1. Yes and if I turn the lights off in my house everything is black. Congratulations on discovering how light works.

  2. Oh please educate us on how light works. We’re on the edge of our seats.

  3. Apparently you're not aware either. I wouldn't comment on other people's education when you can't distinguish between the air and the sky, presumably water and the ocean, leaves and a forest.

  4. Dude. Do you honestly think the sky is something besides gases?

  5. “Basic rights for others is an infringement on MY rights!”

  6. I don’t think that’s what they meant. I read it as “if the show does well, then there’s proof of continued/developed interest in the IP.”

  7. I would think the millions of copies the first two games sold shows continued interest.

  8. I suspect the way this is going to play out is that DeSantis is still in the Fuck Around stage of this mistake. If he keeps pushing, he's going to reach the "Find Out" part of the show.

  9. I was really hoping for Turnstile to pull out the win, but I understand that the metal and rock categories tend to be a clusterfuck most years. I think name recognition got him the win more than anything.

  10. I think he deserves to win. His last two albums have been pretty great for the old grandpa lol

  11. I'm fascinated by minority folks who believe these batshit ideals, as if their beliefs would protect them from racism.

  12. This is dumb. If you can’t test it, there’s no point in consuming

  13. Oh ya for sure. People have probably been eating lsd gummies longer then weed ones. I know the classic way was a sugar cube.

  14. Sugar cubes suck to eat. Just drop that magic right on my tongue lol

  15. Credit scores are absolutely designed to be social scores. Look at the correlation between race and credit scores. We hide basic housing and basic transportation behind massive paywalls that typically require credit. You are your credit score.

  16. I wish someone could explain how race is factors into your score.

  17. Culture war politics stands a good chance of putting him in the White House, terrifying as that thought is.

  18. No it doesn’t. He’ll get demolished in a national election. He’s weak. He’s an asshole. He’s a bigot AND trump would spend the entire campaign attacking him.

  19. Be quiet and drive but they just roll a TV out and start playing Mario kart in silence.

  20. u really want to be with someone like that, right off the bat? A bf would be considerate and help you through it not force you through it.

  21. Right? Two months in should still be all butterflies and joy lol

  22. Criticizing the Israeli government for their apartheid state isn’t anti-Semitic.

  23. Also don't call it a crotch when you do talk to her.

  24. Call me wild but isnt that what secretaries and assistants are for?

  25. Wouldn’t mind the take two opiums and one cocaine for that cough and call me in the morning quackery though :-)

  26. In small amounts silver isn’t toxic to humans, but there’s also no known health benefits of taking oral supplements. Bacteria and fungi are sensitive to silver in natural settings so some idiot extrapolated that if you put silver in your body it will have the same effect. Spoiler: it does not. Also if you take it too frequently it can cause a condition called

  27. Ironic but totally predictable. They were on their high horses telling us to shut up and stop complaining, yet some chiefs fans had already been complaining about Cheffers being the SB ref before they even beat us. There was a study (albeit not terribly scientific) on Twitter showing that chiefs fans complain more than any other team about officiating.

  28. Which is wild seeing as they’re always Super Bowl favorites as well as being media darlings.

  29. Conservatives have a very low bar for justification to kill --- simply people they don't like is enough. They don't value human life at all (of strangers, especially), only fetuses.

  30. They don’t value fetuses either. They’re just a silent scapegoat used to control women.

  31. I think it really depends on the relationship of the booty call. It’s all preferential for me. Some booty calls I like to host. But sometimes I don’t want a booty call in my place, especially if I just met them online, so I like to travel In those instances. The bad side to traveling is that sometimes their place is dirty; and it makes me think they are dirty.

  32. Anyone who can’t be bothered to clean when expecting company is dirty, or at the least very messy.

  33. I feel like if you can’t agree on who’s coming to who perhaps you shouldn’t get to come at all.

  34. Yeah he is basically just sitting tight while Trump destroys himself. It will probably win him the nomination but hopefully not the presidency.

  35. This is not a finance sub but there are only 2 steps to financial success.

  36. This is why I know there’s no god. Because to really get ahead in life you’ve got to be okay with exploiting others.

  37. Hol' up. There are states without car inspections?

  38. In Ohio we used to do echeck then they got rid of it like twenty years ago.

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