1. Warhammer Fantasy has still a boat load of characters left, even "finished" factions armies aren't all that finished and there is still stuff left in 30 years of white dwarfs and other special campaign books. Also there are older characters from older edition that did not get rules later but could ofc get them

  2. Harry the Hammer predates the concept of Ghal Maraz, he was actually the character depicted on the first edition of WHFB

  3. Honestly I am on neither side. Mostly because, even tho GRRM always talks about the whole "no real good and evil only the human heart in conflict with itself", stuff but then wrote the dance super biased towards the Blacks who, in the end, come of as the better side and makes it double worse by saying "the books have a bias towards the Greens", like how awful were they IRL if they already come of as the worst in a source biased towards them? Its also really hard since he spared no expense to make the Blacks the way cooler side, like all the cool houses he personally loves join the blacks and all bad houses who are assholes join the greens. Like the whole riverlands are black but there is one house that is green and ofc its the Brackens who are always portrayed as the worst fucking people everytime they appear on page. Like srsly:

  4. As much as I'd love the idea I doubt it will happen. Honestly all dev answers regarding this makes me believe it won't happen at all actually.

  5. All my female friends were uncomfortable with the birth scenes and my best friend and her girlfriend both told me they had to look away from the C-Section. My mum said "Ew they even added the squishy sound". The thing I found the most disgusting was Joffreys caved in face tbh. in got I thought the most disturbing scenes were Talisa getting her baby belly stabbed and Sansas "marriage"

  6. You know how much that cost though? To CGI everyone’s eyes especially this series? GOT would be literally only Dany but this show is stock full of Targs lol

  7. its HBO not some indie studio. Doing purple eyes in post production is the crumbs of peanuts compared to 2 seconds of a Dragon scene lmao

  8. Aftasiabi who was the creative lead for WoW was the key name in the harassment scandals, and was fired in the middle of the Shadowlands development cycle.

  9. Nah - to this day I maintain the authors did the best they could with the material - the problem was GW

  10. Honestly they shouldn't have killed it at all. They should've just revamped the game. AoS is really popular because its quite a great game thats easy to get into and that you can finish very fast and also because GW finally came out of their cave man age and started to do modern things like... advertising their products lmao. The old management thought that word of mouth is enough to promote their games. Imagine that for a second. Like they didn't even have a Social Media page ffs.

  11. There is in fact canon. It's the show. George, while being interviewed for the companion podcast(the HBO official one) said that it would be fun to see the differences between how history recorded things and how they really happened. That's the creator endorsing the SHOW as canon.

  12. Thats not true. HOTD is "what really happened" for the show canon only

  13. I am sure there would be awesome stories like that... if only we had timelines in 9th edition codices lmao.

  14. In our times Alicent is clearly just a jealous asshole but based on Westerosi culture she is pretty much right. Bastards are a serious fucking thing in their culture and get hated on almost every time they appear on the pages, unless they are Dornish, and lets be honest everyone who isn't blind can see that Rhaenyras children are clearly bastards and not Laenors, like the show made it double obvious lmao. People say it does not matter but we have to remember that in this culture it absolutely DOES matter, like Ned reads a book where it talks about haircolor and concludes that Joff is not the king cause he is an incest bastard.

  15. I understand the whole bastards argument but why is everyone acting like Alicent turned against Rhaenyra BECAUSE of the bastards? She has been conspiring taking the throne from her since they were young before she had any real reason to. Yes, heavily influenced by her father but still an accomplice. Her (and her father's) motivations have been influenced by their want of having their own blood on the throne and that's it.

  16. In the show Alicent tried to mend their relations before the timeskip until Rhaenyra lied to her. Alicent clearly is a very "duty and traditions above everything", kinda person so Rhaenyra banging Ser Crispy Cream really pushed her towards the side her father tried to manipulate her towards to. After the timeskip her motivation seems to uncover to the realm that her sons and heirs are bastards and that way illegitimate, this way Aegon would be the trueborn heir. People on this sub were all like "Alicent is a dumb bitch for screwing things up by not accepting the marriage proposal", but the thing is Alicent knows that Rayrays kids are Bastards, its very obvious, and even tho she tries to get Aegon on the Throne she would not "degrade", her trueborn daughter to a bastard. To us ofc this is stupid but in the world of Westeros those things do mean something. And Aegon in theory would have a better claim then the Strong Boys in Alicents mind, only confirming her low opinion about Rayray she already has because she is such a "duty and traditions above everything", person.

  17. I think the gimmick was if you beat sq42 you can unlock the cicilian variant for purchase. Idk though it's hard keeping track of all this stuff after all these years

  18. Recently I remembered that there is going to be a pet system in SC, and I had to double check in case I imagined stuff. Like I follow SC since the beginning and I am pretty sure I have forgotten more promised features already then I read lmao. I am pretty sure they once said you can put those amazing Spider Miner Drone/walker things into your Orion and stuff but that was so long ago I wonder if they remember it too hahaha.

  19. I find this fandom really strange, it devolved very quickly into something that feels like some reality TV show/talent show/k-pop stan fanbase. Like over at the HOTD sub they are all already jerking off to the idea of Rayray and Daemon fucking. Like ppl just ignore that he is her uncle that groomed her, like fucking hell. On Twitter I've seen some of the most unhinged stuff I've ever read. Normally I don't believe it as much but the way people act online I could imagine Green actors getting actual death threats in the future.

  20. Pretty sure one of the show runners said he’ll be off screen this season in Oldtown, but will be in the next season

  21. I've seen this claim many times but never with a source, the only mention of that theory I actually know is from the leaks.

  22. GRRM himself more or less said the show is canon, the book is not lol

  23. He did not? He said the show is canon to the GOT Show Universe and that the show and the books are two different continuities. Don't know where you got that BS from lmao.

  24. honestly I am a bit disapointed in Blackfyre and Darksister kinda thought they looked a bit too plain for me.

  25. FF4, FF5, FF6, FF8, FF9, FF10, FF12 its like part of the series DNA.

  26. In my opinion, FFIX especially. It's not as broody as FFVII but it has, in my personal opinion (and not objectively true, calm down), better fleshed out themes and ideas. If you want something more like FFVII though, FFVIII is a good follow-up.

  27. FFIX for all its more comical styling is imho one of the most depressing FFs in the series. FFIX and VIII both have the most beautiful endings in the series imo.

  28. The closest thing I could find is Argel Tal gatekeeping the current stock of possessed. I guess one might infer that since he bred them they'd be in his company, the Vakrah Jal

  29. Yeah thats the closest passage I found too. I also immediately had to think of the Ashen Circle when I read their descriptions. I guess there is no sentence that says it in the book itself and I can't actually remember anyone else besides Argel-Tal going into Gal Vorbak mode in Betrayer. I guess whoever wrote that in the Lex made it up, lol.

  30. I hope they don't screw him up. I thought they're gonna make him some Joffrey & Ramsay faksimile but I was positivley surprised that he is just a teenage boy who acts like some spoiled teenage boy does. It was also cool that he was friendly with the strong boys and encouraged Jace in the Dragonpit. We know how it ends but I hope he stays more "I dun want it", instead of becomming generic eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil. In the end I wanna feel sorry for that little shithead and the greens don't have any likeable characters anyway besides maybe Helena and depending on if we'll get Daeron in season 2. (I am still a bit worried about that since he wasn't mentioned as the leaks said he would and he also did not get an entry in the official show family tree on the website)

  31. Is there gonna be a Daeron? In last episode Alicent didn't mention him at all in the wanking scene. She said your (Aegon's) life will be forfeit, Aemond's too. Daeron was missing. Even if Daeron was in Old Town, I feel Alicent would have mentioned him. Makes me think there's no Daeron in the show. Maybe they thought that Helaena and Daeron combined may tip the audience to Greens instead of keeping them split.

  32. I hope so. He is quite important later on in the Dance, don't know how you could do those major plot points without him. The only indication for him being in the show is that there are 4 blood lines going from Alicents wheel in the intro. Condal also said we'll see 17 dragons in the show and Tessarion would fit perfectly in that list

  33. In the book timeline Helaena should probably have claimed her dragon by now, but currently in the show Dreamfyre is riderless

  34. The leaks mention that he is mentioned this episode as being in Oldtown like he is in the books later but as with quite a few scenes mentioned in the leaks this did not happen.

  35. Daeron & Tessarion (I swear if they cut the only likeable green besides Helena I'm gonna loose it)

  36. The leaks mention that he is mentioned this episode as being in Oldtown like he is in the books but as with quite a few scenes mentioned in the leaks this did not happen.

  37. The leaks mentioned him being offscreen this season but so far no one has mentioned him and he also does not appear in the family tree on the official website. IMO it would be super strange to leave him out of the show but you never know what HBO is up too. Would be a shame to leave out one of the few likeable Greens and one of the coolest dragons.

  38. hmmm interesting. Out of curiosity how do you know that the out of focus cogwheel in the background is Alicent?

  39. In previous versions of the opening that area was seen much clearer up close and in focus. The change here was to not show it as clearly, to hide it just a little bit but still have it there for people to spot and compare back to previous episodes.

  40. Blizzard dev "We just remembered Swoop again and since this allows you to do petbattles faster and get faster to raid entrances we have increased the cooldown to 48 hours, thx for also reminding us of Soar again too we've increased the cooldown for that now to 6 weeks and also the speed was reduced to 50"

  41. Tifas training arc could be a cool Yuffie style DLC for Rebirth!

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