1. Can we see them all, first one looks dope

  2. The lot for $5 . Even $5 each is a great find!

  3. Dontae catlett had some decent thrift videos. Looks like his channel is a wider range than just thrift tho

  4. That looks barely used. I found a professional 5 plus on fb for 30 but wasn’t looking as new as this! Nice find

  5. Mango loco , nitro super dry and white pineapple

  6. depending on weight you're carrying most will do the job but if you're talking 50+lbs you might want to consider rucksack or something made for hiking. i know northface had a older system where the top of the strap attached at 2 points and could carry a lot.

  7. I have the matching mini top luggage to this set. If you ever want to sell let me know

  8. High end luggage. Even these plastic hard shells called salsa are $500+. Aluminum hard shells are thousands

  9. Cologne is perfect if you are in +90 degree environment all the time. Very refreshing

  10. Might have to give it another shot my Dior homme sport 2012 is my go to for hot weather along Burberry hero

  11. It’s a perfect dumb reach when you know it’s gonna be brutal outside. The heat keeps it alive much longer than normal temperatures and the citrus is just perfect scent in those conditions. Reminds me of lemonade

  12. I remember a drop where it hit flagship stores first then price was raised for big drop. Hoping not the same

  13. Anyone have estimates on value?

  14. were these on layaway at zapateria la ballerina? 3 payments? genuine ostrich?

  15. whats the brand and model please

  16. ebay for the jackets. everywhere else the price is sky high. pants if you look hard enough at the various resale websites (grailed, depop,monceri, ebay) you can prob get for 20-30 bucks shipped

  17. Dior Homme Cologne for those really hot and humid days

  18. Circle of life. It all comes around again

  19. Ya between the gratis, free samples they can snag and gift with purchase samples which are usually 5-30ml they get a lot. My girlfriend works at a retailer of fragrances(big chain store tho) and about every 5 years they clear out surplus of testers bottles that are either discontinued or old and they sell them for $10. Insane deal

  20. Omg I wish. I did grab best of the best from each fragrance brand

  21. Next time just stick a different sticker on it

  22. Intense and amber noir are chefs kiss

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