What're the chances my neighbors house has a dead body?

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  1. Update 1: about 5 cop cars showed up and inspected the house for about 45 minutes. When they finally came out, i asked about the situation. Unfortunately they said there were several dead cats and other animals. They said the house must have belonged to a hoarder. Trash, animal feces, and dried up cat/rat bodies all over the place, which could explain the amount of flies in the house but the cops couldn't get much farther in and need to call in a special team to look into it and see about cleaning up the place. I'll update with more information as it comes.

  2. Again, this would be awesome unless like me you don't want to carry your phone everywhere. Perhaps i need to get smaller phone. Or just quickly let a family or friend drive it to get something in a party or something.

  3. I never knew people don’t take their phone everywhere, what would you do if your car broke down?

  4. It's worth what people will pay for it. Used car prices are falling, hopefully that reduces strain on new car purchases and they can fall in price too.

  5. Price of Lithium needs to come down.

  6. This feels like a fake prank from very early YouTube. Everything about this screams 2007 YouTube prank

  7. I was going to say, the acting is terrible, the whole thing just seemed off

  8. It does take much. I don't have the name, the place, any aspects of he original picture, or what was changed. I don't have time for a game of spot the difference. Also that site is blocked. Go figure.

  9. What does the link have to do with it? Lmao I'm one of the most left leaning people on here lol Or are you saying Jennette is a Fox shill because she's the one that's writing the book

  10. Poor reporting. The fake claims against Tom Hanks all come from the Right and Q, don’t get sucked into it. Even the source you provided didn’t show anything.

  11. I’ve seen this one in particular more than any others. Emotional ride every time.

  12. It was never “wholesale”. Tesla does this to punish buying used from someone else. They literally told me that I should have bought it from them instead. After returning the car my original salesman reached out to me and convinced me to order one. Then they pushed out delivery and when I went back onto their website it still showed the original date when I ordered it. So Tesla knows that’s not going to happen yet they lie to prospective buyers with false delivery estimates when you order. Tesla sucks and I wouldn’t give them my money at this point if they begged for my business.

  13. They don’t “punish” anyone man. This is what I’m talking about with your misinformation. I had a horrible experience with BMW once, I didn’t whine about it and say “BMW is the worst company in the world and they will never get a dime from me.” It took like 20 comments from you to get the answer. Tesla marked the car as wholesale and that’s why they wiped it. You should’ve said that from the very beginning to give people the full story. A lot happens behind the scenes with trade in cars at dealers and even though you were told it never went to auction you have no idea how it was handled (my father being in the car business for forty years has taught me all of this). Used Teslas are sold daily with FSD. I don’t agree with their wholesale policy by the way.

  14. It was never wholesaled though. That’s the issue I had with Tesla. Tesla doesn’t care though you can whine and cry and tell them whatever you want but in the end they make stupid decisions and don’t care what customers think. Honestly would have been a lifetime fan if they didn’t treat me so bad. I own a successful auto repair business and I got into EVs so we can be ahead of new tech in the industry. We are installing free chargers that are solar and I’m looking at working with chargepoint to buy a few chargers in our area. My shop is actively working with another manufacturer as well to partner with them to provide repair capacity for their customers. Since we signed an NDA I can’t name their name but I’m not just a customer buying a single vehicle from a manufacturer here.

  15. And that’s incredibly sad to hear about your experience with customer service and I know you’re not the only one. Love everything you just said you’re doing to move forward the tech with EVs as I don’t care what manufacturer it is as al long as we are moving away from gas vehicles. Thank you for what you’re doing and I wish you the best in the business! I own a healthcare consulting business and am trying to fix our broken healthcare system one office at a time so I know the hustle!

  16. This is where ppl get confused. Capitalism and socialism are economic principles. The chinese economy is capitalist, with some state control. The chinese communist party is just the name of the dominant political party. It doesnt describe the economy. People hear communist party and think it must mean china is communist, but its just the name of a political party. Under Deng Xioping china moved towards a capitalist economy even though the name of the party stayed the same.

  17. China is still considered a communist country, do a quick Google search and it’ll confirm that for you

  18. Not in any race that actually matter. Republicans hate to actually carry the Republican title, but they always fall in line when it comes to voting.

  19. Local elections, but still doesn’t change the fact they take the votes

  20. Generally the only people who run as Libertarian lost their bid to get the Republican nomination. They also tend to only run in locations and races where there is no real Dem competitor

  21. Fox News was on at the gym today. On whatever show starts at 8am, they said the economy has been in a recession that past nine months. We all know that is a blantant lie, so let's not pretend MSM is only left leaning.

  22. According to my grandparents that only watch Fox Biden is the sole cause for the “horrible economy” worldwide

  23. Yes. Stop letting these clowns change definitions of words to make themselves look better. It's embarrassing.

  24. I flew JBlu just a couple of weeks ago. One of the best flight experiences I’ve had. They handled the process well, got us boarded and off really quick. Generous with the drinks and snacks. I also had to do the rare checked bag (i try to never check luggage) and i had no issues both ways. Landed early both times.

  25. I have to agree, I flew JetBlue down to Florida once, literally $58 round trip. Most leg room of any flight, free WiFi, the screen on the seat in front of me was up to date. I will fly them any chance I get.

  26. Nope. They show him stop and it slides off. There’s no indication that he’s going to mount it.

  27. Well I doubt they’d show them mounting anything on screen. It is PG after all…

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