1. The way nr5 looks it seems she want to fuck your brains out, and then some.

  2. My brain can't accept brick appearing to float up above the ground like that.

  3. Never forget my only time seeing them and before the crowd came out, they chanted that. I was like, "Hush you idiots, they won't wanna play!"

  4. Idk, with all those mirrors I could see myself living there

  5. I totally agree the forfeiture thing is problematic, but rolling around Texas with pot / hash in the car ain't the brightest thing either.

  6. I love all the articles that come out which are “new generations are not willing to put up with the absolute bullshit that we never thought to call out. See how crazy they are?”

  7. The worst one for me is "nobody wants to work". Offer 100 bucks an hour and you'll be swamped with willing applicants.

  8. You doofus, that leaves less for the kickback, you'll never get the contract that way.

  9. It's gonna be awesome once there is peace. Then these videos can be re-released with translations and red/blue circles and arrows to show who is who.

  10. I’m not military but no real human goes clear in their own home with no one tailing them, as in a clearing team. None the less… their little sisters room. My immediate thought was… was little sister the target? Like what the fuck over? Cringey

  11. My eyes rolled so far back, I saw my brain

  12. Backup or perimeter security I suspect. While a gut reaction is to rush in, assessing the situation takes a bit of time as well.

  13. For a long time it was Sheep but I do prefer Dogs. However every track on this album is 5 stars for me so it's hard to compare.

  14. 5 stars is right. Outside of the fandom, this album flies too low under the radar.

  15. The funky music contrasts beautifully with the derisive lyrics

  16. Excellent comment. I never could quite explain to myself what I liked so much about it.

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