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  1. I know everyone hates Rinna, but losing a parent is awful, especially if you are close. Grief comes in all shapes & sizes, and it sucks all the way around 😔

  2. Aesthetic????? 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 doesn’t surprise me tho since Kail thinks she’s a Kardashian half the time 😂

  3. Tmz came with a bomb today lol. Hope they co parent successfully.

  4. They’ll be back together next week 🤦🏻‍♀️

  5. They are already back together. Why else would she tag him in the post with the flowers and then delete it. This is horrible.

  6. It’s so sad. I feel bad for all FOUR children involved

  7. This is all so sick. I feel so bad for all of the children involved.

  8. What if... And hear me out, I'm not tied to this opinion, it's just a thought... What if she's tongue in cheek doing this to poke at Kravis?

  9. Kail actively looks for drama and to be called out for her bad behavior, she gets attention nowhere else and this shit gets her tits hard

  10. I know they can be super cringe, and she shouldn’t change her personality for a man (obviously), but she genuinely looks happy and I love that for her

  11. The right and left paradigm is an illusion, only fools believe in that system. It was designed to give the peasant class the sense of "choice" and making a difference. The government will never have your best interest in mind, nor do they care about you.

  12. Yes! This is so on point!! Wish more people could see this 😕 do you know how awesome that would be if we ALL came together?

  13. I think part of it is because Kim has to be #1 at all times, no matter what. She has to have the upper hand 24/7. I’m sure it killed her insude when Kylie was going through her King Kylie era due to all the attention she was getting, plus the launch and success of Kylie Cosmetics when it first came out. Kim a very jealous person imo and that’s one of the reasons she can’t let her sisters do their own thing

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