1. Great food and the guy is super nice. 10/10. Would recommend.

  2. He has never respected my request for less sauce lol

  3. Video Games - Lana Del Ray Anenome - Bryan Jonestown Massacre Never Be Mine - Angel Olsen Tougher Than the Rest - Bruce Springsteen

  4. KUNIS. I’ve never had a bad meal there. The rolls are simple; no crunchies or Mayo or chicken or other gimmicks. Ambiance is on point. Service is efficient but not cold. I could probably leave without spending more than $20 and feel full & happy (and not like, gluttonous-level full unless I want to be.) The udon soup might be the best soup to ever touch my lips.

  5. I was going to mention this. I was a mess for years due to ibs... severe bloating where standing and walking hurt, constipation..: etc etc.

  6. Same story here! The secret cure for IBS is quitting your job.

  7. Close tie between Duff's and the McDonald's at West Ferry and Herkimer

  8. I miss having Joel make my breakfast on weekdays! The kale & conversation were A+.

  9. Clearly some of us don't know what "leery" means.

  10. Second Mother’s. Everyone seems to know the place but when you’re there it feels like you’re in on a secret.

  11. Off topic but does anyone remember that Byron Brown parody account called Bryon Brown Your Mayor? It was so freaking funny; I wish it still existed.

  12. Bryon Brown Your Mayor (BBURM)! We could all really use it in this trying time.

  13. If you break out into the Bills “HEY EY EY EY” chant in public, it’s cringey as hell.

  14. We took the train home from a concert once and some drunk teens initiated this in a packed car. Literally got off at the next stop to switch cars cuz I’m a party-pooper.

  15. I think that's the point. It's an 'ironic' campaign to let people know why we'd say that!

  16. The number of people on here who clearly do not grasp this is scary.

  17. Irresponsible way to dispose of a chemical. Find out if your community has a hazardous waste drop off program. They will accept this and deal with it properly.

  18. Oil-based paints are accepted as hazardous waste. My city will not accept water-based paints at hazardous waste collections; they direct folks to dry out the cans and throw in with regular household trash.

  19. What a fantastic question. One I’ve wondered many times myself. Reddit I guess? At least you’ve met one here. 😁 Do you paint? What’s your thing? Send me a message if ya like. I need some artsy friends. My family doesn’t really want to geek out with me about art, would be nice to have an outlet!

  20. Take a class at Buffalo Arts Studio, or drop in and chat with the staff at the gallery! You can walk through their studios and there’s typically someone working at any hour. There used to be lots of life drawing groups pre-COVID, I’m sure they’ll start again some day. Hallwalls drawing rallies are always a good time to meet other artists, very mingle-y event.

  21. The artist is named Tim Lewis. Here's an article with more about his work:

  22. Hobby lobby is not my favorite place to shop, but I got dragged in there recently, and they have lots of attractive shelves and side tables for low prices. Big Lots, Salvation Army "last chance" store on Military and From Attic To Basement in NT are good places to find dirt cheap stuff. I've had the most luck going to estate sales on the last day they are open, in the afternoon, when the staff are tired and will let you take things at a steep discount. There are a few this weekend:

  23. I know I've recommended it on here before - go to a potluck at one of the co-op houses! There is one every Monday and Wednesday, and they are free to attend. Lots and lots of those guys are veg/vegan. Look on the Barnraisers' calendar for more info.

  24. Having been to Alberobello, I can tell you that many of the Trulli look nothing like this and are, in fact, pretty run-down.

  25. I came here to say the same thing. My great-grandparents were from there, so I stayed with cousins in their Trullo. I remember it being very cold and cramped. They did feature neat rooftop porches, however.

  26. Contact the Central Library, or the Buffalo News.

  27. I went there on Friday night at 6:30. Thirty minutes later, they were out of fish fry. It was insane in there!

  28. I would also recommend hanging around at Arroma. The staff generally don't mind how long you stay, and it's pretty easy to strike up conversation there.

  29. Amy's Place serves many of the same dishes as Paramount. Have you tried? Is it comparable? That's the only place I've ever had Lebanese foods.

  30. I would, and have. If I'm on a date with someone who doesn't want to sit at Amy's drinking watery coffee, then I shouldn't be on a date with this person at all.

  31. On a slightly related note, any idea where to donate suits that don't fit?

  32. Friends of the Night People has a clothing room. Some of the guys there need suits for job interviews.

  33. This is one of the most awkwardly posed photos I've ever seen.

  34. How realistic does it have to be? If the monkey is imaginary, can you put a person in black or brown clothes, with a sock tail, and add some felt details? Give them some face paint and a headband with big goofy ears, and you've got a monkey! You could take this further and add some stitching details to make him look like a stuffed animal come to life. Or felt hinges to make him look like an action figure.

  35. We tried a couple costume places, but no one seems to be willing to budge. As far as theatre companies, we haven't gone there yet. I was afraid it would be a little presumptuous to assume they have a monkey costume- or would be willing to loan it out if they had it.

  36. Can't help you, sorry, but good luck!

  37. It doesn't have a title yet. Thanks for the suggestion, though.

  38. My friend posts haikus about fictitious men on missed connections. The responses are some of the worst forced poetry I have ever read.

  39. I went to Buff State with this guy. You should see him light a cigarette.

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