1. I meant i’d have mixed feeling. Like I think it would force me to be more social not rely on alcohol and all that shit but at the same time I love sex . I love partying and alcohol (some times). And I don’t know if have mixed feeling if I were to live like that

  2. That's what I'm trying to figure out. Like did he really post this?

  3. Being smart is like the one thing I do well, so yeah I get upset when my intelligence is insulted.

  4. Isn’t it the other way around. You know you’re smart so you know they’re wrong when they call you stupid. You’re less confident appearance wise so you get hurt more by that.

  5. Not for me at least, I'm less confident appearance wise so I'll probably agree with them.

  6. 100% Christian, but a minority here it seems like

  7. Were you stabbed by high heels as a child? What could possibly make you not appreciate the allure of an attractive woman in heels. Genuinely curious.

  8. I'm a girl but I really don't like heels. They are uncomfortable and in my opinion don't look that good. They aren't worth the pain and uncomfort to me. If people like them, then sure go for it but I just can't.

  9. I’ve called women females my whole life. I too am female. It’s a precise word.

  10. I didn't know even know it was something people used negatively. I like referring to girls/women as females. I think because I can refer to boys/men as guys, but I don't like referring to all girls/women as girls so I just use female instead if that makes sense.

  11. High body temperature, body pain, bitter taste in mouth. That's all I know, it's a common sickness for people to have where I'm from so yeah. We get malaria a lot

  12. Ya I just got back from Ghana.. so I was curious

  13. Ah okay I see. I'm from Nigeria, but I haven't gotten malaria since I got to the US.

  14. An entire group of people are not romantically eligible just because of skin colour? That’s exclusion, it is racist

  15. It's not just skin colour tho. What if you find green or blue eyes attractive, or blonde hair. Not all races have that. Different races have different physical traits, and people can have preferences for certain traits.

  16. This is self hate. Odd you find other people more attractive than your own race

  17. Not really. I'm attracted to certain features that most black people just don't have. Doesn't mean I don't find any black people attractive tho, I've been attracted to black people before

  18. I hope I will gain citizenship of the USA as soon as possible. But from what I 've heard it's long and difficult process.

  19. Yes it is. My parents aren't citizens which is why we are unfortunately not together. But they had all of us in the US do we could be citizens and move here one day.

  20. And what is your country of origin if you don't mind me asking?

  21. If one room is too cold you can close the vent in that room.

  22. Yeah I'm Nigerian so it was pretty common for us. I don't even give my classmates anything with my left hand I'm so used to it 😅

  23. You like ninjago, ducktales, regular show and total drama? Yeah your good.

  24. in Hygiene they told you to shave your cooch?? That's insane, it's the worst place to shave.

  25. Just to like trim it. But I dunno maybe it was bad advice on their part 🤷🏾‍♀️. It wasn't like a hygiene class tho, we don't have those. I'm trying to remember but I think it's just like when we were in the hostels

  26. It may have been an effort on their part to prevent the spread of lice, if that was a problem there. Just for the information of anyone who might read this: Pubic hair provides protection against yeast infections, vaginosis, contact dermititus, and friction. Removal has added risks such as ingrown hair, which is VERY painful in that region, microabrasions that can lead to infection. It's far less hygenic to shave.

  27. Yeah you're right. Most us didn't shave a lot not enough time or resources to do so. I think it was just every once in a while for most of us.

  28. Yeah it's sad to miss those beautiful moments with friends

  29. Not only Americans. I've seen many Africans react like that to anything that has Spanish word for black. There's even a Chinese word that sounds like N-word and many Africans visiting China used to get offended hearing it for the first time.

  30. For real? I'm African but I didn't know so many of us were sensitive to the word. Then again I can't speak for the whole continent. From my experience most of us have either not heard the word ot don't use it while speaking, so it has little to no significance to us.

  31. Well, if you're fine with people calling you N-word, then what we can say. It's your choice.

  32. I know. And it's unfortunate that some people don't take into account that different words have different meanings, and spellings in other languages.

  33. I wanna try gaming someday. I have no idea where to start tho 😅

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