1. There’s a dude named rashawn with a trumpet who will blow your eardrums out with some extremely obnoxious trumpet playing, reminiscent of the Saturday night live band.

  2. The funny thing is the word is he’s the least gracious member of the band from fans who have met him, yet he’s the most expendable.. you’d think he’d be a bit more humble. 🤷🏼

  3. I personally saw him on multiple occasions be rude to people who came up to him. He’s overweight, abrasive and irritable.

  4. All the best lawyer jobs for entry level in the civil world are gonna go to people who passed the first time, it’s just how it is. Which makes sense, there’s a new crop of people who get good grades, pass the bar, have clean criminal records, and jumped straight into law after law school every year.

  5. Nah don’t agree. It’s a standardized test. As they say in basketball- If he can hoop, he can hoop.

  6. My now GF did the same thing. Said we were dating but not exclusive. Her opinion changed very quickly when I hooked up with a gal I had been taking to before her. I felt bad so told her.

  7. Rule one for men in dating: don’t worry about her liking you back. The only thing that matters is if you like her

  8. This right here. The less you care about being liked by her and the more your invested in your principles, the more attractive you become. Good luck!

  9. I owe my house because it's cheaper than paying rent but houses are money pits lol

  10. Best decision I have made to this day is at 36 still living in a apartment downtown. Whatever I have lost in equity has been returned tenfold with quality of life from meeting people, not having many possessions, and going out.

  11. Your dealing with liars and cheaters so my thought was just find out enough to know it happened.

  12. This sub is 20% pro-Dave and 80% “If people could control their spending like me, they wouldn’t need Dave”. It’s the Lake Woebegone of personal finance where everyone is above average.

  13. One of the only things I learned in law school was that I had no interest in dating another attorney.

  14. I absolutely echo this statement. I know several couples from law school who ultimately got married. The interesting part- the female in each of those relationships had previously hooked up with multiple friends of their future spouse lol

  15. Sounds like the job you have will give you some great experience. This is just one perspective but the difference between coming out of law school and having 5-6 years work of government job was night and day.

  16. I was turned down by probably 20 firms coming out of law school. Landed a (awesome) job as a prosecutor. My biggest takeaway from the interview process-

  17. Don’t know much about comparing the two, but I know some attorneys who absolutely clean up doing workers comp. Relaxed evidentiary rules, zoom hearings, no billable hour requirements.

  18. Husband and I will be at New Realm Brewery Saturday for N2 Meetup. I’ll have on jellyfish earrings. I’d love to meet fellow fans, this is our first Charleston show, but we’ve seen them frequently at Charlotte and Raleigh.

  19. I was there last night. Fantastic meet up, it is packed and they were playing dave the entire time. Tons of concert goers.

  20. To me, this is why the “what he/she did in the past doesn’t matter” makes no sense. It all matters we just each have to decide what is truly important.

  21. “Come on Cheech, quit smoking he’s about to play Jimi Thing.”

  22. Just me- but it’s crazy to see people get married at 23-24. I actually feel bad. As a happily married person, wow they are missing out on 10 years of autonomy and great stories.

  23. Focusing so hard on academics at the expense of my social life in college.

  24. Let’s be honest- it isn’t that difficult to do decent in school and party. Just remain quasi focused and you will be more than fine.

  25. So to clarify- it was that he lied and not his actual age right?

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