1. What are the leakers saying about next banners?

  2. there is no access to the database past 6 months, no site can dig through it

  3. Such a stupid system lol, but ty

  4. Consider yourself lucky. I can’t stop getting lotus and I wanna throw my computer

  5. Dude , that map is so bad, from design to gameplay

  6. What’s the YouTuber that does f2p version of characters vs whale damage of characters, I forgot his name, he was really popular

  7. 10% is still not enough lol, minimum is at least 20%, idk wtf are you arguing against, fcking buffoon

  8. 10% CR is low for Ayaka but it’s easily remedied by combining Blizzard with a teammate like Rosaria. A “minimum of 60%” is complete overkill because that can be better spent in ATK or CD

  9. Yeah when I wrote that I forgot about resonance and blizzard, but 10% is still low

  10. Thanks ! Though putting both XQ and Yelan in the same team would mean no more hyperbloom or Rational 2nd team ; could work with hyper Raiden but I don’t have C6 sara unfortunately

  11. Btw, as I see you have a pretty low level account, so rn you can just focus on upgrading hypercarries

  12. I wanted a broad enough base to at least complete the first levels of the abyss - which I should have now, so I’m indeed at the point where I’ll funnel resources into Raiden first then either kuki or Ayaka

  13. I suggest ayaka first, then either Kuki or raiden, good luck

  14. Hi, can you accept me on discord?

  15. This is the easiest win I feel like , but there are a couple of combinations that beat them

  16. I mean they could check packet loss statistics for connected players, but that would also mean that a malicious AFK'er could theoretically just modify their own outgoing traffic to simulate frequent packet drops to avoid penalty.

  17. Come on bro, no one would that and it would still be better than it is right now

  18. CSM was the most anticipated anime of 2022, like the was hype all over the place for it, so CSM getting anything less than 18K would be underwhelming imo. Moreover, last season was quite popular as well, we had anime like Mob Psycho, Spy x Family and Bocchi the Rock, it was the holiday season so that must have played a role too.

  19. No way you didn’t say mention bleach lol

  20. That one line did have massive implications for the future of the series so yes people did have the right to be mad about it

  21. The jump in rank is also because I went from using vandal/phantom (bronze) to using the judge (plat).

  22. Try to make it your goal to finish at least half the battle pass in comp, that will get you a good habit

  23. I think I did 95% of it in Swiftplay, so I think that's a great tip, thanks!

  24. Yeah, good luck, if you reach maybe you could make another post, I would wanna know your stats, have fun

  25. My fear comes from the unknown. Not knowing what happens next. Is it just all over? Like nothing comes after that? Fuck that scares me

  26. The truer words have never been spoken

  27. Honestly, people did this, they overhyped the skin, it was probably supposed to be 4350, but riot saw the horde of people willing to buy for any price, and they increased it

  28. Yep... just like why I've been STILL WAITING to this day for the MF legendary skin to go on sale (riots "around 6-8 months for a legendary to go on sale once policy) but it hasn't, because it sells like hotcakes.

  29. Yeah, if I people want change they should vote with their wallets, not their tears on reddit

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