1. He gets first dibs at playing the character in the DCEU, that's the contract. They cant offer it to anyone else unless he is unavailable (shazam cameo), is bought out of his contract, or uses his last appearance.

  2. That’s simply not true. Please refrain from making stuff up. Again movies contracts are always in studio favor ever since the abolition of the studio system. A studio DOES NOT have to fulfill anything if they want to replace they’ll simply replace.

  3. Because they don’t have any immediate plan with the character. Thank you for proving my point.

  4. How JJ Abrams got $500 mil and the only thing to show for it is an animated Batman series is beyond me.

  5. It’s not like BR didn’t work on a anything.

  6. It’s crazy how people gobble these generic words as some gospel lmfao. This is exactly what Ann Sarnoff said they were doing back in ‘19 if anything less detailed. Ann Sarnoff said that “ they had weekly DC meetings with every department, she wanted consolidation of the franchise. She wanted easter egg and cameos to build to a greater arcs.” And honestly even with the pandemic thrown in they were on their way. The following winter Ezra appeared on the CW then they announced DC fandome, then Peacemaker and upcoming Black Adam, Shazam Aquaman Flash and even Batgirl all having some minor to major connective tissue to the greater universe.

  7. I'm not seeing the dissonance here. Zaslav repeats the words of a predecessor while thise previous words are materializing in reality. Where is the contradiction? Because he killed one DCEU movie that he felt was a certain bomb that would damage the brand, and which also hinges a supporting character on a movie they're not even sure how or when to release due to its star being an outed pedo who has already assaulted people?

  8. You obviously didn’t subtract the early previews. Lol. Rookie mistake. Your true colors are showing.

  9. What? Did you subtract the early previews on Marvel movies? Because that would made your case even worse if anything lol.

  10. Lol still means Marvel is frontloaded as shit. Doesn’t make my case worse whatsoever. Marvel still makes more on Fridays than its early previews. Do you have anything else you want to be wrong about today? BecUse I do have a life unlike you.

  11. Are you okay? Of course every movie makes more on Friday than in previews that’s the point of previews?!!!?!? It’s okay to be wrong you know. You are factually wrong and that’s fine no need to spazz and tell us your life story.

  12. No the Strange Adventure show was based on those ancient comics not Tom King’s Strange Adventure (which was amazing and released way after they teased that show) honestly I wouldn’t mind them changing it to be an adaptation of that miniseries.

  13. A anthology about multiple green lanterns set in the DCEU sounds so tight. Do different time periods too.

  14. It’s not an Anthology never was. It’s just takes place accross different timelines

  15. It’s damage control. He is incompetent and now they’re covering his ass to justify him staying to the fandom. I’m not buying it but as long as he doesn’t cause as much problems anymore then whatever.

  16. An incompetent producer doesn’t complete 6 productions in less than 2 years even with a pandemic delay. Incompetent would be Snyder delaying BvS a year having a 3 year gap between MoS and BvS only for BvS to come out and be a total disaster.

  17. Maybe the new owners realize the reason the company was in massive debt is because they threw away money by bringing stuff to HBOMAX too quickly.

  18. What? The companies massive debt was inherited from At&T never been able to digest the acquisition nothing to do with Warner. Warner Media proper was never in the red or massive debt far from it, if anything revenue were down year year this quarter without the HBOMAX day and date deal.

  19. Only people mad about it are film pundits on Twitter who get paid to watch stuff. This is basic demographics breakdown, no one in the real world even knows nor care about a company earning call visuals. It’s The same way they use to say that HBOMax was more female driven that HBO proper, where was the fake outrage then?

  20. Yeah things were just too quiet for too long. One final major controversy before launch. Im already exhausted bu all the thinkpiece and essays that this non problem if you actually read the article will cause.

  21. Okay what that got to do with DC leaks?

  22. Seriously, I was talking to my sister the other day and if WB doesn't try to find Ezra and get them help, I feel like something really bad is gonna happen. Like they've got a barn full of guns, drugs, and are harboring a woman and her kids, some Waco stuff might happen soon if this situation isn't taken care of.

  23. It’s not a studio’s job to nanny a actor. He got representation, managers publicists and whole team on payroll to look after his well being.

  24. It’s WB’s job if they don’t want to flush away 300 million non tax write off able dollars.

  25. Not its not. WB is a movie studio not a nanny TF? Ezra got representation a manager a publicist and an army of assistans, people actually paid to take care of him personally. That’s not the job of a studio. That would be borderline harassment if anything. Can you imagine your employer tracking you and committing you forcibly to rehab because you had DUI? That would be illegal. All they can do is fire you.

  26. Earning call, not investors meeting

  27. Just way less details than you think, an investor meeting is like a vanity presentation where the studio showcase creatives and future content. This is more about the actual numbers and a lot more technical, they might discuss vague creative strategy for optimal numbers but nothing too detailed. Like don’t expect a DC strategy other than some generic statements like “ we strongly believe in this…” “we’re committed to …”

  28. Not to mention this is the industry. There's full roles that get cut, actors that get replaced, it's the name of the game. I do feel so bad for her, she seems awesome, but I think she gets it and hopefully her name is out there.

  29. Yup also top execs are constantly on revolving chairs. The WB execs that you would curse now out of anger could be head of studio at Universal or Disney 5 years from now and vice versa good luck working with them int hat case. That’s how people end up blacklisted.

  30. They're probably going to cancel Titans and Doom Patrol, huh? They said they want DC to be blockbuster movies or spinoffs of those, those are definitely not part of that.

  31. I wouldn’t mind that. I think 4 seasons for DP is enough and was always around the plan. Titans has been tarnishing the name of DC most premier team after the JL for years so it should be put out of its misery.

  32. So you think he got put in that position randomly? You think the people who put him there weren't aware of what he was going to do?

  33. I mean who put it him there? he wasn’t named by the board of directors, he got the gig as part of the deal with Stankey who isn’t a Industry guy at all. You seem like the clueless one.

  34. The major players are losing tens of millions of dollars in residuals from this and potential future sequels. This is brutal for them.

  35. Still a bitchy move but there’s no residual in streaming. That’s why i guess it’s hard to just switch release model. Because once you do you gotta account for extra cost thus have box office expectations rise.

  36. This was his first major blunder imo demonstrating his lack of experience in the filmmaking industry.

  37. “This was his first major blunder imo demonstrating his lack of experience in the filmmaking industry.”

  38. After the today's news i am 100% sure when the Rock talked about developing the Black Adam dc universe on Instagram he wasn't talking about the Black Adam/Shazam/JSA/Superman corner of DCEU, but he was talking about brand new universe. He is involved with development of Shazam and Black Adam, he knows the inside stuff at wb. Imo decide to save his movies.

  39. This attitude is useless, creative and filmmakers being quick to say this is not connected or any variation of that is why Zaslav was able to do something like this.

  40. Do people still think David Zaslav is the savior WB needs? Because he’s sounding more and more like a money-pinching asshole with a really rigid view of where the company should be.

  41. I wouldn’t mind money pinching, most of Hollywood top execs are anyway. but this is beyond money pinching the man is simply not fit to run WB. He doesn’t have a once of creative integrity and on top of that he’s a dinosaur, walking back on streaming bringing back dated licensing deals and thinking extremely short term in franchise making.

  42. Isn't he extremely well respected for how organized and well put together Discovery is? Plus he hired Alan Horn. And going off what he's said in interviews it's clear actually wants to use popular characters like Batman and Superman. If anything this move tells me he's smarter then I thought because scrapping this was a must for a DCEU with a true Batman.

  43. He isn’t well respected in Hollywood proper. He’s an unscripted king but has zero experience with scripted content let alone scripted content from one the most storied and prestigious studios on the world which prior to him was successfully moving in the digital space with HBOMax. That why he spent a year on a get to know you tour whcih was pretty much an accelerated crash course in Hollywood.

  44. On the contrary this was a very necessary move by Zaslav and Horn. He wants a proper DCEU. He doesn't want one where we have a 70 year old Batman and no Superman. Scrapping this was a very ruthless, and frankly cold blooded, but a very needed decision if we want DC to work.

  45. You’re as clueless as Zaslav himself. You really gotta be either 10 or really naive to think this man even knows what the DCEU let alone have some plan for any of it. This is obviously a panic move before the earning on Thursday. The man is pea brain who doesn’t have the business acumen to run a company as prestigious and expensive to run as WB. Once all his cost cutting measure fail he will be ousted by the board. By then will we be back to one DC movie every 3 years as the parent company recovers.

  46. 5 scenes is a lot in a 2 hour feature, it’s not like he was lead

  47. So you people still sucking on Zaslav? Told y’all again and again that he was clueless

  48. Film Twitter loves this movie already but I don’t know how well it will play with actual general audience. Brad Pitt is no Leo and is definitely not a sure fire bet, David Leitch outside of his franchise work (established franchise at that) isn’t very commercial either. Also the movie is Rated R and there’s still plenty of option in July holdovers for PG 13 aficionados

  49. Wasn’t there a weird plot with Caleb mom being super rich or something, with him starting to drive some luxurious Benz? Whatever happened to that?

  50. And with that, the Arrowverse is officially dead. Don’t think Gotham Knights will last last a season. Wonder what will happen to SM&L and Stargirl

  51. Stargirl has a small HBOMAX crossover chance just because creatively it’ll be the easiest to integrate and the behind the scenes filmmakers are well connected but even then it’s no guarantee. Streamers wants new shiny things not used ones especially if the audience isn’t that large. S&L probably has a 4th season in the bag before being killed as well.

  52. WB/Zaslav publicly declared that they are looking for a Kevin- Feige-like figure who can lead DC (which is a tough job because if it was easy to find a Feige-like leader then every studio could establish their big film franchise by now), of course, every director is just an "advisor" to Zaslav and the president of DC department because most directors won't commit for 20 - 30 years to build a franchise for one single studio, they will eventually get bored then find other film projects. Even Nolan isn't interested in such a thing. In fairness, we should give WB/DC/Zaslav time to figure it out but honestly, I'm not even sure if they can figure it out.

  53. I’m not saying the opposite, i do agree that a director should direct and that’s it. The issue here if he get rid of Hamada now which he probably will it’ll be yet another running into circle. You talking about giving it time and I agree too but no one gave Hamada time. just now as the franchise is starting to pivot it’s “oh no new DC head blah blah ” the DCEU like any franchise of its size is like a ship. It’s takes time for current decisions to actually takes effect. Let alone with a 2 years pandemic thrown in the middle.

  54. I dont know doesnt seem clueless to greenlight a sequel to a billion dollar film that won the golden lion and an oscar

  55. The Joker sequel has been in the work since the fall of the release of the first one what you mean? He didn’t greenlit anything it was already greenlit and was constantly mentioned by the trades ever since.

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