This pet shop don’t sell bunnies at Easter

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  1. I was gonna say this one! I was leaving a night class at like 9 PM at UNH about five years ago and a group of them approached me and started asking me questions about my beliefs. I considered myself open minded and wanted to give them a chance so we would meet in the library and discuss the bible and religion. They started talking about how Jesus already returned and that he was Korean, then tried to get me to either join their church or make a donation. I found out they weren’t even students there yet they were on campus at night and would go to the studying center of the library. Felt very weird.

  2. Wow very generous of you to even sit down with them. They probably thought they could take advantage eventually and groom you for whatever sick purpose they have. You shouldn’t have an open mind with strangers most of the time.

  3. Have you driven to Chestnut Ridge yet, to see if you can handle the commute? I'm not sure making more money will be worth it if you're paying more for rent to live closer.

  4. Thank you for your comment, didn’t realize this about the taxes… I have to research more about this to see what it would look like and how much it impact me. And yes also valid point about moving closer. Absolutely everything would be more expensive if I accepted this job.

  5. You really want to find out if it's a 1099 job. With a W2 job you pay 1/2 of your social taxes (about 7.5 %) and your employer pays the other half. As a 1099 employee you pay the whole 15+ % - before you even start paying income taxes. Most people who've never had a 1099 job are unaware of that.

  6. Yes thank you I am definitely unaware as I’ve never had a 1099 job before. My interview is tomorrow at 3pm (or today) so I’ll see what else I can find out. It is so tempting because of the salary but just talking this out there are several more factors that I really need to consider. Would love to find something higher paying and stay in this area but seems like a lot of the higher salaries in general are closer to the city ugh

  7. Yeah it was an eye opener when I was catching a ride home with a classmates and their dad, a Baptist preacher no less, tried to hit a dog and almost wrecked. I was 14 or 15

  8. Honestly. It truly baffles me how many people will purposely try to hit animals while driving. There is something genuinely wrong with them mentally if they enjoy trying to kill an animal. That guy is not a good person and shouldn’t even call himself a ‘Baptist’ trying to hit a dog with his car.

  9. Idk if im messed up or not lmao, but i could hit a grown adult and not care, a child or an animal and i would cry

  10. It’s rude, obnoxious and disrespectful to assume people want to hear whatever pointless shit you are watching on Tik Tok. Buy yourself a cheap pair of headphones.

  11. Lol it’s not rude, you’re the one that’s obnoxious. It’s the most basic form of manners to be considerate of others. Loud noises, music, etc always falls into that category of not just assuming everyone else wants to hear what you are listening to. Again, the most basic form of etiquette. Don’t act entitled.

  12. Buc-ees are travel centers. As for donuts, Texas pretty much has multiple independently owned Asian owned donut shops everywhere in almost every city. We caught the same immigration wave in that regard that California did. Starbucks is pretty popular here for coffee purposes. I was incredibly impressed by all the other food offerings and quality of everything up there and this is why the Dunkin thing really surprises me.

  13. Couldn’t agree more on the DD. It’s overkill. Coffee is usually terrible. I prefer espresso and they can’t mess that up and so usually I go for their espresso based drinks. It’s also usually staffed by teenagers who don’t drink coffee so they rarely fix it how you ask or properly. Depending on the Dunkin I also agree they are pretty rude.

  14. As I said, OF COURSE you would have that discussion prior to accepting money. At no point did I say you would accept money under a certain agreement, and then turn around do something else. I am saying that overall I don’t agree with parents or family thinking their financial contribution makes them in charge, or big decision makers of the wedding. Everyone knows what I mean by that, and we all know or many of us already have domineering family members. Like anything else in life, of course there are nuances there. I know families and couples that are more traditional and religious often have that mindset as well, I’m literally just saying that I don’t agree with it. Never said take the money without having a crystal clear conversation with them first 🙃

  15. Haha please. I was stating an overall opinion about this. Saying yes absolutely, that’s what I think they should be able to do. Doesn’t mean that encompasses all nuances of an agreement! Maybe you need to improve your reading comprehension skills 🙄I can see your just trying to drive your point home because I disagree. Of course its not that black and white when actually negotiating as such. It’s moneydiaries we all know the importance of communicating about money. But overall I do NOT agree with gifting money with strings attached, especially for a couples wedding. I believe the couple should use it as they see fit. My solution to that would be to of course not accept money if you didn’t agree with the ‘terms’. Have a great Easter 😘

  16. I yelled at him and his wife 2 months ago when they told me the news that they are retiring and "can't afford" to help me. He owns a commercial parking lot and the strip mall where his business is and is part owner of another commercial building on the property.

  17. He’s a piece of trash and so is his vapid wife. I can’t believe they took you to ………Subway. My dad is similar. Sending you a lot of support.

  18. You have to have some sympathy though. It sounds like his dad makes his money by owning things. I bet his fear of ever having a real job is pretty paralyzing.

  19. I was in a similar situation with my last job. Based on your description and how it’s effecting you I’d encourage yourself to deeply evaluate and consider giving yourself permission to just quit. Truly your peace and happiness are more important, and you are capable. You will have no problem finding another position when you are ready.

  20. Honestly. It isn’t even “sexy” in the sense of sex appeal. It does gather attention but rather in a “wow this person’s perfume smells strong” but not necessarily in a good way

  21. Would your expectations be different if you dated women? Why do you think you expect men to pay?

  22. Lol why wouldn’t you expect men to pay? To be clear, in practice I always offer to split, and if I plan or pick the date I will pay. But the larger context of this isn’t outdated. Our society is still patriarchal (look what’s happening to women’s rights across the country right now)and men still earn more than women, and have more advantages than we do. Fair does mean equal. ‘50/50’ isn’t fair if the guy is making substantially more than his date. As a woman, I also spend a lot of time and easily more money on grooming/ clothes/ appearance for the date than a man does. Lots of articles and studies on ‘the pink tax’ that discusses this more in depth. I am not talking about the one off exceptions here. I am talking about in general.

  23. Last picture first for sure! Great pics!

  24. Thats not what I’m saying. I’m saying that after three dates, I haven’t started getting any additional hints of innuendo or sexy flirtation, above the level of affection we’ve been sharing since date one. It’s like it just hit a ceiling.

  25. Hit the ceiling? You haven’t even left the ground floor. You’ve met a stranger 3 times. She told you flat out she doesn’t want to rush so you’re just getting started my dude. You are making a mistake a lot of people in this position do. You are focusing on physical things instead of focusing on her mind, intellect, emotional connection, getting to know her. When you’re able to start there and build upon that successfully, the sex (if she’s physically attracted to you) will come.

  26. I think you're just projecting yourself and your bad experiences onto these people. You've assumed so much about what's in his head, for example, even though it contradicts what he explicitly said.

  27. Man the mental gymnastics and story telling you are doing is funny.

  28. Can’t stand watching him right now in Deep Water he’s soooooooooo gross. He’s the ultimate martyr / cuck and simp in this movie, idk how much he’s even acting to honest I think he’s just being himself lol lol

  29. 😭 whatever. Looks like you need to re read the post and the 1000+ comments again. No one is buying those excuses anymore.

  30. I had a guy press the tip of his tongue on my vagina (not even my clit or anything) for 1/4th of a second and go on and on "wasn't that fantastic for you? Didn't you love that?"

  31. 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

  32. The negative reactions I got were definitely not something I made up. Judging from the faces they made and what they said, what they thought couldn't have been very different than thinking that I am a loner. Taking in mind that these were women in their mid 20's who recently graduated and still have lots of friends who aren't settled and thus have lots of free time I can imagine that their mindset is quite different when they think about people who do stuff on their own. That's what meant "by growing up to do".

  33. Yep…there is a biggg difference between 25 and 36 but I’m sure you know that OP. Women in their mid 30’s your age would probably be naturally much more understanding of that. Early to mid 30’s is still plenty young, but people tend to be more mature, and have more realistic expectations for how adults spend their time.

  34. Yeah man congratulations but we just don’t feel comfortable to waive our inspection

  35. Okay then truly I think your best bet is to rent for a year or 2. Sounds like flat out you don’t want to buy right now, you’re not comfortable with the current housing market (understandable), but you’re making plenty of money, on career paths, and have good savings. Just rent at a lower cost apartment for a year or so.

  36. You can’t. This has been a complaint for some for WW for a long time. Maybe they will change it one day, but as of now you cannot track macros in the app. They have a points system and it doesn’t include macro or nutritional data break down. Most people just use the free version of MyFitnessPal for that if they are also looking to track macros.

  37. When I worked retail, I had an older coworker who made maaaaybeee $20/hr and was engaged to a teacher. They spent around $100k on their huge wedding, put it all on credit cards and took out loans, and then lived in her parents’ basement while they tried to pay it off for years.

  38. Wowza I felt ill reading this. I cannot fathom.

  39. Yep 100%. Even if I had the money I couldn’t bear to spend that much either for less than 1 day. If I was VERY wealthy then sure! But most people are not. I also don’t agree with being in debt for years and years because of it.

  40. Can you share what your masters degree was in?

  41. Thanks for sharing :) I want to go back and get my masters in something STEM but it’s so broad and I don’t know where to start researching, thank you

  42. I'm in this school of thought. You said they were a good employee, and keep in mind this is during an actual pandemic where people are staving off all sorts of threats to mental wellness while still completing their work.

  43. So well written and such a great response.

  44. Literally ANYTHING lol I’m an open book, you can always DM if your questions are personal and don’t want them to be public.

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