These are all passing references, so it’s easy to miss.

  34. Thank you! I definitely plowed through RoW and I haven't had a chance to reread it yet.

  35. Also, if you do a reread and are looking for it, I think Kal has a thought about it not killing people. So that might help focus your attention when you come across it. It may also be mentioned during the Hearthstone portions.

  36. I should read those broadsheets. I totally ignored them, since on my kindle they were in low resolution

  37. In my Nook version, all of the Broadsheets have the in-book "newspaper" version, followed by actual book text of the articles.

  38. Shard plate is formed of lesser spren. We’ve learned (I think) that the lesser spren “live” more or completely in the physical realm. I suspect that the shard plate of a Radiant is a shell or blueprint/lattice, and potentially each time it is summoned, it collects the lesser spren to power it (or they are always nearby the Radiant). So when the oaths were broken, those lesser spren just locked into place. The RE growth may come from Stormlight powering the original blueprint or scaffolding when the oaths were broken - maybe using the Stormlight to bring in replacement lesser spren, or keep the originals in the physical realm (like the stones enabling dismissal and calling of the blades). It seems that shard plate of an active Radiant may not need the light for repair. Can’t remember if we’ve seen a Live shard plate break yet or not.

  39. Maybe rope ladder for descending into the chasms?

  40. Hate to be the dumb guy but I have Spotify and the app...how do I open this playlist in the app? When I try to open the link it tries to go through Spotify on safari.

  41. You can open in Safari and the hit “Follow” - then in the app, you can check it in your Library. “The Ultimate DMB Live” by GhostPhilly should be available. I just tested to confirm.

  42. If you get a nice A class with big storage, keep it. Good to last you till the end

  43. That what I had on my 300 hour play through, but I restarted because my Atlas station mission broke and I couldn’t do it, and wanted to Start again.

  44. Yikes, that must feel frustrating, i hope you get the kind of freighter you want! (Ps, pick one with large frigate fleet size, so you can have more of em)

  45. I didn’t realize fleet size was limited by freighter. I assumed they all capped at 30. Boy am I going back to NMS school.

  46. It's okay if you use it by the Use By Date. If you put it in the freezer, it will last 4-6 months after the Use By Date, and it's less expensive to buy in bigger packages.

  47. So; I found two 1-pound blocks in my cupboard during Covid isolation. It’s “use by” date was 2016. I’ve been making tasty fluffy inside, crunchy outside French baguettes with it for the last few months, no issues. I typically just up the amount of yeast called for in a recipe. So... no idea. But I tested it when I first found it, and it grew like it was no ones business.

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