1. Sry if this has been asked. Is there a vr2 version coming for playstation?

  2. We will have more information on this soon, stay tuned! ;)

  3. PlayStation sale will start really soon. :)

  4. Thanks for the information, it's a useful little poll! Anyone who may not have received it and submitted their Founders' Form before May 5, please send a message either me or

  5. Zen, I'm just curious is there a way to unlock tables by playing the game/grinding or is it just by purchase. My 5 year old loves the game but only comes with the 3 tables

  6. This is a very cool idea. Hopefully we'll have the opportunity to integrate something like that into the game one day.

  7. When on PlayStation? Can't we get universal discounts everywhere..

  8. According to Zen on Twitter: "The sale will start soon!".

  9. It is a very great idea, we've noted it! Thank you.

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