1. Are you actually friends with the sister?

  2. Friendly. I don’t stay in touch with her, but I will hang out with her in social situations every couple of months.

  3. Not anymore. There’re new owners coming to that location soon.

  4. Big Ditch’s website makes it clear that it’s NYS only

  5. I know tipico offered it when they were on the west side. I don’t know if their new location gives refills.

  6. Macy's place pizza is really good though, i don't know what you're talking about.

  7. I’ve had Macy’s a couple of times and each time it’s overcooked

  8. https://mistersizzles.com/media/FullFoodMenu2-1.pdf

  9. I included chicken with that price and one of the burgers is $12.50, but that’s besides the point. Their burgers shouldn’t be over $10 when they are comparable to fast food quality.

  10. It’s probably cheaper to buy a used PS4 rather than getting it fixed

  11. Hopefully the food improves for the Draft Room. The quality dropped since reopening and the menu is pretty bare now.

  12. I hope this place fares better. We went to Cantina Loco a bunch over the years, and we always felt the cost/portion-size ratio was way disproportionate. The pork belly tacos were bomb, though.

  13. They will do better. Casa Azul has been around for years on Genesee Street. They are known for their quality food and drinks. They only moved because there is greater foot traffic on Allen compared to their previous location.

  14. Casa Azul was in the old Dog-E Style blue shipping container building, right?

  15. If you are okay with online ordering, Mojo Market is an option. They don’t have a drive through, but they have a takeout window.

  16. Which Gino’s are you referring to? Elmwood or UB South?

  17. The Artisan Culinary Loft at Artisan Kitchens and Bath should work

  18. Damn I'm in love with the silos and I can't wait to see what they do with them. Would love to live in them, good thing I'll be too broke to even consider it

  19. It is low-income housing. Studios start around $580 based on your salary.

  20. It looks like it from the rental site, but I would contact the realtor if Interested

  21. Just saw last night that they are closing at the end of the month :(

  22. Not surprised. Food was mediocre and I got food poisoning from that place.

  23. Consider the local taxi service too. Ubers can be spotty that early in the morning

  24. Bagel Jays is terrible, especially if you’re looking for a good bagel and not a good bagel sandwich.

  25. Just curious, why does everyone shit on Bagel Jay’s?The place has bad customer service, but their bagels are the closest to NYC bagels.

  26. That’s absolutely untrue. They’re not close at all.

  27. If you're not doing espresso, the Ode Fellow is a great and sexy machine

  28. Are there still issues with it? I heard that it doesn’t get fine enough for pour overs

  29. I have a question on this. They say you also need a quarantine plan, but don't specify if when you're in US or Canada. Are they saying I need a place to hunker down in Canada for 10 days if I test positive while there?

  30. You will need to put an address down on the ArriveCAN app. Just find a hotel and mark it down.

  31. It’s pretty straight forward. You will use the ArriveCAN app prior to your trip. You will need to upload proof of vaccination and a negative PCR test within 72 hours of your trip. Make sure you have your results, vaccination card, and passport when crossing the border. You will also need to carry you vaccine card in Toronto as restaurants, museums, sports, etc. require proof of vaccination.

  32. Always go through employer. It will always be cheaper. Employers will generally offer different tier plans for the amount of coverage you’d like.

  33. Second Remedy House. They have the best BEC with a homemade roll. Get it with the Garlic Aioli. Their sister restaurant, Flint, also has a good pastrami and egg sandwich on homemade bagel.

  34. Roll is from across the street at Five Points bakery I believe.

  35. It’s not from them. It’s from a guy who works at Jay’s Artisan.

  36. Elmwood Village or Hertel Ave neighborhoods are your best bet for walkability. Both neighborhoods have grocery stores, gyms, restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. I’d take a look on Google Maps to see which businesses appeal to you more.

  37. Try Moriarty Meat’s. Their roast beef is really good and they have their own spin on the kimmelweck roll

  38. What are the dates you’ll be here? A lot of businesses are taking short breaks for the holiday.

  39. Speaking of, what do these places accept as proof? I can't get an Excelsior Pass. Is a photo on my phone okay or do I need to bring my physical card?

  40. Depends on the place, but most accept photo of your card plus ID

  41. Oh damn I almost went to Waxlight tonight but decided on Prescott Provisions instead bc their menu looked better. Whew that would’ve sucked.

  42. Yep you would have been the joke of the night

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