1. (Long-haired) Dachshund. Badger hound. Weiner dog. Pear head.

  2. Question: What's up with his hands though? His fingers look quite big; is this because of the job and him handling so many bees?

  3. The fingers look 'normal' to me, not overly thick or swollen. The whole hand itself is proportionally a little small imo.

  4. Useful, valuable cancer? Hopefully he would have been advised over the years to get a periodic check-up.

  5. See the terrifying game "DEFCON" available on Steam, which is pretty well done. The music is terrifying.

  6. I was going to say, it is very Defcon'esq. The atmosphere is definitely half the game.

  7. Kind of terrifying how it barely shoots out, then propels itself farther.

  8. Even though most of the examples show a person braced for firing, the kickback itself looks equal to or less than a shotgun. Sending something to effectively knock out a 50 ton purpose built armored box, with one small pop, is wild.

  9. If someone doesn't already qualify as an on-board adult, then chances are good they'll get the end of the rope: homeless, mentally ill, disabled, children, elderly, ex-con, etc.

  10. Would say the composition is what is important here. Whether you like Thom Yorke or not, the Radiohead version has a bigger, brassy vibe of classic Bond, while the other is fairly flat and depends on the signers range.

  11. I understand what you're saying about vanity, but I believe there is a line between the value of self-image and vanity to excess (pride).

  12. You know he has wyverns right? Like, the eye isn't the only thing he has to see with, he has literally the biggest army in Middle Earth.

  13. Truth. I'm not sure why everyone is limiting Sauron and his servants. It isn't just an eye, and the nazgul aren't just ghosts in robes. They're all implied to have more power than what is written/shown.

  14. Oh yeah let's blame poverty on the poor and not over a century of intentional impoverishment at the whim of the wealthy. Fuck off.

  15. Are you arguing that, if you don't have a lot of money to begin with, it's better to put that into a flash car and not something which creates return? The handicaps and dynamics of America are a given, but they don't extinguish a certain level of responsible choice that is still possible. It isn't a one way street.

  16. There is functionally nothing a bank would lend them that much money for that would generate a return.

  17. Are you going to tell that to all the people who started out poor and then left it behind?

  18. Huh, as a casual fan I kinda though Horus would sound more eloquent and less blatantly evil?

  19. I would have preferred something mixed, like the Joker (terrible example), moving between guttural chaos to lofty primarch.

  20. If he'd turned all of those cans into something else Coors Light, like a giant replica can or logo, then maybe. Not much brand value turning them into lumps of aluminum.

  21. I disagree. The food has also changed tremendously since the 60s but more importantly with smartphones and social media you’d be hard pressed to find such a lively diner these days. Also everything is a franchise now, there aren’t even a lot of diners that aren’t dennys or ihop or Waffle House.

  22. I disagree. These diners (and other similar staples) are still around, serving much the same kind of food. Yes, more people would be on their phones today, but the area around that counter is small and crowded, all of which exaggerates 'liveliness'. Time of day and crowd type also matter. And no, not everything is franchise now. Get away from the strip malls and hotel circles and you'll find thousands of small, privately owned restaurants.

  23. Why not consider that he did it to save bees AND save himself some money at the same time

  24. ✋No. Selfish, binary motivations only.

  25. It’s just a simple tradition. It’s just saying, “Hey, we’re all here for sport, we’re the same folks, so let’s take a moment.” Not only do we have a relatively short and simple anthem compared to a lot of countries but a lot of people aren’t thinking, “Hell yeah America!” They’re thinking “Hell yeah this means sports are about to happen.”

  26. I wonder do Chinese shopping malls pay the performance royalties on that.

  27. "Shag anything that moves." Nice design on the Skidoo flyers. I did rave flyers in the latter half of the 90's in the southwest, US. The party names were all the same, and still are.

  28. Tom Bombadil taken to 11. Also, A+ for production.

  29. Reposted for like the 45th time on this sub since I joined reddit. What ever happened to

  30. Removing previously posted media is only going to cause You to miss something. It really isn't an issue unless the item is being spammed.

  31. Groundwater. It's part of the hydrologic cycle. Limestone can be very porous too.

  32. I’m not an engineer, but something that is “porous” would be at the bottom of my list of materials to make load-bearing columns out of

  33. I'm not a geologist either :) but there are different types of limestone and porosity is relative. The property owner's website has pictures dated to the 50s that show similar columns.

  34. Dune fan here. I was told that Warhammer 40k might be up my alley. Would this be a good game to start with?

  35. Dune is like Seven Samurai blended with Laurence of Arabia. Warhammer is Star Wars and Evil Dead 3.

  36. A brief preview of their doom was more appropriate than a Terminator 2 "against the fence" moment. There a many missed opportunities to educate the public about science but this was not one of them.

  37. People talk about traumatizing moments in films you saw when a kid, hands down it is the final scene of this movie for me as a kid in the 80's.

  38. Children from the 80s should get a medal for the amount of dark and wild stuff released back then.

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