1. Honestly, Vinted is super strict and sometimes they block or delete your stuff for no reason. There’s no arguing it. Ultimately so many deleted or blocked and you get perma banned. I had some blocked and deleted for too bright of picture. Too dark of picture, a image that didn’t show texture cause it was too far, used cosmetics cause it didn’t have a box but it it’s the even sold retail with a box. If you use white backdrops or light box they always think it’s stock photo and pull it for copyrights. All these led to me being permabanned

  2. This is insane, not allowed low quality pictures but high quality pictures are clearly not your own and must be a stock photo🤔 if you had any transactions waiting to clear we’re you able to get the money owed to you or do they keep that as well?

  3. They still clear all transactions and let you deal with any orders made during the ban process. But still I had to switch to different device to sell and make new account. Had 300 listings and 5 star. Over 600 transactions and 900 followers . They have the worst costumer service.

  4. Cash out and put $40 back on him to win. It’s free money now

  5. Sold 20 items within first couple weeks. Haven’t had any issues with sellers but I’m finding it hard following their guidelines. I’m getting listings blocked for images where lighting is different or if it doesn’t show entire clothing which they crop the images so it’s hard sometimes . Also can’t use any image that looks like a stock photo even if it’s your own. Using my light box or model gets flagged and after so many blocks I got a 7 day suspension. If this happens again I imagine I’ll be permenantly banned

  6. I couldn’t believe it when I found these brand new German Wera hex wrenches. They were only a little over $14 after the discount.

  7. I just bought some wiha ones. I never see this stuff in the thrift :(

  8. I think that’s a vinyl tape and doesn’t adhere as hood but it’ll work for one package just needs shipping label clearly seen. I think there’s a designer brand that ships their boxes with duct tape lol

  9. He was contacted after auction and someone paid more than your bid and he sold it on you. It happens

  10. do you still have the ecozilla adapter? this is 2 years old but worth a shot lol

  11. Interesting! How can you tell its a Gen 1, as opposed to later gens?

  12. Nice these are prob around 500 retail

  13. I would always pick this deck in pro skater lol

  14. I’ve never owned a pair of these, they are pretty expensive & I usually go for a cheaper brand but I saw the opportunity so why not. Last year I found a brand new (tags and all) pair of ll bean boots with the soft lining inside that still had the paper shoved in them for $20 but those get too hot for summer. They are perfect for shoveling snow though!

  15. I bought a pair of earth keepers easily 15 years ago and abused them for many years and they still look new. They clean up nice. Glad I went with earth keepers over the standard New York icon timbs that were popular at the time

  16. What’s the brand? I have pants from them and can’t find info on them when searching “add”

  17. I assume this is goodwill. Pretty scummy of them to do that about the boots

  18. I already hate that this company isn’t really a charity and they up charge everything that they get for free so I don’t feel bad when I tag switch which now they made super easy by eliminating the cashier ( sticker tags of same colour go great over the clothing tags by the way) and I also hate when they eliminate jobs with these self checkouts to cut costs. So I don’t feel bad for these greedy company’s. Also another tip. If you have 2 similar clothing items just put one over the other and you get BOGO deal

  19. Now you can make your own prices

  20. Damn nice find . This shirt goes for big money

  21. The tough shoe boots or sandals go for a lot used. Their regular shoes aren’t worth much tho . But even 10 is good for any shoe in good condition. Idn why you’re upset lol

  22. The OG smells best in the line imo. That chestnut and vanilla is divine.

  23. I agree unless you like really sweet go intensely but performance is hit or miss and if you like boozy go absolute and again hit or miss.

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