Ted Cruz is offering the Cruz Amendment, to completely strike Crypto from the infrastructure Bill

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  1. Please post the tulip that he bought with wallet address so we can verify

  2. the tricrypto pool at 25% APY, boosted its 2.5x that if you are a curve staker.

  3. It's been 3 weeks since this analysis was provided, but the token has not appreciated in value. Yet most coins and tokens are really showing an hyperbolic increase in price over the past week.

  4. No need to be all that uptight mate. The past week has seen remarkable rise in most tokens and coins. My portfolio, which is considerably diversified, has grown tremendously. That includes many folds of SHIB that you are undermining. CRV has only grown just enough to recover the initial capital investment. You can throw around your % figures all you like, but I am talking about what I see in my portfolio.

  5. Ha. Fair enough. The sphincter is uptight. Just annoyed myself that the fundamentals arent yet showing multiple times over in the market like they should. This is a long term hold for me so it doesnt matter but I do like to see my research vindicated.

  6. thats why its an infrastructure bill; they can upgrade.

  7. Biaphore hasn't licensed it, yet. They're simply getting ready to produce it

  8. GIven indian patent laws, they may not have to license it. India is not likely to generate us revenue but is good PR

  9. No, unfortunately not. The gas fees right now are killer which is the only thing keeping this project from skyrocketing.

  10. Absolutely. there are a ton of places to stake them..but the best place is either

  11. Bezos still owns 10% of Amazon, biggest single shareholder.

  12. Yes. I've been buying dips below 1.50. Depending on your goals though, I'd suggest you considre cvxCRV. The arbitrage opportunities are huge right now. There was a 10.5% arb today around noon between cvxCRV and CRV. Since they're supposed to trade 1:1, arbing or holding and staking may be the way to go.

  13. Now they need to get on polygon so I can afford to claim my CRX...

  14. No kidding. Has has been rediculous. I’m staking on badger right now since it’s 82% apy paid in pure cvx and auto compounding. The withdraw and restake for compounding on cvx is prohibitive with gas so high

  15. I’m not sure where you’re getting your info. Hex is NOT the #3 token in all of crypto. According to coin market cap, hex is #3241 at the time of this post.

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