1. https://giphy.com/gifs/jWgFDax9Dmcpi5hiec

  2. World' s weapon weight and clunky feels so good compared to rise's paper weapons.

  3. Yeah just went back to MHW to get to mr100 and fighting Nergigante and landing those hits with my insect glaive felt sooo good

  4. Wild. I wonder if this is the reason why their output has been pretty scarce the past couple of years. Sure they have Saga still, and anything Brubaker/Phillips, but their offerings now are nothing like 2010-ish.

  5. Kinda annoying that the fan screenings on the 12th won’t get everything tbh. That said I’m curious 👀

  6. Yeah I’m also curious if the reviews that release are going to have that caveat like some tv show reviews do (“the following review is for the first three episodes etc etc etc”) but in this case they’d say “the following review is regarding the pre-release version of the movie”.

  7. I think it'll be the final version. I just don't see why they'd screen an unfinished cut and then allow critics to rate the movie based on that. Otherwise they'd have just lifted the embargo right after Cinemacon like Indie did after Cannes.

  8. Fair! It’s kind of perplexing so we’ll find out on Monday haha I’ll let y’all know what version he watched as soon as he tells me.

  9. I’m a very simple man, I see Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips and I upvote. Absolute instant buy

  10. You can listen to those two new Flash tracks right now with a VPN (or by simply visiting the

  11. For some reason the mp4 is not working for me on mobile. Gonna try it on desktop in a few

  12. I've heard of it, but wtf is this movie?

  13. It’s a comedy about an a capella college competition starring Anna Kendrick. There are three entries in this film series, the first one imo is the best. Its a very light and easy watch.

  14. For Multiple Myeloma. And if this is true it would incredible. Of my small group of friends all of us had at least one parent die from MM. If this study is actually true it’s game changing.

  15. My father died from multiple myeloma and thanks to MD Anderson and the Oncologists here, he was able to have 14 years after his diagnosis with more than half of that in remission.

  16. If he isn’t, he hasn’t done anything to distance himself from EVS.

  17. 3 weeks, specifically (16th) - even sooner for those attending the IMAX Fan First screenings on the 12th and the Europeans can see it on the 14th.

  18. Is the 12th the earliest that people will supposedly see the complete/Final Cut?

  19. If you had asked me yesterday, I would have said 'Yes' with confidence -

  20. Thanks for reminding me that we’ll never get the Lego Superfriends movie that was supposed to be the sequel to this masterpiece:

  21. So just for me, and the focus on presales, I have never preordered tickets before except once for IMAX to watch Prometheus (which was gorgeous but good lord that movie was kinda meh). How often do y’all preorder movie tickets?

  22. I really like this poster quite a bit. I really hope that there is a Dolby discussion about this movie once it's released (as they did for The Batman). Those discussions are so awesome to listen to.

  23. https://deadline.com/2023/05/max-programming-pricing-features-hbo-streaming-service-1235323098/

  24. He and Luke Macfarlane (Bros) as Midnighter and Apollo, I can see it.

  25. I've heard the VFX is noticeably bad, but nothing that the average movie might notice.

  26. The recent screenings have been unfinished VFX; there is another user in this sub that said a pre-recorded message from Andy and Barbara Muschietti (sister) at the start of the film mentioning as such.

  27. If the movie is actually genuinely really good, this is a great move by them.

  28. Oh for sure. I think it’s an interesting, at the very least, strategy. Right now, for me, I think it’s a solid one so far. I see tv spots every now and then for it, ads on social media + tangible screening reactions. I just want to see if it’s possible to actually quantify it. I have an idea on what it’ll look like but it feels too simple atm

  29. Haha I don’t know tbh if I guessed it wouldn’t be a real educated one besides viiiiiiiiiiibes so I will refrain hahaha sorry! I’m also not on twitter at all, so I can’t really gauge sentiment on the platform as a whole (not that twitter = real life by any metric) and I haven’t given it too much thought besides imagining what the internal data/metrics WB has actually looks like.

  30. I know literally nothing about her music. I didn't even know who she was until the "James Madison's flute" incident.

  31. Check out her Tiny Desk Concert, it’s an early performance of hers but it’s probably my favorite.

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