Saudis tell US that Iran is prepping attack on kingdom

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Liz truss getting flamed in parliament today

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  1. I'm ESL so I might use the wrong terms but what you're talking about is improving mathematical technique, as in the speed at which you can calculate, think, how neat you write etc.

  2. What would you suggest for fundamental understanding and conceptualizing? And I mean at a beginner level

  3. Alot of veteran Po employees retired or died during covid ya replacing them will take awhile

  4. That’s the issue? Or is it that anything government run is a complete mess littered with inefficiency and red tape

  5. If it wasn't government run many many people wouldn't have mail.

  6. I’m waiting on USPS to deliver an important package that was supposed to be there 1 week ago. I’d pay the extra fee for better service, it’s clear that the agency is a black hole

  7. New black mirror episode. At least get Danny DeVito to do it…

  8. Hey you’re not wearing a mask, you’re putting everyone’s life at risk! Proceeds to choke a man unconscious, slam him on the ground, and scoop up his lifeless body to toss him out the door like garbage.

  9. Boo this man, and boo any team that picks him up. Boycott the Bruins games. That will change their mind about keeping him. This POS should be behind bars for the shit that he did.

  10. Not much of a shock, the second season writing started to go down hill.

  11. You can get the new M2 for just about the same price if you upgrade to 500gb. Not much of a deal for the M1 model to be honest

  12. And? They perpetrated 9/11, it's time to stop helping their disgusting leaders.

  13. It’s time to stop our corrupt government officials from siding with the Saudis and exploiting US security for their personal profits*

  14. Appreciate the response, does going through a representative convey any benefits rather than directly contacting the Taxpayer Advocate Service? I have to assume it makes the process easier, which given how every other interaction with our tax system is, would make sense.

  15. This worked for me; my congressman's office was able to get a tax advocate for me to figure out why my amendment hadn't been processed for 1.5 years.

  16. contact congressman!!! I got mine today and i contacted them on monday

  17. I've gone through this already, it's how I found out that the original 1040X was rejected.

  18. Alternative take, if your CRM isn’t up to date there’s no way of accurately forecasting out your teams biz which impacts every level of the org. Without data it’s hard to see what’s working, what’s not and ultimately drive positive business outcomes.

  19. Can confirm, I’m sitting in a positions with terrible CRM data governance. Everything is a headache, no information is accurate, and the system is fragmented. Failed scalability, poor data entry.

  20. Funny coming from someone who has been pimping America to line her pockets

  21. Dogs are amazing. I live in an area with a HIGH population of Brown bears, my dearly missed dog, Bernard, was a Karelian Bear Dog- it was stunning to see him switch gears instantly when confronted with a bear. Just like a light switch. He kept them off our property like a champ, and kept us safe on our many hikes in the back country/AT. Legit face to face with bears that were 4-5x his weight and size, but just handling it like a straight G. RIP Bernard.

  22. Imagine how long this has been going on for; essentially our government officials have been pimping out the US public for their personal benefit.

  23. I’m having strategic conversations with customers to tie their key business initiatives to our product and drive adoption. I’m also acting as the voice of the customer and advocating for them with other cross functional teams across the business (product, support, marketing, professional services etc.).

  24. It means your thinking more reactive than strategic. Understand product roadmaps internally and how they can align with your clients.

  25. I work from home, and I can tell you my productivity is much much higher than it was when I was in office.

  26. she's a fighter for rich people alright, never lift a finger for the poor. edit to add that as a Texan I can attest that fracking is an environmental nightmare and Liz Truss is EVIL for trying to get it in the UK. Do you want shimmering oily sidewalks and foul tap water? Cuz that's how you get it, you rotten creature Liz Truss.

  27. Fracking… vs having no source of energy and a possible EU collapse. Save it…

  28. This is literally every position I come across on LinkedIn. Keep in mind it's just linkedin. There are hundreds of other application softwares

  29. They got no problem with people being over capacity, doing 2 or 3 headcount roles into one.

  30. Companies are okay with you working 2...or even 3 roles within an organization. But have an issue when you try to do that elsewhere.

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