1. The one where there is any explanation whatsoever about who the the dead girl in white is.

  2. The episodes are for the benefit of the viewer, don't take the framing device and narration super seriously, rather concentrate on the events depicted.

  3. Think she completed maybe half her scenes. There’s a handful of shots of her (like the one OP posted) at the end of the war but I’ve never seen anything with her prior to the attack or during the combat.

  4. Yeah, she likely did only the more generic shots while the action shots (defending Zion) and heavy dialogue moments (talk with Link) were kept for later.

  5. Plus watching it today it feels like there’s a SA angle to it which gives it more impact.

  6. And in Reloaded Smith as he is forcing himself to Neo says "Yes, that's it, it will be over soon".

  7. Maybe this is one of the initial events that caused Lana to say no to spectacle during the making of Resurrections.

  8. Maybe, but between Jupiter and Resurrections a lot happened to Lana to shape her current filmmaking sensibilities.., i.e. Sense8.

  9. Definitely, that's what I meant by "initial events". Also, it's funny but I consider Sense8 to be visually very strong and scenes like the restaurant fight are spectacular in a smaller but just as strong way.

  10. Sense8 looks strong given the circumstances of its crazy production. In some ways Sense8 looks better than Resurrections I would say. At least it looks more lived-in, but also some of the garish color grading and shutter speed choices made for Resurrections are absent from it.

  11. Firstly, whatever Smith says we shouldn't necessarily consider that it reflects the thinking of the other Machines, as he has his own beliefs and agenda that go beyond his programming.

  12. If you need 2 hours to defend a movie, which no-one wanted but the shareholders, then that's more like copium than arguments. There are people who liked it, and who did not. My point is, don't force anyone to like the "4th movie". I'm writing this as a die-hard matrix fan. I was left dissapointed.

  13. The Neb crew removed Neo's bug. After that the Agents didn't have a connection with him.

  14. The hallways are not an exclusive area for the keymaker. His relation to them is that he's able to make keys that can access them.

  15. Though he said the other Agents didn't know of Thomas's room and no one ever visited the key shop, so it might be that it's only him that managed to get access after "the more he found" by looking. But also the rules of the modal are not necessarily the rules of the Matrix in the first place.

  16. Though presumably of a symbolic meaning, the flowing quote by Morpheus describing the Agents is fun to ponder:

  17. It's the John Wick look.I understand that Neo looking different is part of Lana writing parts of herself in Neo's story,but that look is so integrated in the public consciousness as Wick that as you noticed a large portion of the original reactions were not "Neo's back!" but "Wick in the Matrix ?".

  18. It's definitely associated with Wick right now. But I think with time if Keanu sticks to this look in his films it might start being considered the "Keanu Reeves look". In the BRZRKR comic book he co-created and co-wrote that features his likeness (and there's even a possibility of a live action adaptation starring him), he chose the same look.

  19. But he chose Not to return to the Source. He chose the other door.

  20. He came close. Symbolically he literally met God at the end of Reloaded, surely his consciousness was expanded. The Architect perhaps even makes a reference to that: "the process has altered your consciousness".

  21. The Oracle made it clear? She was vague at best.

  22. She did make it clear that they extend beyond the Matrix as she was explicit about just that. She didn't say how, but she wasn't vague when it comes to whether they do or do not. They do.

  23. It's been years but I'm pretty sure the sound issues are present even on the console versions. Both Game Cube and PS2 had them especially in the later missions and cutscenes.

  24. I would not be surprised. I think the PS2 version was the one that was crashing often enough that some people never completed it. A console game crashing...

  25. Hehe, previously it was either play it with bad tires and good performance, or good tires and bad performance (which manifested as a 1-second hitch every minute or so with my 2017 CPU compared to the hardware I had in 2003), but now I can have the best of both worlds :D

  26. It's not THAT faithful. It's faithful enough, but it's by no means a room by room, line by line, puzzle by puzzle, setpiece by setpiece recreation and there are a ton of smaller or bigger differences and omissions.

  27. It failed for the same reason the sequels were hated for the longest time.

  28. Not only did they not get M1 again, they didn't get M2 & M3 either. The rules of the sequel being "bigger and louder" were not respected, as this film went smaller, more personal and self-critical.

  29. It failed because it lacked urgency. Why was it so important to bring Neo and Trinity back? Humans and machines were at peace. The stakes were lacking.

  30. Humans and machines were not at peace. The peace broke some unspecified, but significant enough, time ago when the Analyst and the Suits took over running things in the Matrix, attacking Zion, and purging any program that stood in their way.

  31. Best thing I ever discovered was “find all and replace” the periods which should have been 12 point font with 14 point font. It would add pages to any essay. Much harder to see like the margins. Lol

  32. Resurrections is definitely indicative of multiple resurrections, as the film resurrects from death and re-interprets every single one of the main characters from the original trilogy: Neo, Trinity, Morpheus, and Smith, asking which character traits are core and immutable and which can and should change 20 years later, or in your next life. (edit: all while Lana is re-assessing who she was and who she came to be as a film maker and person in the same span of time).

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