1. Nice tits 😎 thanks kind stranger

  2. Asi 5-6. Plus mam spousty dalších přátel se kterými se občas vídám. Mam celkem rád lidi:D

  3. Hah, have fun, hope it works for you. Would be crazy

  4. So much hopium in this post, would be crazy if that happened

  5. Agree with you, have the same one. Only thing bothering me is the battery capacity not lasting even one day of usage

  6. Tos ovšem musel dost progamblit nějakým pokusem o trading. Čistě holdováním by se ti tohle stát nemohlo, i kdybys tam všechno nasypal najednou v moment, kdy byl BTC na all time high ceně.

  7. Ja s tebou souhlasím. Jedu si svoje dca a sem spoky (krypto i akcie)

  8. Ja si ukládám cash do akcií a bitcoinu. Pravidelně pár tisíc měsíčně. Bitcoin pres binance ale chtěl bych zkusit nějakou českou burzu. A akcie pres trading 212. K ničemu dalšímu jsem se zatim nedokopal. Ale lepší než nic bych řekl. Důchodový spoření a podobný mrdky vůbec neřeším, je to scam 😂

  9. I tried intermittent fasting 16-17h/8-7h. But it didn't help me at all with vss. I was only hungry 😂😂😂 anyways need to get some weight down so atleast for that it works.

  10. Did a quick check and every reddit comment about K2 is very positive. Will have to check this out. Can't find the Carlson brand in my country, but I'm seeing some complex K2-MK4/MK7 complements on Amazon at 1250 mcg, sounds good to me.

  11. I'm also thinking about trying that. Might help a bit

  12. Proc je pro katolickou cirkev problem oddavat pod sirym nebem? Vsudypritomny Buh neni pritomen nikde jinde nez ve vysvecenem kostele?

  13. Tohle by mě celkem zajimalo, přesně tak jsme to chteli mit 😂

  14. I don't understand what happened. Can mods explain??? !tip 2663

  15. Osobně bych za svou zem život nepoložil a nechápu lidi co by tak učinili, proto bych nikoho nikam na smrt neposílal.

  16. Souhlasím. Umírat pro něčí rozmar ne diky

  17. Hello new mod! Glad to have you here:)

  18. Mít 50+ čistého by za mě bylo opravdu super.

  19. You can buy ticket with phone sms or app ;) maybe google it next time lol

  20. Czech on is made up bullshit

  21. Are these just as made-up as the one on Norway?

  22. Yes, you better say "Do you have a bailiff?" Not that you own black people

  23. Didn't know the guy, so I was ready for the usual influencer shilling double talk, but hey, I've got to say the reasoning is solid.

  24. Lidl shop, kupuju online, nebavi me nakupovat v krámě

  25. Thanks for info, anyways gonna try it. Will report later

  26. Skullcap herbal tincture works just as well as clonazepam. Same effects on my VSS.

  27. What does it do to you? What symptoms it helped with? Can you explain more?

  28. This is just so awesome to see, it´s catching up!

  29. Currently the only way around this, while still using ad blockers, is to do the following...

  30. Its seems Ublock is finding a way around the check for ad blockers.

  31. Really? How? I unclocked everything cuz it didn't work. Maybe some update?

  32. Exactly, it is bind to account. Doesn't matter if you change to different browser. As long as you are logged in your acc.

  33. looks completely fine to me :d

  34. It's connected to your acc as far as I know. Doesn't matter where you log in. It was like that for me so I closed addblock for YouTube sadly

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